Welcome to Muffin Monday Best Day of the Week

On Mondays I take my new tablet, an I love you gift from my hubby, to a wonderful coffee house a few blocks from my house. I have decaf coffee with chocolate, caramel, and almond milk along with whatever type of muffin they have that was made on site. I use the to e usually to catch up on emails from WOTC and CL then do my first postings for the week.

Well, today I forgot to put my stylus for the tablet in my bag which is not a good thing at all since it means I have to use my fingers to type, copy, and paste. Which would be ok except when typing on anything besides a computer keyboard I can only use the first 2 fingers of my right hand for typing unless I want to completely mess up the email and/or posts. So I’m going to finish my coffee, walk home, boot up my laptop and get the daily posts up for you.

Be back in about an hour or less 🙂