Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer
by HPS Ezevia Rose
This is an ancient disciplined movement similar to TaiChi for morning prayer. As the community drum beats the heartbeat of the Mother the dancers face East. The beginning motion establishes that the two-legged will be a full and open conduit between heaven and earth.

Starting in the East
1. Open the left wing wide (arm) and far, stretching the heart muscle.
2. Open the right wing, knowing one can soar as the eagle.
3. Open the shield (raise both arms up and out towards the sky) revealing oneself to the Great Spirit.
4. Gather from Mother Earth (bending down and imagining to take a gift ) and give up to Father of the Heaven.
5. Gather from the Father of Heaven (reaching out and imaging the gift you will take) and give back to Mother Earth (bending to the ground give your gift to the Mother Earth)
6. Collect what is in your heart and give out to all the people of the world. (tossing into the air the gift of your heart)
7. Gather from the people and replenish what is in the heart bringing harmony between Heaven and Earth.

Continue with the remaining 3 directions (repeating the above motions)

This is the circle of life, the opening and closing, the giving and the receiving, the balance of above and below, the inner and the outer, the up and the down.

We greet the sunrise bringing renewed beauty, hope, faith and health to the dawn of day.

About The Author: HPS Ezevia Rose, Sisters of the Burning Branch, Order of the White Moon; Teacher of young children, singer, musician, herbalist and avid gardener.