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Welcome to my small place in the Universe!

My name is Lady Carla Beltane. Below you will find out more about me and what I can do to help you. The pictures that appear on this page are Lady Beltane’s birth flower and crystal plus her main Spirit Animal guides and protectors.

This disclaimer is posted on the advice of my lawyer: Anything I can do to help is not to take the place of anything your regular medical personnel have prescribed or told you to do for your health.

Pricing for all that I offer is shown at the bottom of topic. Instructions on how to make a payment appear at the bottom of this page.

Grab your favorite beverage and a small snack as you explore the ways in which I can help you align your mind, body, and spirit with one another. I can help you clear and fix your Chakras and Aura. We can work together to balance your internal elements. We can get guidance through Animal Spirit and Tarot cards, clear your home of unwanted negative energy and entities, get a protection spell done for you or your home.

Animal Spirit Card Readings:

Animal Spirit Cards readings can tell you who your Animal Spirit Guide (s) and/or Helper(s) are. The price for the reading depends on the type of spread that is used. The reading consists of two to 15 cards and is priced accordingly.

2-Card Readings: As Above, So Below or As Within, As Without. $10.00 USD.
4-Card Readings: Both two-card readings above or the four cardinal compass points. $15.00 USD.

The 3 different Animal Spirit readings below include a 30 minute Skype call if you have any questions about your reading:
7-Card Readings: One card for every Chakra. $35.00 USD.
11-Card Readings: Combination of one of the four-card readings and the seven-card Chakra reading. $55.00 USD.
15-Card Readings: Combination of ALL the readings. $75.00 USD.

Tarot Readings:

A Tarot Card reading can answer a question whose answer has been alluding you for one reason or another. The cost of a Tarot card reading varies by the type of spread you want done. Keep in mind you can ask only one question per reading. The readings can be from one card to five cards depending on the spread requested.

3-Card Readings: Past, present, future or yes-or-no question. $15.00 USD.
5-Card Reading: Spirit, Air, Fire, Water, Earth. $25.00 USD.
Email Lady Beltane at for the costs of other types of readings or spreads not listed here.

Aura and Chakra Clearing Reading

As I entered my teenage years, I found I could look at a picture of a person and see their Aura ,the state of their Chakras, and if any dark entities are in the aura or attached to the person. The main Chakras are the seven energy points in a living thing’s body, and I specialize in all mammals. I go further when doing Chakra clearing to include all 24 Chakras.

The Aura is the energy field that spreads out from the Chakras to intermingle and encompass a mammal’s entire body. The purpose of this is to help protect us from all things negative and to help us connect through the Third Eye (located in the middle of our forehead) to the Creator, our Ancestors, and Spirit Guides and for some people to have visions.

Placement and Color for the Seven Main Chakras: The Chakras can be cleared from the front or back of a person. For animals, they are always done along the spine.
Starting at the bottom, we have the Root Chakra, which resides over the bladder area and is red in color.
The Sacral Chakra, which resides in the diaphragm area and is orange.
The Naval Chakra, which resides in the naval area and is yellow.
The Heart Chakra, which resides slightly to the left of the heart in the middle of the breastbone. Its color is normally seen as green, but there are people who see the color as pink here.
The Throat Chakra, which resides over the Adam’s apple area and is a light-medium blue.
The Third Eye Chakra, which resides in the middle of the forehead and is indigo.
The Crown Chakra, which resides over the crown of the head and is either purple or bright white.

I use full front and back, head-to-toe pictures of the individual and/or animal (humans, please be dressed and stand up straight in a place that does not cast any part of you in a shadow) to do the reading to find all negative entities, negative energy, tears, and holes in a person’s aura along with how blocked the chakras are. Last but most important, I read the state of a person’s internal elements—how in balance or how far out of balance they are. After I do this reading, I will send a complete report on what I found.
I than use the same pictures to clear a person’s Aura and Chakras and fix any holes in the Aura, which can help a person feel more positive about themselves and reconnect their mind, body, and spirit/soul.
I was taught by a wise woman to see a person’s internal elements. What are those? To most Western pagans, our planet and the Universe have five different properties that continually make these elements, which are Spirit, Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. These combine to make every living thing on Gaia/Mother Earth, including humans and all other living creatures, flora and fauna. An imbalance of our internal elements can cause many things to feel off in ourselves. For example, do ever feel like you cannot get enough to drink? This usually means a person’s Water element is too low and their Fire element is too high. Another example would be you are having a hard time keeping to one task. This usually means you have too much of the element of Air. Or ever feel sluggish and/or tired? This is usually because you have too much of the element of Earth. I am able to see if a person’s elements are out of balance and make suggestions on how to bring them back into balance.

Aura and Chakra Clearing Reading:

I first have to do a complete reading of you from the pictures mentioned above or through a video Skype call. The Skype video call will take between 30 minutes to 1 hour because after I do your reading, we will thoroughly discuss what I have found. Cost is $75.00 USD.

Clearings for Aura, Chakras, and Repair:

I work in 30-minute increments with a minimum of 2 hours for a cost of $200.00 USD. Each additional 30-minute session is $25.00 USD.

Internal Elements Suggestions ONLY:

The cost is $30.00 USD.
If I am doing an Aura and Chakra clearing, there is no charge for the suggestions on how to rebalance your internal elements.

House Clearing and Blessing:

I also do House Clearings and Blessings. No, it doesn’t mean I come to your home and clean it. It means via video chat you and I will walk through your home from top to bottom and into every room to clear out all the negative energy and dark beings. As I clear the negative out, I ask the five Elements to bring love, peace, and harmony into your home so your home can once again feel like a haven when you walk into it.

The cost is $15.00 USD per room with a minimum cost of $75.00 USD for 5 rooms. (When I do a house clearing and blessing, it must be done via Skype with the client walking from room to room with a white sage bundle if they choose to as I say the “prayers.”) All the rooms in the house, including individual bathrooms, laundry room, living room, kitchen, dining room, family room, basement (1 charge $30.00 USD if it just one big room), and attic are considered separate rooms. There is an extra fee for each closet, cabinet, drawers, television sets, computers, any type of phone, and any other out-of-the-way places in a person’s home.

Self and Home Protection Spells

Prices start at $20.00 USD.

Final price for each spell depends on the times and materials needed to do it. For the self-protection spell I can do it on an item you carry with you everywhere or a piece of jewelry you wear daily via Skype.

How to Pay for Services and Readings:

To pay for any of the services or readings, go to the homepage. On the left-hand side, you will see an oval-shaped orange button that says DONATE on it. You click on this to be able to pay through PayPal. All credit/debit cards PayPal accepts are listed on the payment page. There is a section to leave Lady Beltane a note. Please put what the donation is for. For example, you pay $20.00 USD for a two card Animal Spirit Card reading; you will need to note which of the two-card readings offered is the one you want.

Lady Beltane offers gift certificates for yourself or as a nice present for someone else. The gift certificates cover the different types of Readings and Cleansings below. Gift certificates are offered year-round and are great for birthdays, anniversaries, any holiday, or just to brighten someone’s day. Gift certificates are good for 90 days from the date of purchase.

Prices subject to change without notice.