Hello World! It’s Sunday, You Know What That Means….

…..it means enjoy the day to the fullest because tomorrow you go back to work. Sorry to remind you of that. But I hope you are having a fantastic weekend. I don’t believe I have done a think this weekend. I have a mile long list of things to do but I can’t get nothing done anymore. You might think this has nothing to do with what I was just talking about, but bear with me. I was watching a morning talk show and the topic was about getting older. How people suddenly realize they are just fine the way they are. They settle into theirselves and become comfort just being who they are. I got to thinking that is so true. When I was younger, I would put on the make-up, do the hair for about an hour, pick out the perfect outfit and then be ready to go. Sometimes I even did this just to stay at home. Now I don’t put on any make-up at all. I decided that was a waste of time. When I put on make-up, I thought it transformed me into a beautiful, ravishing creature. And I looked totally different. Yeah right! Well I found out when I quit wearing it, people still recognized me, they knew right off the bat who I was. Then it hit me, all the time I had wasted putting on make-up to be someone else. Why? I still fix my hair for about 15 minutes. I have let it do what it always wanted to do, curl. So I fluff some curls, grab a pair of short and a shirt to match and I off.  I realized that the talk show was right, when you reach a certain age you do become comfortable in your own skin. You finally realize that you are alright just the way the Goddess made you. I have found the inner me and finally made peace with her. Come to find out she a pretty good old gal. She is very comfortable with herself. She takes care of things that need to be done but she doesn’t rush  around anyway. She takes her time. She don’t get mad and upset. She is very laid back and she just loves to enjoy life. With this new me I have found, I could kick my own ass. She was there the whole time, why did I have to wait to now to find her? I know in my younger years, she would have made my left a heck of a lot easier. Then I got to thinking was she there then? Perhaps the me that I am comfortable with is a by-product of myself.  Wonder what I mean by that? Me, too! Seriously, I believe the comfortable me is a product of my environment and my actions.  But I believe she got rid of all the bad part os me, well not so nice parts anyway and left the good. She also has shown me what is important in life. I found out I had my priorities all screwed up. I have them straight now and I have fell back in love with my husband. I have put things into perspective. I know what is more important now. Like I mentioned earlier, I never seem to get things done. I get them done eventually but in the order of importance. You know if I have a comfortable me inside of me, I would bet you do too. Look inside yourself and accept yourself for who you are. The make-up, the clothes, the hair doesn’t make the person. It is the comfortable you that does. Don’t do like I did and wait too long to find her. Find her now and I guarantee you, you will enjoy life more than ever.

Guys, it just dawned on me, I have been a bad witch. I am so sorry that I didn’t use he/she in my writing, please forgive me. Truthfully I didn’t know where my writing was going. It was just rambling through my brain. So please forgive me and I will do better next time I promise.

Love to all,

Lady A