Good Day or Evening

I hope this finds everyone healthy and happy. I want to apologize for all the missing posts from yesterday, and today. I catch a cold from my fiancee and it kicked my body into sleepy, healing mode. I do not feel up to sitting at my computer so I am using my Kindle Fire Tablet to do posts which is a real challenge as I can only see about 1/3 on the screen as I usually do.

For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere I will get your Moon phase and current planetary positions for tomorrow posted today.

Hopefully, I will get all regular daily, weekly, and full Moon posts up tomorrow. I will try to get the full Moon posts up in time for them to be useful everywhere on Gaia.

Thank you all for your “prayers” and candles for my youngest son! While he is not out of the dark places in his mind completely he is doing much better. I am very great ful to all of you who helped him during his darkest days.

Now to do daily and birthday horoscopes along with Moon phase and planetary positions posts than it is back to sleep for me to let my body heal.