It is a Blessed Day To Be Amongst Family & Friends Once Again! MERRY MEET, my Luvs!

Hail, Merry Meet, and Goddess Bless, precious family & friends,


I must apologize for letting the site drop for a little bit. But you know how things are in a witch’s live, being witches yourself. They happen fast and furious. Very, very furious at times. But as you know I am a very private witch. I do not drag my private life out into the open unless it is something upsetting me. This time what occurred hit me so fast, I didn’t even have time to react.


Since I am writing you this personal letter let me start at the beginning……


I know many of you know I am a Solitary Hereditary Practitioner who has been on the net since 2004 (probably 2003 but I don’t record dates). I started out in a small group on MSN that didn’t even belong to me. Then other witches saw I was the real deal and wasn’t afraid to say it. I had many come to me and want me to open a site pertaining to strictly Witchcraft. I did. The other group I came from, I made the owner very angry because I had left and opened up my own group. I had others that came with me to help me run our little group known as Witches Of The Craft. Catchy title anyway, lol! We were determined, if we were going to do something, we were going to make it the best on the net. When you thought of Witchcraft you thought of us first.


I don’t know if you have noticed or not but I am a very driven person. The other Practitioners and myself drove our little group up to the number 1 group in Other Spirituality with only 30 people. You talking about working your ass off we did. When we got to the top, we stayed there. We pissed I don’t know how many other Witches and Wiccans off. We have built the WOTC in a reputable group were you could go  and find what you were looking for. Help if you needed, a shoulder to cry on or just a friend to talk too. You see along the way my reputation grew too. I was no longer a small time Practitioner. I was out of the closet and a target for anyone that wanted to take a shot at me. I guarantee you, my friend, I have had quite a few try and I have always survived their attacks until here recently.


Since I opened the blog, I have felt comfortable. At ease and at peace with myself. The attack I suffered about a week and a half ago, was my own fault, no one else’s, MINE! I let my guard down for a moment and I should have known better but I got lax. I have known for quite a while that some of my old “buddies” and I use that term very loosely had tracked me down on the internet. Didn’t bother me, I thought they knew from our past run ins that they shouldn’t really mess with me. But again stupidity on my part, once ignorant always ignorant. They never learn. I will be very truthfully with you because I want you to learn from me. Listen and listen well. I was hit while my shield was down. Full force and I was almost crippled. I was in the kitchen of my home last Sunday night and that was when I was attacked. I actually passed out in the floor. Dumbass me, couldn’t figure it out. When I tried to get up, I couldn’t. My whole right side, which was my good side wouldn’t move. I could not move my leg at all. It was drawed up to my chest. My arm thankfully I could move. Thankfully for Kiki, my husband found me and he brought me back to this world or I would have laid there to hell froze over.


Anyway, he wanted me to go to the hospital. I said, “No!” I have a concrete back to start with and with my meds, I live a normal life. If I go to the hospital, the first thing they want to do is chisel through my concrete and operate. No thank you, I will never have another back operation again! Days went by, I suffered and suffered. It never dawned on me till I guess I got cosmic slapped by the Goddess what had happened. My husband had gone to the store and I was laying in the floor (I couldn’t even sit up). It hit me, someone had cursed me or hexed me. You see as ambitious and driven as I have been, I have made some enemies. Some are in sheep’s clothing too. But I started chanting a certain chant. I could feel my nerves and everything in my leg start to feel funny. It was like each of them were suddenly alive and trying to get out of my body. I knew exactly what had happened. I kept chanting and chanting. I started praying and praying. I prayed to my Great Dark Queen Morrighan, who a long time ago took me under her wing. I don’t know if I found Her or She found me. But I prayed to The Morrighan to give me strength once again. Strength for my body, strength for my shield and strength to send my enemy agony and torment beyond their wildest imagination.


My Dark Mother answered my calling. She had not forgotten me, I had just forgotten Her temporarily. I made a sacred promise to Her I never would forget Her Greatness and Might again, Never, For She is My Mother. Perhaps I am a strange witch but I consider myself very fortunate. I have three Mothers. I have my True Birth Mother who has passed on, I have the Goddess as my Mother and I also have The Morrighan as my Mother. The Goddess and The Morrighan balance each other out. I also promised I would dedicate this site to the Almighty Dark Queen Morrighan. You will find a section dedicated to Her and the Goddess. Both of them keep me in balance. I am not a whole witch without them both I know that now. The Morrighan watches over me and protects me. If I had not forgotten Her, the attack I suffered never would have happened. For My Mother would not have allowed it. I now once again wear Her Medallion and forever will it stay on my breast.


I have not changed. I am still the same Witch. Well, now I got my Ying and Yang in balance. I would say I am back and better than ever. I can still feel The Morrighan’s energy flowing through my body. Perhaps I should ground but at this time I choose not too. I want to make sure the person who attacked me will remember one thing, “Leave me alone and never, ever mess with me again!” Next time, if you survived, I will know you are coming and the wrath you will face you have never seen anything like it in your life. It’s not a threat, it is a promise.


I like to live a private, quiet, peaceful life. I have one mission in life and you all know what that is, “to spread the truth and beauty about our Religion, Witchcraft. To bring The Craft back to its rightful place in mainstream Religion.” This we shall do. I know the Elders understood what I have wrote today. I cannot imagine an Elder here not being attacked at least once or twice in their lifetime. I would also imagine if you talked to them, they would tell you the same thing I am saying……”You have to have your balance.” “You keep them shields up at all times, at full force.” “Never let your guard down for one moment.” Witchcraft is a beautiful Religion and one I am proud to call my own. But it is like any other Religion, there is always a bad or jealous person lurking in the corner, waiting for their moment to strike. They could be jealous or angry over the simplest of things and you not know it. Then you get knocked on your ass.


Learn from me, my precious friends, do not let what happened to me happen to you. I should have known better than to get in a comfort zone. I should have known with myself being so public to never, ever let my guard down for a moment. But I am only human after all. And we all make mistakes. The main point is that we live to learn from them.


I love everyone of you. I appreciate all the letters of concern about my well-being. You are the most dearest family and friends I have ever had. When I say I love you I mean it, with all my heart. I opened our email account today and there were almost 900 emails wanting to know how Lady A was doing? 900 emails alone, the love I feel off those emails makes my heart soar. I can never thank you all enough for loving and caring about me, never, for you are my true family and friends.


With Much Love and Many Blessings,


Lady Of The Abyss

P. S.

The site won’t be up and running today. I have quite a few updates to do. But we are going to do our best and I mean our best to be back in business tomorrow. I know I have missed you and everyone else has too. We are very eager to get this traveling circus on the road again, lol!


Stand Strong My Dear Friends!

We Love You!