October 1, 2020 Full Moon Details

The Full Moon for this month will occur early in the month on Thursday, October 1st. The New Moon will happen later in October on Friday, October 16th.

The Harvest Moon and Hunter’s Moon

Humans through the ages have always found autumn’s full moons to be creepy, and not without good reason. But this year the moon will be extra exciting. The month starts with the Harvest Moon on October 1st and a second Blue Moon on Halloween, October 31st. The Harvest Moon is the Full Moon that falls closest to the Autumnal Equinox on September 22nd. In most years the September Full Moon lands closest but this is one of the rare years that the October Full Moon falls very early in the month and closest to the Equinox. This makes the first Full Moon the Harvest Moon and the second the Full Hunter’s Moon..

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Full Moon Esbat Gathering on Thursday, December 12, 2019

Coven Life’s Coven also includes anyone from WOTC that would like to attend. So with that in mind we chose to rename the coven to Heart’s Spirit Coven. Blessed be sisters, brothers, and guest and if you want to join us to celebrate the last full Moon of 2019 please do.

Enchanted Circle of Witches®

The Esbat ritual this month was written by Adept Dawn of the Day and Novice Luna Llena. We welcome all witches and/or pagans from any tradition especially if you are a solitary practitioner and would like to meet some other brothers and sister of The Old Ways/The Craft.


Elder Moon (Full Moon) Esbat Gathering

Thursday December 12, 2019

Social Hour 6:00 to 6:59 PM CT

Circle Cast at 7:00 PM CT

Please do not enter the chat room after the circle has been cast. The reason being is we have students casting and leading the circle as part of their learning and this could break the circle causing it to have to be recast. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Heart’s Spirit Coven Chatroom


1 small white candle – 4 inches tall
Candle Holder
Small to Medium Size Bowl of Water

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Can We Help You to Teach Your Children and/or Your Descendants About The Craft?

One of Coven Life’s Elders thought, and I agree, that we should post a survey to help us help you to teach your children about The Craft. If you do not want to put your answers in a comment below please email them to covenlifescoven@gmail.com, please include your child’s age so we can post information by age groups. This whole idea of helping you to help your children learn is in the planning stages any ideas and/or suggestions to make it how you think will help our descendants to learn are very welcomed.

1. As pagan parents, would you like to see children’s activities posted on WOTC?
2. What age groups would you recommend activities for?
3 – 4 years old (mostly coloring pages of the different Sabbats with a small paragraph on what the Sabbat is for)
5 – 6 years old (Coloring pages of the Sabbats and Moon Phases with a small paragraph in wording they can read themselves to bring about a dialogue about what they are learning)
7-10 years old (Printable Information delving deeper into Moon phases. Brief introduction to Sabbat and Esbat rituals)
11-14 years old (Information for considering following a Pagan path building on what they would learned above)
15 – 18 years old (Introductory information on what it means to follow the Old Ways of The Craft including an introduction to Gods, Goddesses, Spellwork, Rituals. The spell work and.or rituals would be geared for the young adult to help their parent, grandparent, or care taker to prepare a spell and how to set up an altar if wanted and what preparation goes into writing and doing a ritual.)
This is a way that a child or young adult can build an understanding of the magickal and spiritual sides of witchcraft/ It will also help prepare them to become a novice in our coven or just to have the knowledge to work better with the adults that are solitary practitioner.
3. What topics would you like to see addressed?
4. What type of activities?
5. What other suggestions would you have for children’s and young adult’s activities ?
Remember you can answer the questions in the comments or email your answers to covenlifescoven@gmail.com. If you have any questions or ideas about this project please ask or share your idea. We are willing to start any child or young adult of any age so please do not think your child would have to start as a preschooler. There is no charge as you will be able to use what we post to teach your child the way you follow The Craft. We are here just to answer questions or help in anyway we can. We will be posting things for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres at the appropriate times for Sabbats.

N. H. Current Moon Phases and Planetary Positions for 6/7/2019

Current Moon Phase

The Moon today is in a Waxing Crescent Phase. A Waxing Crescent is the first Phase after the New Moon and is a great time to see the features of the moon’s surface. During this phase the Moon can be seen in the wester sky after the sun dips below the horizon at sunset. The moon is close to the sun in the sky and mostly dark except for the right edge of the moon which becomes brighter as the days get closer to the next phase which is a First Quarter with a 50% illumination.

Current Planetary Positions
June 07, 2019
01:12 pm GMT
Tropical Zodiac

Sun:16 Gemini 31
Moon:10 Leo 39
Mercury:04 Cancer 54
Venus:28 Taurus 09
Mars:14 Cancer 25
Jupiter:19 Sagittarius 52 Rx
Saturn:19 Capricorn 23 Rx
Uranus:04 Taurus 58
Neptune:18 Pisces 40
Pluto:22 Capricorn 43 Rx



For centuries, ancient and indigenous cultures have harnessed the power of the moon cycles in their rituals and routines.

We’ve all heard the term “lunatic.” Relating to “luna,” this reference comes from the idea that people act out in bizarre ways when there is a full moon. The lore goes like this: because the phases of the moon control the tides, and our bodies are made of mostly water, the energies have an irrevocable impact on human behavior.

The two most potent times of the month are during the new and full moon. During the new moon, the sky fades to darkness. It is a time to plant seeds, develop a vision, and ground oneself. During the full moon, the light is brightest, and the moon is at its strongest gravitational pull. It is a time to take action, and also to observe how far we are on the goals we have made since the new moon.

Below are suggestions for how you can best harness the energy of the full and new moon, based on your Zodiac sign.


NEW MOON: Articulate your desires. Because Aries are so thought-driven and mindful, it is more common to find an Aries reading other people’s ideas than documenting their own. The best way to gain clarity on your goals and what you want moving forward is to express yourself in a way that you don’t always feel comfortable doing.

FULL MOON: Listen to feedback. Aries are leaders, but they can also have a “know-it-all” dark side to them as well. The best way to gauge how well you are doing is to truly take in feedback, to listen to what other people are saying and how they are responding to you.


NEW MOON: Let yourself be “unpresentable.” What holds a Taurus back is their need for things to seem “perfect” all the time. If you want to build something new in your life, start with a blank slate. Begin by letting the night of the new moon represent a shedding for you, a moment that reveals your true, core self. In connecting with that place, you will be able to then make choices that better align with it. Perhaps this means not wearing makeup, or being transparent about a difficult part of your life with someone close to you.

FULL MOON: Paint your visions with a group of friends. A Taurus is so driven by visuals that the best way to choose what they want to manifest is by doing something that is just that. However, what trips a Taurus up is needing their lives to seem too perfect, that’s where being around friends comes in. Show people your process, share your dreams, share what you fear. The process will empower you by humbling you.


NEW MOON: Take yourself on a date, and think about what you want to create next in your life. Because it is your instinct to want to connect with people as often as you can, often it’s easy for you to forget that at the end of the day, you need to affirm yourself, you need to be there for yourself, and you need to believe in yourself. Developing this aspect of you will actually help you harness your inner power, and feel less reliant on other people.

FULL MOON: Dance alone, in the dark. You need to completely allow your energy to course through you without judging it, trying to change it, or wondering what other people think. You should turn off the lights in your house, put on your favorite song, and just move as you feel called to. Give yourself some time to warm up, and then connect with your untapped energy potential. It’s calling for your attention.


NEW MOON: Create a playlist that makes you feel the way you wantto feel. Do you want to experience more joy in your life? Do you want to feel safe enough to mourn or grieve the loss of something? Do you want to feel excited, at ease, or happier? Whatever it may be, use the power of your raw emotions to channel it. Work on evoking them through sound.

FULL MOON: Try to meditate outside. During the full moon, your emotions are going to be at an absolute peak, which means that you may not be able to think very clearly, or really evaluate how you are doing in terms of the progression of your goals. What matters most for you right now is your ability to ground yourself. Do so by being in nature.


NEW MOON: Write a letter to your future self. Leos are so driven by their sense of self, the best way to set intentions is for them to talk to… themselves. Try writing a letter to your future self about how you feel right now, what you hope they are doing, and what you want them to learn from what they have experienced.

FULL MOON: WNow, on the full moon, flip the exercise and write a letter to your past self. Nothing will help you evaluate how you’re doing in life better than identifying how you’ve grown as a person. Seeing how far you’ve come is your motivation, let it fuel you at this time.


NEW MOON: Donate some clothes you don’t wear. This is a symbolic act for a Virgo, who is both a humanitarian at heart yet someone who struggles to let go in their personal life. Start by releasing some belongings in your space, and giving them to other people who would love and appreciate them. The act of doing so will help you set the intention of moving on, and focusing on what you can give the world.

FULL MOON: Meditate with crystals. Virgo’s are the low-key adventurers of the Zodiac. It usually eludes people, but Virgos are typically very interested in anything that seems unique and different than the “norm.” Perhaps try clearing your mind and focusing on the next steps you want to take with the aide of something you haven’t tried before.


NEW MOON: Throw out whatever is keeping you off-balance. If your closet is messy, organize it. You know that junk drawer that’s been frustrating you? Clean it out. Wipe down your surfaces, light some incense, and just be in your space. A Libra can only feel at peace if their life is in balance. Sure, there’s no way to fix everything in a single night, but given how aesthetically-oriented Libras are, starting the moon cycle with a clean, blank slate is an amazing way to start.

FULL MOON: Write a list of intentions. Make a bullet point list of things that you want to have or experience in your life. If writing isn’t your thing, maybe make a new board on Pinterest, or cut out photos from a magazine and then make a collage. Keep these things in a place where you can see them often.


NEW MOON: Open up to your best friend about what’s really on your mind. The way a Scorpio’s thoughts start to rule their lives is when they are left to fester in the dark. By shedding light on the irrational worries, jealousies and fears you have been carrying around, you will be freed to start imagining what you’d like to experience next.

FULL MOON: Put yourself out there. Go on a first date. Apply for a new job, or work on your résumé. Write some new music. Look for the dog you want to adopt. Take a single action step toward what you really want to be doing, but often feel too afraid to actually start doing. Use the full moon’s energy to help propel you forward.


NEW MOON: Go for a hike. As the adventurer of the Zodiac, the best way to clear your mind and press the “restart” button is to go be outside in nature, and reconnect to your roots. Exploring new, uncharted ground is exactly what you need to do to plant seeds of more adventure and experience in your life.

FULL MOON: Start your new project. Whatever it is that you really, really want to be doing, whether it’s for work, travel or in your relationships, use the full moon to begin taking steps toward what you want, and put all of your self-doubt and second thoughts aside. You’re risk-averse because you’re a logical person, but you’re also at odds with yourself often because you crave that aforementioned adventure. Defy your logic just for one night… see where it takes you.


NEW MOON: Be honest about what’s not working in your life. Of everyone, Capricorns have the hardest time admitting when they are on the wrong path (at the wrong job, in the wrong relationship, etc.). And that causes them a lot of unnecessary stress, hanging on past the expiration date. Know that admitting what isn’t working doesn’t mean you’re a failure, it means you’re ready to move onto something else.

FULL MOON: Be honest about what is. Are you succeeding in some aspect of your job, do you have a friend who you think could be a potential partner, do you know that you need to return to a field you have expertise in, but you aren’t ready to take the dive? The flip side of admitting what’s not going well in your life is acknowledging what is. That’s what will truly clear your slate and move you forward.


NEW MOON: Make amends. In your endless pursuit of greatness, it’s very possible that you’ve lost some friends, haven’t always valued your relationships, and have come across as brash now and again. Maybe you don’t need to directly apologize to someone, but set your intentions for the new cycle by connecting with people in a genuine way. Do not forge that you need others to make your dreams come true. You cannot do everything yourself.

FULL MOON: Take an action step toward your most unrealistic goal. You are notorious for being an outrageously big-picture thinker, and often other people talk you out of your ambitions by encouraging you to be more realistic. Use the energy of the moon to see whether or not you can make those big ideas a reality. This is the time to try.


NEW MOON: Watch a movie that makes you cry. No matter what it is that you need to let go of, whether it’s an old relationship you can’t admit you still care about, the feelings of other people you empathize with far too much, or even just your own lingering self-doubt, set up some time to let yourself have a complete emotional release, even if you have to trigger it with your favorite sad romantic drama. Don’t beat yourself up for needing a night to just feel what you’re feeling.

FULL MOON: Write a poem, or whatever form of art most speaks to you. As the creative kings and queens of the Zodiac, your energy is best spent in any kind of creative endeavor. Challenge yourself to be even more honest and expressive than you’ve been before, and perhaps to share your work with someone that you never have before. Your gift is in what you can create for the world – work on doing so more proficiently.





When it comes to love and dating, the moon is arguably one of the most powerful yet overlooked astrological bodies in the sky.

Usually, folks look to the lover planets Venus and Mars for guidance when it comes to romance. And while there’s definitely nothing wrong with using those two as your guides, adding the moon into the mix certainly can’t hurt.

Lunar cycles give us a ton of insight into our emotional well-being. The moon shows us how we nurture ourselves and what feelings we are processing. She shows us where we have blocks, where we can push a little further, and where some healing is needed.

When it comes to dating, we can use the moon phases of the lunar cycle as markers for when to slow down, when to go faster, and when to just stop.

Here are the ways that each phase of the moon cycle can affect your dating life.

by Shereen Campbell


As most people know, the new moon is a great time to start something new.  Immediately after the new moon, or balsamic moon, is the perfect time to set your intentions and plant seeds you wish to manifest in your life.

If you are single, this is when you could light a pink candle for the love you wish to bring into your life. Write your list of dream relationship qualities or create a manifestation vision board.  You could also schedule a first date, create or update your dating profile, or even ask a friend to set you up with someone exciting.

If you are already attached, this is a great time to take your relationship to the next level.  You can have conversations with your love about becoming official, moving in together, engagement, or starting a family.

Pay attention to this time, as often new folks or circumstances will enter your life. This is heightened when the new moon falls into your fifth house of love, creativity, and children or seventh house of long-term partnerships and marriage.


The two weeks that follow the dark moon phase is the perfect time for building up momentum and pushing forward on new projects and experiences.  First dates, trying for babies, connecting with new suitors, and connecting with your higher self are all must-dos when the moon is waxing. This is the time of doing and being.

If some circumstances have recently come up for you that need some healing, this is when you want to do the work. Don’t be scared to create new habits, and try new things during this moon phase – it might lead you closer or deeper in love.

When dating someone, this is where a lot of the work will happen. It’s a great time to focus on learning about each other and figuring out how – and if – your lives fit together.


After you’ve done the work of building your foundation during the new moon and pushing deeper into discovery and learning during the waxing crescent, the first quarter is generally at time when you find out where you need to make adjustments. This two- to three-day time period might catch you feeling a bit down, so let yourself just… take a breather.

Don’t make any rash decisions. Sit with your feelings.

During the first quarter moon, you might discover quirks you’re not so sure about in yourself or your boo. Ponder if you can move past your faults and those of others.


Now that you have given yourself a couple days to absorb all you have done thus far in the lunar cycle, you will find that during the gibbous moon you have all you need to reassess and make a couple more strides forward.

This is also what could be called the calm right before the storm. Or that calm feeling you get right before you buckle your seatbelt on a rollercoaster.  You know something major is about to happen, and right now, you have time to take some deep breaths. It’s spooky calm.

When it comes to dating during a gibbous moon phase, we’re talking spa days with the buds and crystal water before bed. This is a good time to get in some “me time,” if you can.

And if you really need to hang with bae, then make sure to keep it super low-key. Do something fun and active, nothing too emotionally charged. Emotions tend to run a little high and erratic right before a full moon. Don’t get caught in the crosshairs.


Ok. Now is a great time to go into observation mood. Slowly, take in everything happening around you. Process it. Push yourself to figure out what there is that is left to learn.

This is the start of a very reflective time.  Allow things to fall where they may, then collect the pieces of information you were gifted and prepare to make your next moves.

If you’re single, perhaps an issue within your dating life might come up. Someone ghosts, a secret is revealed, or a blowout fight could happen.  If you’re in a relationship, maybe your love wants to take your relationship up a notch, or informs you that they got a new job in another city.

However this energy manifests, just remember: whatever happens around this time is all about helping you discover more about yourself and how you relate to others.

When it comes to love, a full moon could put us in a my-needs-versus-their-needs mindset.  That’s ok. Think of it as a way to double-check the balance of our relationships. A full moon occurs when the moon opposes the sun perfectly, which is essentially the universe showing us what to do. Balance!

So, maybe something comes up, like an argument that’s been brewing for a bit. Initially, it might feel like an awful experience, but maybe it’s finally giving you a chance to sort through any lingering issues that are blocking the relationship from progressing further.

Try to avoid making any rash, emotional decisions at this time. Take some time to center and ground yourself. Do what you need to do to move into a state of calm and observation. This can help you approach your next move with the clarity you need to align with your higher self.

Meditate, do yoga, play with some crystals, dance in your underwear in your house! Whatever it is, find a way to release the energy in a healthy way without doing something you regret.

Also, don’t forget, if you have any stones, especially the love stones like rose quartz, leave them out under the full moon for some cleansing.


This time period is all about processing the information that you received during the full moon and learning to integrate it into your psyche for healing.

On the dating tip, first dates might not be the best idea, but second dates won’t hurt anyone. Take whatever you learned during the full moon and apply it to your second and third dates… or towards your already established relationship.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable during this time period. This is an optimum time for emotionally connecting with others. Make sure that you are spending time focusing on self love and self care.

This is not the most favorable time for starting anything new, but it’s a great time for picking up something old you forgot about.

This doesn’t apply to your ex, though. It’s best to leave them in the past unless they have really, really, really earned a comeback.


When the moon is disseminating, as the word suggests, it’s time to share the knowledge. This is a great time for some BFF time!

Sharing your energy and stories with others tends to feel soooooo needed during the days of the disseminating moon. If you’ve been having issues in your relationship, this is the perfect time to get some outside advice and perspective. Reach out to a friend in a healthy, happy relationship and share your story with them.  Ask them what would they do if they were in your shoes. Once you’ve gained a little outside perspective and your intuition approves it, feel free to have a little chat with your boo. Share your feelings. And be sure to listen to theirs as well.

If you’re single and mingling, hang with your single gals and share your stories. Dating can definitely suck sometimes and commiserating with your gal pals about your woes can make it a little more bearable.


Next, similar to the first quarter moon, the last quarter moon might bring about a chance for the readjustment. This two- to three-day time period is great for reevaluating what went down during the full moon and how you planned to push forward.

Does your initial plan still make sense? What holes can you identify, and can they be filled? Plus, you got some relationship advice, commensurate with your gals and chatted with your significant other.  So, what’s next? Are you staying or are you going?

Is your relationship where it needs to be?

The last quarter moon is the time to break up if you don’t plan on making up. If you are making up, then make up! Have the convos you need to have, and let the past go.  Focus on the future and how to move forward in a healthy relationship. If you’ve given them the boot, then now is the time to refocus on you, your needs, and what you want in the future.


This time is all about simply surrendering, taking a last rest before the next new moon, when you will start again and plant new seeds.  This is the second time in the lunar cycle where it’s undoubtedly time to Netflix and chill. Relax, love. Take long baths, sip tea, watch emo movies.

If you’re chilling with your boo, just enjoy each other’s company and be. It’s the quiet moments like this we all secretly live for. The moments of quiet and tenderness.  Tenderness with ourselves, and compassion for others. You’ve made amends, with either yourself or your love, or both. It’s time to reward yourself with some quiet moments.