Scientists Debate the Existence of the Human Soul

The soul, once the purview of religion and spirituality, has received renewed attention from professionals in various science-based disciplines.

Author’s Note

This article is based on scientific postings and accredited media reports. All linked information within this article is fully-attributed to the following outlets:,,, Psychology Today, Time Magazine, The New Yorker, The National Academy of Science, and Evolution News & Science Today.


Earlier this week, NewsBreak published “The Science of What Happens to Your Mind After Death,” my article discussing scientific studies of one of death’s great mysteries.

As excerpted from the article: The intersection of religious belief — or lack thereof — and science frequently leads to conversations about the existence of a “soul.” In March, 2022, published “Soul: Religion and Philosophy,” a comprehensive piece detailing various perspectives through the centuries as to its existence. More skeptical readers may want to also click here for a “fact check” as to whether the existence of a soul has been proven, and if the soul itself has a measurable weight.

As can be viewed in the above hyperlink, Snopes reported neither a “true” nor “false” conclusion on the matter, instead labeling the legitimacy of the effort as somewhere between those two binary options. While referencing the questionable nature of the early 20th century work of Dr. Duncan MacDougall of Haverhill, Massachusetts, who determined the human soul has mass and a weight of …

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