Readings Done by Lady Beltane

Gift Certificates Are Available for ALL of the Following

Lady Beltane offers gift certificates for yourself or as a nice present for someone else. The gift certificates cover the different types of Readings and Cleansings below. Gift certificates are offered year-round and are great for birthdays, anniversaries, any holiday, or just to brighten someone’s day. Gift certificates are good for 60 days from the date of purchase.

Welcome to my small place in the Universe!

My name is Lady Beltane. Below you will find out more about me and what I can do to help you. This disclaimer is posted on the advice of my lawyer: Anything I can do to help is not to take the place of anything your regular medical personnel have prescribed or told you to do for your health.

Pricing for all that I offer is shown at the bottom of the page along with instructions on how to make a payment.

Grab your favorite beverage and a small snack as you explore the ways in which I can help you align your mind, body, and spirit with one another. This is a place where I can help you clear and fix your Chakras and Aura. We can work together to balance your internal elements. We can connect with your Spirit Guides and Ancestors and get guidance through Numerology, Animal Spirit Cards, and the Tarot.

Through a Numerology reading, I find out your all-important Life Path Number and other important numbers that can give you insight to the path your life can take and other interesting insight to your spiritual self. This reading can help you find out where you have been, where you are now, and where you can be in the future. Cost: $45.00 USD.

Animal Spirit Cards readings can tell you who your Animal Spirit Guide (s) and/or Helper(s) are. The price for the reading depends on the type of spread that is used. The reading consists of two to 15 cards and is priced accordingly (see below).

A Tarot Card reading can answer a question whose answer has been alluding you for one reason or another. The cost of a Tarot card reading varies by the type of spread you want done. Keep in mind you can ask only one question per reading. The readings can be from one card to five cards depending on the spread requested.

For live readings via Skype add an additional $5.00 USD.

Animal Spirit Card Readings:

2-Card Readings: As Above, As Below or As Within, As Without. $10.00 USD.

4-Card Readings: Both two-card readings above or the four cardinal compass points/elemental. $15.00 USD.

7-Card Readings: One card for every Chakra. $25.00 USD.

8- Card Readings: As Above, As Below, As Within, As Without, and four cardinal compass points/Elemental. $25.00 USD

11-Card Readings: Combination of one of the four-card readings and the seven-card Chakra reading. $35.00 USD.

15-Card Readings: Combination of ALL the readings. $45.00 USD.

Tarot Readings:

3-Card Readings: Past, present, future or yes-or-no question. $20.00 USD.

5-Card Reading: Spirit, Air, Fire, Water, Earth. $40.00 USD.

Email Lady Beltane at for the costs of other types of readings or spreads.

Witchcraft Symbols Oracle Cards: This deck of Oracle Cards was created by Lady Beltane. Each deck is hand drawn so no two decks’ pictures are exactly alike. When ordering, please keep that in mind. The deck will usually ship within seven days. The shipping cost depends on where it is going to. When you order, Lady Beltane will respond to your email, giving you the full cost of the 20 Witchcraft Symbols Oracle Cards and shipping cost. Once you have made the payment in full, she will start working on your deck. Cost of 20 Witchcraft Symbols Oracle Cards is $15.00 USD plus shipping.

How to Pay for Readings:

To pay for any of the services or readings, go to the homepage. On the left-hand side, you will see an oval-shaped orange button that says DONATE on it. You click on this to be able to pay through PayPal. All credit/debit cards PayPal accepts are listed on the payment page. There is a section to leave Lady Beltane a note. Please put what the donation is for. For example, you pay $10.00 USD for an Animal Spirit Card reading for As Above, As Below; you will need to note which of the two-card readings offered is the one you want.

Prices subject to change without notice.

I do not write hexes or curses or rituals or any type of magick that messes with a person’s free will for anyone so please do not email me asking me to do any of these. If you do your email will wind up in Spam and then deleted. I do, do some types of spells and rituals for others.

Any questions or to schedule a reading write to Lady Beltane at