Six Ways to Honor Mother Earth on Her Day

By Barry Dennis

Earth Day is the day when millions of people in 172 countries all over the globe share their appreciation for our beautiful planet. What are you giving back to the earth this year?

You might believe that one person can’t do a lot. But if we take the time to change a few small behaviors, we can make a difference collectively.

Here are six ways to be part of that effort.

Precycle before you recycle.

Precycling is the art of returning a thing to the earth before it was even taken, saving our resources and creating a brighter future. What kinds of things can you precycle? How about bottled water or plastic grocery bags? You can drink water out of a reusable water bottle, and pack your groceries in a reusable cloth bag. You’ve just precycled, preventing two plastic items from ending up in the refuse stream. Less demand for these items leads to less production.

Flick a switch.

This is simple. Begin to make it a habit to turn off the lights whenever you are leaving a room. Turn off the water when brushing or even while soaping up in the shower, then turn it back on to rinse off. Turn off your car ignition when you’re waiting for someone. Every time you flick the switch, you are also flicking a switch in your brain that helps to reinforce the behavior and turn it into a good habit—the habit of conserving.

If it ain’t broke, don’t replace it.

Before upgrading to the newest iPhone or a bigger-model flat-screen TV, ask yourself if it will make your life better than if you simply kept the model you already have. Take a moment to really visualize all the earth’s resources it took to make these items. You could save some of earth’s resources by simply waiting six months or a year before replacing something old with something new. At the end of that time, assess whether the quality of your life was seriously compromised by hanging on to that older model.

Change the demand.

Our system of supply and demand is a good thing. That is, when we demand goods that are actually, well, good—good for our health, our home, and our planet. By bringing greater awareness to what we consume, we change the demand that must create a new supply. Consider organic food, which does not use pesticides or hormones. These are not only better for our home planet, they are also healthier for our “home bodies.” Increasing the demand will change our common agricultural practices so the supply naturally shifts for all our benefit.

Want what you already have.

We sometimes think that “stuff” will make us happy, like a shiny new car or another pair of shoes. But who and what really makes you happy: your pets, your family, your friends? Your work, your leisure activities, your home? Right. This Earth Day, think about those you love, as well as the things around you that make your life easier, more fun, or more comfortable. Give thanks for all that you have, instead of wanting more.

Declutter your life.

In celebration of Earth Day, walk around your house and get rid of everything that’s not useful or healthful. Go through your bathroom, closets, drawers, kitchen cupboards, garage, basement, porch, and yard. Recycle everything you can, and donate the rest. Cleaning up your immediate environment will make you feel happier. Keep your empty space empty. The earth will thank you.

Barry Dennis is an internationally known inspirational speaker and spiritual teacher. His new book is The Chotchky Challenge: Clear the Clutter from Your Home, Heart, and Mind…and Discover the True Treasure of Your Soul (Hay House, April 2012). Learn more at


10 Healthy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

10 Healthy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

  • Brandi, selected from Diets in Review

It may not be as popular as some other commercialized holidays are, but Earth Day is one that deserves our attention. Scheduled for this Sunday, April 22, Earth Day is a way for all of us to celebrate, appreciate and give back to our little blue speck floating through the skies.

This year, to celebrate Earth Day we’re spending the day with our team, community volunteers, and residents of Carpenter Place to build vegetable gardens, with a grant made possible from Kalso Earth Shoes.

What are you doing?

There aren’t really decorations to buy, traditional recipes to prepare, or gifts to give, but there is plenty you can do to a part of Earth Day. And we’d like to help start the brainstorm.

1. Run on solar power. Keep the lights off on Sunday and don’t run any appliances that you don’t have to.

2. Actually run. Or pedal, or walk, or skip. In other words, keep the car parked at home and use your feet to get around the neighborhood.

3. Shop local. Hit your farmers market, sort your CSA box, or hit the local produce section at the grocery store and prepare only foods made with locally sourced ingredients. That means no guacamole if you live in Nebraska!

4. Plant a garden. Planting even one tomato plant can make a huge difference on your carbon footprint. A simple container garden, or several raised beds, either way you’ll reap the benefits.

5. Plant a tree. This is a project the whole family will enjoy. Beautify your yard or add a fruit tree for healthy snacks at arm’s reach.

6. Be a vegetarian. We’re not suggesting you change your lifestyle overnight, but indulge in meatless meals all day Sunday.

7. Workout outside. Be a part of nature and take your yoga, cardio, or even weights outside.

8. Recycle. If you’ve never started, this is the perfect day to do so. Organize your containers, decide if you’ll drop off or use a pick-up service, and learn what can and can’t be recycled.

9. Start composting. You can use this rich homegrown soil for your own gardens or to contribute to a neighbor’s. It’s an ideal way to dispose of food waste.

10. Donate your time. There are bound to be several Earth Day projects taking place in your community. Find one that interests you and give back.

I Am The Earth

I Am The Earth

The Earth is a healer,
I am the Earth,
The Earth is a Mother,
I am the Earth,
The Earth is a fountain,
I am the Earth,
The Earth is a mountain,
I am the Earth,
The Earth is in sorrow,
I am the Earth,
The Earth is in joy,
I am the Earth,
The Earth She is crying,
I am the Earth,
The Earth has a song to sing:
I am the Earth,
I am a blackbird,
I am the Earth,
I am a river,
I am the Earth,
We are the Earth,
I am the Earth,
I am the Earth,
I am the Earth,
I am the Earth.

(c)1982 Deirdre Pulgram Arthen

Happy Thanksgiving dear friends!

Thanksgiving Comments & Graphics

I wish each and everyone of you a very Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving! May you spend it with your loved ones whether they be family or friends. Let us not forget what today is all about, whether we are Pagan or Not! It doesn’t hurt Pagans, Wiccans, Witches and the like to stop and take time to be thankful. I know I very seldom get sentimental and most of all I don’t like to reveal to others that I do have a soft side. I guess I always like to seem in control of my emotions but there are even times when seasoned old witches let their emotions out. Ooops! I am not that old just emotional. It started this morning in the kitchen, with my wildcat Razzy. She put her paws up on my calf and I leaned down to rub her. I started talking to her telling her, she didn’t know how much she had to be thankful for this year. Then it hit me, I am the thankful one. I am so thankful that the Goddess brought her and her family to me. I am so grateful that I saved her and she will have a good home the rest of her life. I will love her and cherish her each year. I am also thankful for my older wildcat, Stinker, my little Pomeranian princess Kiki. Then I stopped to think about my family. I am so thankful for my two wonderful, beautiful and healthy children. I am thankful that my son has two healthy and beautiful daughters. I am thankful for my daughter and that the Goddess finally found a man to put up with her. I have a lot to be thankful for. 

I have to stop and think back though. At one time, I loved another man besides my husband. My husband and I were separated and I had known this man for years. He asked me out and we started seeing each other. We started making plans for the future. He loved my two children and my son he was crazy about. He had made plans to take him hunting and fishing and do all the things his father never had time to do with him. We had talked about moving into together. How life would be. But for some strange twist of fate my husband came by to visit the kids one evening. That evening, my husband took me out to the patio and we sit and talked. We talked about how things weren’t really that bad between us. I should let you know at this time why we were separated, I had caught him having an affair on me. Why? I didn’t know I had always tried to be the perfect wife, mother, housekeeper, witch, heck I was even PTA President! I guess I got caught up in being too perfect. He had fallen for a woman totally my opposite. He came to the house one day to drop the kids off some money and he had told me, “I had better sit down.” I couldn’t imagine what it was but he told me I was right and he was living with another woman. He wanted to tell me before I found out about her from someone else. Everything I had thought was true, I cried and cried. I thought my world had ended. I got up and slapped the holy shit out of him and told him to get out of the house. That is when I fell right straight into the arms of this other man. I guess he was my crutch. He loved me and I knew it. The first night, we went out. He took me to his parents’ house and then to his grandmother’s house. All of them told me, that they were glad to finally meet me. They had heard so much about me. But back to the night my husband came over and fate took such a straight twist. We got to laughing and crying together. We had a deep love and I couldn’t deny that. I went back to my comfort zone. I took my husband back. My husband came right out and told me that he didn’t know how to tell the other woman he was coming back home. He said he had left her crying in a motel room. And that if there was anyway possible that he was going to try to work things out with me. He said he had to go back and tell her and get his stuff. He even asked me if I wanted to go. I told him that probably wouldn’t be a good idea. I didn’t talk to the man I was seeing for two or three days because hubby was back home. The man knew where I was working and what time I came in each day. So he decided he would surprise me one day and stop by with his new motorcycle for me and him to go for a ride. I didn’t know he was there I had taken a couple of days off and hubby and I stopped in for a minute to see how things where going. On the stool, waiting for me, was the other man. I could see the look in his eyes when we walked in. He got up and left. He tore out on the motorcycle so quick, my hubby asked me what his problem was. I said I didn’t know. Part of me was crushed when he left on that motorcycle. But I knew where I belonged with my family. The next night the other man was killed in a motorcycle wreck. He was at a bar drinking, left the bar doing about 100 mph and hit a parked van head on. When I found out what happened I nearly died myself. I can say I was starting to fall in love with him or perhaps it was just neediless. But I had never had to do anything more difficult in my life than grieve in silence. Everytime I was alone I would break down and cry. I still cry to this day about it. For the longest time, I blamed myself for his death. I had friends tell me, that I had to stop doing that. But I believe with the help of the Goddess, I know that didn’t actually cause his death and I shouldn’t blame myself anymore. I didn’t make him pick up those drinks. I am sure like I, he was feeling heart-broken. But he didn’t need to get drunk, there were other ways of coping. I found them and he should have too. I miss him and if I had known that was what he was going to do, I would have found a way to stop. Where is this all going?  He showed me a part of life that I only thought I wanted. My path wasn’t meant to be with him. He showed me how to love deeper, appreciate every moment we have in this life because the next might be our last. I have alot to be thankful for just by knowing this man. 

So this Thanksgiving when I look back on the years, I have a lot to be thankful for. My family, my friends, people who I have lost over the years. Some I wish who could be alive now and see me and her grandchildren. But I know that those who have gone on are with the Goddess waiting. I am thankful for the Goddess and all the good things in life she has given me. I am thankful for all the readers of this blog. I am thankful for the friends I have made through it.

All in all, I believe this is going to be the best Thanksgiving for me. I realize what I have and what I have lost, I realize I will never take a moment of life for granted and I will live each moment to the fullest. I am thankful for the life the Goddess has given me and the Path that She has shown me. 

Remember the Goddess in your Thanksgiving this year! Remember my family and I, as I will be thinking about each and everyone of you this year! 

Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to each and everyone of you,

Lady Abyss

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