I Will be Back Later Today

After three days of what felt like pulling teeth with PayPal through online “help” that got me no where even after doing what I was told to do to supposedly stop the hacker. I called and got a remarkable woman on the phone! Not only was she nice and understanding she actually took care of the problems and guided me on how to stop the hacker.

I had already called my bank to get a new debit card and Social Security to make sure nothing could happen to my benefits. Plus set up a fraud alert because by going into my PayPal account the hacker had access to vital information that could have made things even worse.

Come to find out the three people from PayPal I talked online never carried through with the 3 unauthorized transaction reports. One had canceled my PayPal debit card without issuing a new one and had did something to my account that did not need to be done.

So Roslyn told me I should lock down my account for a week to make sure no one could get into it, something none of the online people suggested. Than she did the correct steps to stop all the unauthorized transactions for which just a few hours later I got a refund for all of them. Reconfirmed my correct home address and made sure the Florida address was flagged as not mine. In others words what the other people did not do in around 12 hours spent talking with them online got done by her in a less than 1 hour phone call. Plus a refund with in hours of our phone call.

I am leaving my PayPal account locked for the foreseeable future to insure the hacker gives up. The account will be put back to the status it needs to be to be connected to WOTC when Roslyn calls me next week. Plus I have a new card on the way.

The moral of this nightmare for me is ask the Goddess and my Spirit Guides immediately for guidance to do what has to be done to find the right person to help with any problem big or small.

I have some important things that I need to take care of before I sit down to do today’s birthday horoscope and start on regular posts for both hemispheres tomorrow. I also clean a friend’s home once a week and today is that day. I am not sure what time I can sit down to be with my loving, supportive WOTC family yet but it will be before I go to sleep tonight.

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  1. Thank you for the update. I’m so glad that you were able to get in touch with someone who was actually interested in helping! Navigating issues with finances can be so exhausting. May you be protected from those with ill will, and many blessings to you.

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