Break Free

Break Free

If you’re caught between what you feel is right and what others tell you to be or do, try this spell to find the strength within to break free.

On a New or Full Moon, gather the ingredients below and go to a place where you can be undisturbed for at least 30 minutes.


Some object or material that is tangled and/or weaved into many complex patterns, or resembling a cobweb


Cast your circle and center yourself. Take the mangled object you’ve chosen and meditate on the complex patterns and jumbled look of the form. Say this:

“Tangled and twisted,

My mind and my life

With connections to all I see.

I now break free from those that aren’t right,

And replace the holes that there be.

I change the bad and replace with good,

And mend and heal and spin,

With the help of the weaver of the web of life,

I escape and am now set free”.

While saying the above, cut the mangled object apart, imagining the situation breaking free from the negative influences that affect your judgement and life. Either bury or burn the negative energies.