Friday The 13th 2022: Why This Day Is A Lot Luckier Than You Might Think

·3 min read
Don’t freak out, but Friday the 13th 2022 is just around the corner! With all the negative hype surrounding this infamous day, you might count yourself lucky that May 13 will be the only time the 13th day of the month will land on a Friday this year. If you’re considering calling out of work and shielding yourself from all the “bad luck” that Friday the 13th inevitably brings, let me be the one to calm you down. Chances are, you’ve been lied to all your life about Friday the 13th, because I bet no one’s ever told you that it’s also considered the day of the “Divine Feminine”, making it a time to celebrate everything it means to be in touch with your inner goddess!

You’ve probably been told that Friday the 13th is something to be afraid of, but I bet no one’s ever explained to you why. According to Phillips Stevens, Jr., associate professor of anthropology at the University at Buffalo, the infamy surrounding the number 13 can be traced back to 

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