Posts Will be Caught Up Sometime Today

The bruising continues on the back of the broken toe and the ones on either side of it.

First any ideas besides tapeing toes together for a broken, next to little toe, toe on my left foot? We have a beautiful deer family that visits us inn our backyard, across the street, and in the empty lot next door. They are amazing to watch especially the fawns we have watch grow from nursing as mom eats to them now eating along side of her. Well, all but Starbabie, my ESA Un- Chihuahua Chihuahua, love to try to give the deer a hard time so we check to see if they are around mostly when our, Min Pin Cleopatra, big male- German Shepherd/Pit mix- Merlin and big female – German Shepherd/Pit/Rottweiler/ Wolf/Chow mix – Dreamer, fur kids are taken out. I did not see them yesterday and took the two of them out. They spotted them and Dreamer, very unusual forcher to do something like this, lunged as I was coming down the last step where the sidewalk has broken off from the rest of the side walk leaving about an inch or so gap. My shoe came off and my foot turned some how breaking my toe and spraining my knee. Today it my foot and toe are a pretty shade of purple and black, need to look at something good to offset the pain lol, and I cannot walk without using my cane because my balance is off. I found this out the hard way when I got up to take our loving fur kids out and fell back on to the bed. It was funny watching Merlin’s reaction as he turned his head from side to side to try to figure out if I was playing some kind of game. I am elevating it above my hip and icing for 20 minutes every other hour. Getting ready to brew a small thermos of White Williow Bark tea for the pain and a cup of Comfery Leaf to help with the bruising (DO NOT DRINK COMFERY LEAF TEA! IT IS FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY) So any other helpful ideas are greatly appreciated

Now, for the important stuff. Today once again I will be catching up birthday horoscopes and doing today’s Moon phase. I know it is already October 6th or 7th depending on which hemisphere you live in but I am going to finish the monthly posts. I figure better late than not do them at all…Right? Since I will be sitting down as much as possible I am hoping to get tomorrow’s regular posts done for both hemispheres too but please do not need upset if these do not happen until tomorrow.

🤞fingers crossed that I do not have to take anymore time off because I am sick 🤞

Thank you so much to my long, medium, and short term folders for sticking with me while I post sporadically since mid-August. A close friend and mentor use the phrase “Dropping a Love Bomb on everyone reading this.” I think it is very appropriate for me to use it here but tweaked to be my own…

From my heart to yours dear Sisters, Brothers, and Honored Guests…Here is a virtual love bomb filled with love, peace, contentment, and a whole bunch of other positive things!

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