Your Daily Egyptian Tarot Card for February 26

Your Daily Egyptian Tarot Card for Today

The Star








The Star has risen above the masses and shines down upon you from above. It is what you dream on and whisper your hopes to. This is why the Star card can denote success coming to as an artist, because the artist in you is what can make your dreams come true. When your dreams come true, you immediately forget most of the pain you have suffered getting here. The Star card says keep on dreaming, because dreams really do come true.




In this series, Jamie Richardson of Ember + Aura Tarot explains how to embrace the message of each major arcana card. 

The High Priestess is the gatekeeper between our inner and outer realms. She is the guardian of our deepest wisdom and intuition. When the High Priestess shows up, it’s time to slow down and turn within. Her language is symbolic; her methods mysterious; her pathways shadowy.  She often emerges after we have lost the girlishness and naivety of our youth when we’ve tired of social interactions and are beginning to explore our own depths.

The High Priestess loves nothing more than when we set aside our own agendas and rulebooks and simply listen to the silence of our evolving hearts—when we feel our way in the dark with no idea where we are going. She teaches us to develop and trust our second sight, the sacred gift of the Divine Feminine. Traditionally seated between two pillars representing interior and exterior worlds, the High Priestess patiently waits to offer her guidance to those who approach her.

Our intuition starts out strong in life. As children, we naturally follow our bliss and are able to blend aspects of work and play. Children rarely overanalyze and are able to easily listen to their hearts, and their subconscious and conscious minds are seamless and easy to bridge. In our society, however, it isn’t too long before children begin to realize that they are expected to succeed, compete, and achieve. The dark, mysterious, self-knowing aspects of the subconscious are cast aside and replaced with what we can see and judge in the full light of day. We begin to compare ourselves to others, trust only what gives us proven results, and work towards goals that bring us a sense of accomplishment. We stop climbing trees, trying to hear the thoughts of animals, chasing our imaginary friends, and finger-painting scenes that only we understand. We begin playing organized sports, earning gold stars, posting selfies, and planning out our futures.

When we abandon our trust of the unknown, when we stop turning within, our High Priestess goes deep underground.

Often, the High Priestess resurfaces when one has endured a particular tragedy or suffered a great loss. At these times, when the solid ground of our egos has crumbled, we are in a perfect position to take on deeper learning. We are ready to put our trust into that which we cannot see or measure. We are looking for a connection to our own Source and innate knowledge. Survivors of tragedy have profound potential for higher spiritual evolvement. The High Priestess, although dark and mysterious, has compassion for her followers and shows them only what they are ready to experience.

So what is the Tarot card trying to tell you? The truth is, this is an invitation. The High Priestess is confirming that you hold all of the answers to life’s questions in the hidden spaces of your own heart. Furthermore, the capacity to which you can open your heart and suspend your own need for visible signs is the degree to which you will experience a transformation of the mind. You will know you are on track when you begin to notice synchronicities between your inner exploration and your reality: a book suddenly appears about the mysteries of the Divine Feminine, an acquaintance invites you to a local full moon circle, or you receive an email about becoming attuned in Reiki. Your dreams may become more vivid and characters may appear, offering insight and clues about your existence. These are all strong examples of the language of the High Priestess.

When the High Priestess calls, it’s time to pay attention. Accept her invitation to walk between the seen and unseen worlds. Don’t be afraid to jump down the rabbit hole and explore what this vast inner-dimension holds for you, with its delicious darkness and ancient mysteries. Her greatest gift to you will be the unveiling of what you had all along: the ability to face the dark and bring your own truth into the light.

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Best Tarot Readings for Love

Best Tarot Readings for Love

Get to the heart of the matter in love and relationships


Not all Tarot card readings are created equally. Some readings are meant to help you with general insight, while others are designed to help you get to the heart of the matter in love and relationships.

Are you wondering if you’ll ever find love? Are you curious if your love will last forever? Will your ex-boyfriend come back to you? We’ve created a variety of unique love Tarot readings to help answer these questions and any other questions you have on your quest for long-lasting love.

Heartbreak Tarot Reading

Not all romantic encounters have a fairytale ending. During our pursuit of love, our hearts will inevitably get broken, but that doesn’t mean we have to fall apart! This Tarot reading for a broken heart helps eliminate your suffering and empowers you to reclaim your personal power as you move on from that experience.


Soulmate Tarot Reading

This Tarot spread for love helps you on your search to find your soulmate. Have you been asking yourself questions like: Is he my soulmate? Will we get married? When will I meet someone? If so, this reading will help guide you toward the infinite love you’ve been searching for.


Reconciliation Tarot Reading

Relationships are not always smooth sailing, and sometimes it can seem impossible to repair a wounded love connection. This reconciliation Tarot spread provides the advice and guidance needed as you attempt to restore a relationship that has gone awry. Put your relationship back on track — before it’s too late!


Relationship Analysis Tarot Reading

Creating a successful relationship is not just about understanding your significant other, but it’s also about having a grasp on all the factors at play in your relationship. This relationship Tarot spread explores the dynamics between you and your partner, as well as revealing issues that may affect your ability to sustain a long-term connection with this person.


Love Quest Potentials Tarot Reading

One of the difficulties of finding love is knowing how to make the most of the romantic opportunities in front of you — and how to avoid the internal and external obstacles in your path. This Tarot spread helps you uncover the factors influencing your love potential so that you can find success on your journey toward love. is Part of Zappallas USA © 2019

Reveal Which Tarot Reading Is Right for You

Reveal Which Tarot Reading Is Right for You

Match the moment’s energy with the perfect Tarot spread Staff

Each of the 78 cards in a Tarot deck hold a special meaning that only that card can give to you. Just as the cards differ from one another, so do Tarot spreads. Every reading layout has its own individual energy, bringing an added layer of richness to the cards as they’re placed in each position.

This is why it’s important to choose the right reading for any situation you’re currently facing. Need help untangling a confusing problem? Curious as to how your karma is helping or hurting you? Want to unveil the unseen forces affecting your future? There’s a reading for that!

Here are a few of our favorites…

Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

There are hundreds of Tarot spreads, with new ones being created all the time. In fact, a new one is probably being created as you read this! However, the Celtic Cross Tarot Reading is the gold standard — and with good reason. It has been used for hundreds of years to give seekers in-depth insight into even the most complex situations.


Revelation Tarot Reading

Something could be hiding from you — and this reading will uncover it! The Revelation Tarot Reading taps into the energies surrounding you right now, uncovering the unknown factors that have been secretly holding you back. By understanding how your situation is influencing you, you have the ability to activate the positive breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.


Karma Tarot Reading

Have you ever wished you could steer your own fate? That’s exactly what the Karma Tarot Reading will help you do. You have a unique karmic energy that is affecting you and your outcome, and this spread serves as a tool to understand exactly what that is, so you can diminish your negative karma and use your positive karma to your advantage.


Timeline Tarot Reading

Prepare yourself for whatever is coming your way — both in the near future and down the road. By focusing on where you’ve been and where you’re headed, the Timeline Tarot Reading acts as a powerful tool for uncovering any unfolding issues, as well as their possible consequences over time. By staying ahead of these energies, you learn how to work with them instead of allowing them to work against you.


Life Cycle Tarot Reading

The Life Cycle Tarot Reading examines your past, present, and future to help you identify all the patterns that may be holding you back. Based on the sacred number nine, this Tarot spread not only gives you advice on how to overcome your personal obstacles, but it also identifies where your true opportunities lie and the positive steps you can take to get there!


Horoscope Tarot Reading

This zodiac-based Tarot reading combines the powerful guidance of both Tarot and Astrology to give you a double dose of insight that is truly unparalleled. Each of the positions offers a detailed look at the developments in the various areas — or “houses” — of your life. Understanding how the energies are influencing every facet of your life gives you the perspective needed to enact positive change.


There are a wide variety of problems and concerns, which is why we’ve created many different types of Tarot readings. Don’t see a spread in the lists above that matches what you’re going through in the moment? is Part of Zappallas USA © 2019



In this series, Jamie Richardson of Ember + Aura Tarot explains how to embrace the message of each major arcana card. 

In Tarot, The Fool is depicted by a childlike adventurer awash in the energy of her own reckless optimism. She feels the unknown path before her pulling her along and doesn’t get too caught up in the details of where she’s going, nor how she’ll get there. She’s unburdened by any pressure to look cool and couldn’t care less about the looks or whispers that may come along the way. Each step brings her closer to her highest self—that’s all she needs to know.

These days, the world seems like a pretty serious space. Every headline is foreboding. Every social page is a contest. Everyone wants to sell us something. If we’re not careful, we wind up guarded, dissatisfied, and jaded. So, naturally, the time is right to revisit our inner Fool.

How do you recover this valuable flood of naivety when the well is seemingly dried up? Begin by scanning your mind for signs of attempted perfectionism, as this is not in keeping with sweet release. The Fool wears mismatched accessories just because it feels right. She leaves the bed unmade so she can do some morning journaling instead. She ignores the chipped nail. She doesn’t return the text while driving—and promptly forgets to return it at all.

Next, close your eyes and ask yourself, “Where are the white-knuckled areas of my life?” Where have you allowed yourself to think you must have total control? What if everything actually doesn’t depend on you? What a concept! The Fool moves in a state of pure flow. Embrace this want of comfortability by putting on something long and drapey; wear cashmere, if you have it. Literally let your hair down and go barefoot. Visualize yourself un-structuring. Practice letting go.

Finally, the Fool defies convention by listening only to her inner guidance. For children, this comes naturally, as the judgmental voices of nay-sayers and critics have yet to take root in their minds. What did you love to do as a child? When you picture childhood, what does it look like in its happiest moments? I see myself sitting beneath trees, surrounded by my watercolors and paper and dogs. Can you remember your original sense of rightness? It remembers you.

When The Fool comes for you in Tarot, you can be sure the Divine is calling you to trust in Her again and to take a bold step in faith. Your path will most likely be anything but straight, with the next destination forever just out of your line of sight. But with the wisdom of The Fool you can throw caution to the wind. She is here to remind you that your own originality is, and always has been, enough.


Find Jamie Richardson on Instagram @emberandauratarot or at

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10 Fast Tarot Spreads for Love

10 Fast Tarot Spreads for Love


Are you trying to find the answer to a perplexing love situation? Are you concerned your partner doesn’t feel the same as you about your relationship? Do you simply need to get clear in your mind about your feelings toward a certain person? Lunar Café to the rescue with 10 fast tarot spreads for love.

These quick spreads can be adapted to your own situation, so don’t be afraid to mix up the questions and positions if it feels right to do so.

1 You/Them Tarot Spread

The You/them spread can be used for any relationship, not just a romantic one.

This is a five card reading, two cards on the left, two on the right and one in the middle. The left cards represent your perspective and your feelings. The two on the right are their perspective and feelings. The card in the middle is the way forward or general advice.

2 Future Love

What do you need to know about your future love? Try this four-card spread to find out what’s around the corner in your love-life. Lay the cards out vertically, with the first card nearest you. It should be like a road going into the future.

  • What love energy currently surrounds me?
  • How do I bring new love into my life?
  • What will attract me to this person?
  • What will be the future for this relationship?

3 Love Challenges

A simple three-card spread to help you deal with a challenge in your current relationship. Lay the cards out horizontally, from left to right.

  • What is the cause of this challenge?
  • What can I do about it?
  • Where are we headed?

4 Find the Perfect Lover

Use this spread to discover how your subconscious can guide you to the right person. Five cards laid out in a diagonal, bottom to top, left to right.

  • What do I need to know about myself in respect to love?
  • What challenges might I need to face?
  • What qualities do I need in my perfect partner?
  • What will my new lover teach me?
  • In what circumstances will we meet?

5 Get Out of This Relationship Spread

Maybe you are entangled in a relationship that is not good for you? This fast tarot spread will point you in the right direction. Three cards, first two at the base of a triangle, the third forms the point.

  • What’s wrong here?
  • Why is this relationship bad for me?
  • How do I move forward?

6 Are We Meant to Be Together?

This four-card reading is for when you don’t know where you are headed in your relationship. It will help you uncover your soul connection. Four cards laid in a square, one and two on the left; three and four on the right.

  • What is the basis of this relationship?
  • Did we have a past life connection?
  • What is our life lesson together
  • What is our future together?

7 Why Do We Hurt Each Other?

Sometimes we seem locked into a pattern of pain. Use this spread to identify why, and how to change the dynamic of the relationship. Remember that you can’t alter another person’s behavior; you can only change yourself. Making such changes often leads to the other person adjusting too.

Four cards: one and two at the top; three and four underneath to form a square.

  • What do I need to understand about my lover?
  • Why do we keep doing this?
  • What should I change about my attitude?
  • What can I change about my behavior?

8 New Relationship Spread

It’s good to know and understand the positive aspects of any new relationship. Use this spread to discover the strengths and possible challenges up ahead.

A five-card spread. First three cards laid down on the left, then the next two to the right of them, then the last one on the right again to form a right-pointing arrow head.

  • What gifts do I bring to this relationship?
  • What qualities does my lover bring?
  • What is our common ground?
  • What challenges will we face?
  • How will the relationship progress?

9 Love or Friendship?

Often it’s hard to know where we stand in a relationship. Is there a real attraction? Is this potential love or is it friendship? This fast tarot spread might help you gain clarification.

Three cards, left to right.

  • What is the current basis of our attraction?
  • What do I need to know?
  • Will it remain the same or can it evolve into love?

10 Marriage Tarot Spread

This spread is for when only marriage will do. You aren’t looking for a casual fling, you are looking for marriage. You wonder if your current partner would make a good marriage partner. Also, it’s good to know if there are any external factors or people, who can influence the situation.

Six cards in two columns of three. One-two-three on the left; four-five-six on the right.

  • How my partner feels about me.
  • How my partner feels about marriage.
  • What outside influences affect us?
  • How other people could interfere.
  • Will my partner be faithful?
  • Will my partner love, respect, and cherish me?

Bonus Fast Tarot Spread For Summer Love

Here is one extra spread for summer. It’s not about finding romantic love or your next partner; it’s all about you. It’s about finding the love and creativity within your own being. Take the opportunity to let the tarot sing your praises. Why are you holding yourself back? How can you make improvements that benefit you, and the world?

Five cards, laid out in any way you like. Just remember the positions you have allocated. Take a photo of the cards to refer back to later. If they don’t make perfect sense now, they may do after a little time has passed.

  • What qualities should I value in myself?
  • What is holding me back from fulfilling my potential?
  • In what way should I take care of myself better?
  • How does love express itself through me?
  • What can I offer the world?




Avoid These Mistakes When Reading Tarot for Yourself

Avoid These Mistakes When Reading Tarot for Yourself


It’s natural when learning to read tarot that your first client is going to be yourself. You want to find out just how accurate these cards can be. Yet most of us are guilty of making certain mistakes. Do your best to avoid these common errors when reading tarot for yourself.

Over Complicating the Question

This can go two ways. Either we formulate a convoluted question, or we don’t ask one at all, expecting the cards to know the information we’re after. It’s fine to do an ‘open’ reading, by asking ‘Tell me what I need to know’. But if you have any kind of situation in mind, it’s best to spend a little time to work out what your question should be. And to keep the question simple and straightforward.

For example, Jane is in a relationship with Mike. She’s confused about whether they are going to stay together, or if he has lost interest. So she decides to do a reading. Jane mulls over the relationship in her mind and writes out her question: “Can the cards tell me if Mike still loves me and if we are going to get married? Will we have children and buy a home together?” Then she draws a few cards and has no idea which cards mean what. She’s utterly confused.

So Jane needs to break her questions down into four separate ones and draw a single card for each.

Seeing What You Want to See

This is when you shoehorn the card into giving you the answer you want. You twist its meaning, even though it might have given you a different answer. For example, Ali wants to know if she should look for a new job. She’s conflicted about this because although she thinks she needs to get a new job in order to progress in her career, she is also a little nervous about doing so.

She asks, “Is this the right time to be looking for a new job?” She gets the Eight of Wands, which is a direct answer and clearly means, ‘Yes! Get going!’. She looks through her book and sees that another meaning for the Eight of Wands is organization. So she decides not to apply yet and instead spends time organizing her files at work.

Of course, that’s an extreme and simplistic example, but it illustrates how someone ignores her initial instinctive response to the card and looks for a way to make the interpretation fit into her comfort zone. Applying your preferred interpretation is natural, but won’t help you.

Drawing Too Many Cards

This is really common. For some reason, new readers don’t think they are doing a proper reading unless they are laying out a full 10-card Celtic Cross. And they only wanted to know if there was a likely promotion coming their way.

Huge complicated spreads for simple questions are unnecessary and confusing. You only need to use large spreads for general situations, or for things like spiritual questions, birthday, astrological, and New Year spreads.

When it comes down to it, most questions can be answered with five cards or fewer. When I started branching into larger spreads, I’d even do a Celtic Cross and then use a different deck and lay a second spread over the first. Crazy.

Clarification and More Clarification

This follows on from the previous point. The reader asks her question, draws a card, doesn’t like the answer so draws a second ‘for clarification’. Don’t do it. If, in your preparation for reading, you decided to draw one card, then stick to it. It’s unlikely that the second card in the deck is relevant, because the tarot is only responding to that one-card only intention.

Similarly with outcome cards. If you are going to do a 10-card reading with an 11th for clarification of the outcome, then be clear in your mind about it before you begin. Drawing more cards after the fact will never help you.

There is one exception to this, and that is the base card. What is the base card? It’s the card at the bottom of the deck. So often I’ve found that the base card has provided a lot of information which is completely relevant to the question. It usually tells me why the question is being asked in the first place. It can show up insecurities, motives, or other underlying factors. Keep it in mind next time you feel the need for clarification.

Repetition When Reading Tarot for Yourself

It’s so tempting. You’re really keen on that person and you desperately want to know if they are interested in you, so you do a reading. Next day, you do another. And sometimes another on the same day. All with the same question in mind. And of course, you get different cards, with confusing messages.

Take the first answer. Wait at least a week before asking the same question again.

Asking Others to Interpret Your Cards

Asking other people to interpret your reading is a big no no. The only exception is if you are participating in a tarot training course and are asking for feedback from your tutor/mentor.

As a tarot reader and writer, I get many requests asking what do I think about this card appearing in that reading or in that position. Sometimes the person picks out one or two cards and seems to think that I have the magickal ability to see right into their life and give them the definitive answer. Other times people give me a list of all the cards in their spread and expect me to interpret them. In other words, to give them a complete free reading. Like we professional readers and writers haven’t got better things to do <grin>.

As well as it being rather cheeky, there is another more important reason for not interpreting someone else’s reading. When you turn the cards, they are responding to you. In that moment. A reading is an energy snapshot. It’s personal. Asking another person to interpret your reading is never going to work.

So if you want a professional reading, set it up and get one. If you want to read for yourself, then read for yourself. If you are confused by the answer, write down your question and the cards in your journal. After a week or so has gone by, go back and review it. The passing of time will often shed light on the message from the cards.



Tarot 101: Tarot Readings: Which One Is Right for You?

Tarot Readings: Which One Is Right for You?

Match the moment’s energy with the right Tarot spread

Tarot spreads are the patterns in which the 78 cards in a Tarot deck are laid out for a reading. Each layout has a unique energy, and each card within the spread represents one aspect of the reading as a whole. Common positions include:

• Self/Situation: Who you are or where you find yourself, right now

• Challenges/Opportunities: The obstacles facing you, and how you can use them to your advantage

• Near Future: Which way the wind is blowing, and how you can direct it toward the outcome you want

Celtic Cross: The Gold Standard of Tarot spreads

There are hundreds of Tarot spreads, with new ones being created all the time. In fact, spreads are probably being created as you’re reading this. The Celtic Cross Tarot spread, which has been used for hundreds of years, is the most common, and with good reason. The positions of the 10 cards offer enough detail to give you past, present and future insight into fairly complex situations.

Other traditional spreads

• Tree of Life: This 5-card spread is based on the mystical Hebrew Kabala. It focuses on the body’s chakras, or energy centers, and is more spiritual than predictive.

• Astrological Spreads: These spreads usually feature 12 cards, which correspond to the 12 astrological houses. By combining Astrology and Tarot, you get a double dose of insight in one reading. Try our Horoscope Tarot or Mandala Tarot readings.

Non-traditional spreads

The Celtic Cross spread is a great introduction to what Tarot has to offer, as well as a reliable standby. But it’s not the only game in town! Try one of these unique spreads, exclusive to

• Life Cycle Tarot Reading: This 9-card spread illuminates your personal patterns, serving as a powerful tool for overcoming obstacles.

• Karma Tarot Reading: This reading focuses on the karmic energy surrounding your current situation or concern so you can manifest more fulfillment in your life.

• Love Quest Potentials Tarot Reading: This 7-card Tarot reading offers an in-depth view of where you are on your quest for love, empowering you to make the most of your romantic prospects.

There are a wide variety of problems and concerns, which is why we’ve created many different types of Tarot readings. Don’t see a spread in the lists above that matches what you’re going through in the moment? is Part of the Daily Insight Group ©2018

Learn the Tarot 101: The Lovers

The Lovers

Integrate two potential realities or let go of one of them.












General Meaning

Although it has taken on a strictly romantic revision of meaning in some modern decks, traditionally The Lovers Tarot card reflected the challenges of choosing a partner. At a crossroads, one cannot take both paths. The images on this card in different decks have varied more than most, because we have had so many ways of looking at sex and relationships across cultures and centuries.

Classically, the energy of this card reminded us of the real challenges posed by romantic relationships, with the protagonist often shown in the act of making an either-or choice. To partake of a higher ideal often requires sacrificing the lesser option. The path of pleasure eventually leads to distraction from spiritual growth. The gratification of the personality eventually gives way to a call from spirit as the soul matures.

Modern decks tend to portray the feeling of romantic love with this card, showing Adam and Eve at the gates of Eden when everything was still perfect. This interpretation portrays humanity before the fall, and can be thought to imply a different sort of choice — the choice of evolution over perfection, or the choice of personal growth through relationship — instead of a fantasy where everything falls into place perfectly and is taken care of without effort.

In the Advice Position

Creative compromise helps you accept your commitments fully.

The card in the Advice position suggests a course of action which will harmonize what you want with what is currently possible.

The Lovers card advises that you study your options and make the wisest choice. Carefully consider your long-term interests. There is no judgment on what you choose to keep from the array of possibilities before you. Just watch out for choices that will produce dissatisfaction and discontent.

Be willing to make some compromises, then stick with the commitments you finally make. Trust your intuition along with your rational intellect, and once you make your choice, carry it out with conviction. is Part of the Daily Insight Group ©2018

Tarot 101: Shattering the Myths of Tarot

Learn the truth about this amazing tool

Does the Tarot seems intimidating? Have you had a fear of getting readings? Unsure of what the Tarot does? Brigit Esselmont, founder of, will help you demystify Tarot, busting some of the biggest myths about reading Tarot cards…

Myth 1: You have to be psychic to read Tarot

Many people will have you believe that you have to be psychic to read Tarot. That is, to be a good Tarot reader, you have to have some sort of supernatural power that allows you to see into the future, know what people are thinking, or receive messages from the spirit world.

The truth is: You don’t have to be psychic to be a good Tarot reader. In fact, anyone can learn to read Tarot — including you. All you need to do is say yes to your intuition.

We are all intuitive beings. Every one of us. But many people have shut down their intuition, refusing to listen to their inner voice. They downplay the intuitive flashes they get and pass them off as a silly feeling that means nothing. Instead, say “yes” to those random, unexplainable messages you might receive that help you to navigate your life’s path. Say “yes” to going with your heart, not just your head.


Myth 2: Tarot will tell you your future

This one isn’t completely a myth, but it isn’t exactly the whole truth either… Many people see the Tarot as a fortunetelling tool. And, not only that, they believe that whatever the Tarot says will happen in the future, will happen, no matter what. Some people are so afraid of having their cards read because they worry that if they do, something bad will happen as a result.

The truth is: Tarot can tell you about not just your future, but also your past and your present. Understanding the past helps you discover the key lessons you’ve learned along your path so that you can make better decisions in the future. And understanding the present helps you discover what’s happening for you right now.

The future is not set in stone. Yes, the Tarot can predict the future — but “predict” is the key word here. It means that the Tarot can show you where you are headed based on where you are now. Don’t like where you’re headed? Then you can make changes right now to reshape your future! It all comes down to your free will and your ability to make choices.

Long story short: Tarot helps you understand your past and present to enable you to make good, positive choices that will shape your future. The future is in your hands and it’s yours to create.


Myth 3: Tarot is mysterious and complex

Look up “Tarot reader” on the internet and you’ll be met with images of mysterious-looking women in bohemian clothes, peering into a crystal ball, foretelling the future. This is not an accurate representation of what a Tarot reader is really like!

The truth is: People from ALL walks of life read Tarot — office workers, teachers, coaches, therapists, lawyers, executives, nurses — you name it. Just ordinary, normal people who have learned how to use the Tarot cards to connect with their intuition and navigate life’s challenges.

Tarot doesn’t have to be mysterious and complex. Tarot can be simple, fun and easy to learn. Anyone can do it, including you! is Part of the Daily Insight Group ©2018