Daily Crystal of the Day for Aug. 19th – Carnelian


SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION: Carnelian is the clear red to brownish red member
of the Chalcedony family. It is a microcrystalline variety of Quartz (Silicone
Dioxide) and may contain small amounts of iron oxides. The hardness is 7, and
the streak is white.

ENVIRONMENT: Chalcedony is formed in several environments, generally near
the surface of the earth where temperatures and pressures are relatively low. It
commonly forms in the zone of alteration of lode and massive hydrothermal
replacement deposits and as bodies of chert in chemical sedimentary rocks.

OCCURENCE: Fine carnelian comes from India and South America.

GEMSTONE INFORMATION: Carnelian is used as an alternate birthstone for the
month of May. It is normally cut into cabochons, engraved, or made into seal
stones or rounded, polished, and pierced for necklaces and other items of

NAME: The name means “flesh-colored”, from [caro], meaning “genitive” and
[carnis], meaning “flesh”.

LEGEND and LORE: Carnelian has long been associated with courage and
cleansing of the blood. It was believed that the stone would improve one’s
outlook, making the individual cheerful and expelling fears.

MAGICAL PROPERTIES: Katrina Raphaell says that Carnelian can be used to
“see into the past”. The “Crystal Oracle” says that Carnelian refers to the
Self, and Current Conditions. It is a grounding stone, and associated with the
Earth.  As such, it is considered practical, sensible and balanced. Cunningham
associates the stone with the element of Fire. He suggests it as a talisman
against Telepathic invasion.

HEALING: It is recommended for infertility or impotency. In addition it is used
for purification of the blood. It has also been suggested that this stone will
stop nosebleeding.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: I call this the “sexy” stone…since I believe it
stimulates sexual appetites. I use it in the lower Chakras for infertility and
impotency for men(I use Coral as the feminine counterpart.)
I always get a good chuckle when I notice a man wearing a LARGE Cornelian
belt buckle. In addition, I would use this stone for relief of pain from
arthritis in men.


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6. Some of the healing information may come from “A Journey Through the
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