May Your Thursday be Terrific or Your Friday Fantastic!

Well I won’t be working the carnival again this week because both myself and my fiancée collapsed yesterday afternoon with heat exhaustion. We wound up going to an Urgent Care facility and the doctor there strongly recommended we stay indoors in air conditioning for the next few days. The temperatures here are in the high 80s to mid 90s F with a high humidity and dew point all the makings for a high Heat Index Temperature. Plus I picked up a lovely chest cold somehow. My magickal companion, Starbabie, and my fiancée two dogs are happy we are home instead od having to be away “forever” in their minds. The bad part is we are losing money we really need for paying bills. In a way I am glad we are home bound  because it gives me the time to bring you a more through Daily Divination Journal,  I just got a new tarot deck that i am looking forward to using today, and other posts on various topics. I will get the Daily Divination Journal up a later today as I can barely keep my eyes open right now.

Blessed be Sisters, Brothers, and Guests

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