My Spiritual and Magickal Companions a.k.a. Familiars


I thought I would take a minute while everyone in the house is sleeping to let you know everything went smoothly picking Cleo up yesterday.

I feel better all the way around having my older Witchy companion back at my side. I know from experience I can do anything I set my heart, mind, and spirit on to get done.

I am going to attempt to get the horoscopes up for today and this week before any of my fur kids need to go out again. My fiancée has two bigger dogs named Merlin, a 9 year old male, and Dreamer, a 13 year old female

I was surprised that after about two hours together Cleo, Merlin, and Dreamer were acting like they had always been together. Star who lived with Cleo for 5 years had her nose out of joint because Cleo was sticking to me like I would disappear if she couldn’t see me. I’m sure she will get back to snuggling with me as soon as she realizes Cleo is not here to take her place near me or in my heart.

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