Where is the Rest of December 24th Posts?

I was sitting at my computer for 9 hours on Thursday trying to get all the regular daily posts up for December 22nd, 23rd, and 24. But with the horrible change in temperatures and the snowstorm I was sitting in on Thursday I just cannot physically do the rest of Saturday’s. I apologize but my fibromyalgia among other health problems have me in a high level of pain and exhausted. The missing Saturday posts will go up Saturday morning.

2 thoughts on “Where is the Rest of December 24th Posts?

  1. Hi Alan, I have always been they type of nurturing person that take care of others first. I was brought up if you have a job you do it unless you are to sick to get out of bed. Since I work from home I figure I’m not going to get anyone else sick by going to work so I work. Yes, I do take off days because of physical pain and a mental health day here and there when I am feeling overwhelmed. This website was in trusted to me in 2019 by are dear friend and sister to carry on the work the Goddess called her to over 20 years ago. She crossed the veil within a few months of me taking over and while she would understand me taking time off I feel I’m letting her and the Goddess down when I do. Right now I am around 625 days of not missing a day of posting something and feel great about that accomplishment.
    I am very grateful for your concern and your suggestions. I’m just not ready to lose my posting streak quite yet. Yes, this is pride talking…🙂
    Blessing to you and yours for a fantastic new year,
    Lady B


  2. Hello Carla, I feel, from what you write that you may need to take stock of how much you can really manage, maybe cut back on some of your work a little? Possibly a weekly rather than a daily report? Because making yourself ill by trying too hard will not help you, or others. Focus your attention on feeling better in yourself, on nature and in giving support to your family. I am burning a long life candle for you all, as I write. Take some well needed mental rest. The universe will keep on spinning in its own way. Good health, better times to come, and good fortune to you all in the New Year. Blessings.

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