You can copy and paste this application into the body of an email to submit your answers. NO attachments will be opened by Lady Beltane!

What name do you want to use? Please give just your first and if you have one your pagan name.

Where do you live? Just give your state or country, please.

How old are you?

What email address will you use to correspond with me for your novice course?


What is the main reason you want to join this coven? Please answer with at least a 500-word essay.


Are you formally studying other paths now, and what is your motivation for doing so?


Are you prepared to contribute to the well-being and uphold the sanctity of the coven, and if so, how? (E.g., respecting its members, its hierarchy, and its privacy.)


What is the main reason you want to study magickal and spiritual witchcraft with this coven? Please answer with at least a 500-word essay.


Will you stick with the coven even if it gets boring or tiresome to you? Please explain your answer.


Will you keep the coven membership a secret if you leave it? Please explain your answer.


How long have you been practicing witchcraft?


Do you follow a specific tradition?


Have you ever practiced, or do you now practice, any type of dark magick?


Do you promise to follow the direction of the High Priestess?


Are you willing to question the High Priestess if you feel she is doing or saying things that may hurt another coven member, a novice, an adept, or the coven as a whole? Please explain your answer.


What is your feeling of the phrase ”In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust”? Please explain your answer.


Have you read the Student Handbook? Answer – yes or no. If your answer is no, please read it before submitting this application.


Do you have any questions about any of the expectations we have of you as a student as outlined in the Student Handbook?


Please email the application to

This NOVICE ONLY application and your essays need to be accompanied with a $15.00 USD payment. Use the “Donate” button on the homepage. If you are accepted as a student in WOTC’s School of Witchcraft, the $15.00 USD will go toward your course fee. If you are not accepted, you will receive a refund of $14.00 USD because of the fees PayPal charges us for transactions. You will also receive an email detailing why you were not accepted as a student. Total fee for the novice course id $60.00 USD.

Daily Feng Shui News for Sept. 30 –

Let’s get dirty! It’s ‘National Mud Pack Day’ and I want to share a ‘secret’ recipe for making a facial mud pack at home. You’ll need three teaspoons of Fuller’s earth, two teaspoons of curd yogurt, a half-teaspoon of almond oil and three drops of rose water. Put the curd in a bowl and gradually stir in the Fuller’s earth. Pour the almond oil and rose water on top and mix all ingredients until they form a paste. Apply this mud mask to your face, wait twenty minutes and rinse it off with cool water. Mud puddles might make you feel like a kid again, but this all-natural facial pack will have you looking like one!

By Ellen Whitehurst for