There is No Account Attached to the Donate Button Until Tomorrow

PayPal told me my account was back in my sole possession after spending the majority of 3 hours waiting online for someone to first talk to me than disappearing and coming back an hour later after I asked my 1st question and 40 minutes after asking my second one. Well they were totally wrong as another purchased was made by the same person a second time for a larger amount. I have no idea how the unnamed person got a hold of my PayPal account information except by hacking into it some how. There is no name on the transactions except my legal name with an address in Miami, Florida. I live in Central Illinois and know no one in Florida.

This has been one of those days of Murphy’s Law and that I want to learn patience right now…🤣. Believe me if I could not laugh at my life today I would be a quivering blob in the corner.

The Donate button has been taken off because of fraudulent purchases made to my PayPal account. If you would like to make a donation or become an apprentice novice or adept witch studying with me please email me at I will email you my Cash App information. I am going to be setting up a Venmo account tomorrow.

As soon as possible my current PatPal account will be closed. I am not sure at this point whether I will open a new one or not.

2 thoughts on “There is No Account Attached to the Donate Button Until Tomorrow

  1. Oh my god I sent my remaining deposit earlier through PayPal, I pressed the Donate button. So what would this mean now?

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