Let’s Talk Witch – Air Magic

Winter WolvesLet’s Talk Witch – Air Magic

Air magic pertains to all things that travel through the air. This includes cludes death, music, thoughts, spirits, dreams, and invisibility. Other specialty areas include travel magic and twilight studies. The word twilight is used here to describe the state of mind when we are not quite asleep and not quite awake. It is a shift in consciousness that allows lows for the more surreal parts of life to come into sharper focus.

Like dirt and water, each type of wind contains its own primary properties. The magical properties and purposes corresponding to the different types of winds are as follows:

Whirlwind: Whirlwinds run the gamut from gentle “dust devils” to full-blown tornadoes. This is a powerful aspect of wind to use; however, it is best to only use the violent form on the astral tral plane. This is the best wind to use to banish or destroy. Be careful with whirlwinds, even if only on the astral plane, because cause they tend to confuse.

South wind: The south wind is the warm wind of fire. It can work as an all-purpose magical booster; however, it can easily cloud a situation. The south wind brings blessings of friendship. Singing into the south wind can facilitate contact with loved ones. It is the wind of celebration.

North wind: The north wind is the proverbial wind of change. It is the icy cold wind of death and works well in spells of destruction tion or banishment. It is connected to the element of earth and can be used as a healing wind. The north wind moves things forward in time.
East wind: The east wind relates to air. It symbolizes new beginnings nings and fresh starts. This is a good wind to use for matters involving intellect and self-improvement. It ushers in clarity and clears the mind.

West wind: The west wind is the wind of love and emotion. It relates to the element of water. Cleansing and divination are favored when the west wind is blowing. The voices of the dead are heard on the west wind.



Elemental Witch: Fire, Air, Water, Earth; Discover Your Natural Affinity
Tammy Sullivan



WOTC Extra – The Element Earth

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The Element Earth

What comes to mind when you think about the element Earth?

The first thing I think of is soil, the brown stuff I plant things into in my garden. The soil contains and stores all the minerals and moisture plants need to live. Earth is everything we are, and everything we have comes from this element. We come from it, and at the end of our lives we return to it.

No wonder the Earth element is associated with abundance and prosperity. Earth is where things grow and have their foundation. This is where the association with abundance and prosperity comes from.

Earth is also rock and stones, it makes up the foundation of our planet. It stabilities and grounds us. One of my favourite grounding exercises is to visualize myself as a tree. My roots growing down into the soft, brown soil. Wriggling my roots into it, down to the core of the very planet itself.

Earth is associated with North, with the season of winter and the advancement of old age. Winter, to me at least, is a time of reflecting. The trees and plants and even the animals have all withdrawn into Mother Earth to recuperate, to replenish, ready to venture forth in the spring, renewed and refreshed.

Don’t forget to look after this element, the planet, the environment around you. It can even be something small like picking up a piece of litter.

Earth has the colours of the season of winter; those of the dark nights, brown soil, dark grassy landscape and the white of frost and snow. It is also the time of the Cailleach; she is the Goddess of Winter.

To represent this element you could use a small dish of soil, an earthenware dish, a stone, a pebble, a crystal or even a piece of wood.

Direction: North

Nature: Fertile, nurturing, stabilizing, grounding

Elemental: Gnome

Colours: Green, brown, black, grey, white

Places: Caves, forests, groves, valleys, fields, farms, gardens, parks, kitchens, basements, mines, holes

Magic: Money, prosperity, fertility, stability, grounding, employment, material matters

Herbs/ plants: Patchouli, vertivert, moss, nuts, roots, barley, cotton, cypress, fern, honeysuckle, horehound, knotweed, mugwort, oats, potato, primrose, rhubarb, rye, sorrel, tulip, turnip, wheat

Stones: Emerald, peridot, agate, apache tear, aventurine, orange calcite, carnelian, diamond, fluorite, jade, jasper, jet, malachite, petrified wood, ruby, sugilite, tiger eye, black or green tourmaline, unakite

Metals: Iron, lead Animals: Dog, horse, earthworm, gopher, ant, cow, burrowing animals, wolf, bear

Season: Winter Time: Night

Tool: Pentacle

Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Sense: Touch

Symbols: Salt, clay, soil, rocks, wheat, acorns

Magick type: Gardening, magnet, image, stone, tree, know, binding.



Pagan Portals – Kitchen Witchcraft: Crafts of a Kitchen Witch
Rachel Patterson

WOTC Extra – The Element Air

►gOTHic ◄
The Element Air

What do you think of when you think of the element of Air? The image of a bright blue sky with wispy white clouds comes to my mind. The sky is limit less; you can’t see an end to it.

Air is all about intellect, truth and knowledge. Air means truth, truth in who you really are and the freedom that comes with that realization.

Think about the qualities of the wind too, when it whips up the leaves and sends them dancing around. When a wisp of breeze catches your hair. There is nothing quite like the feeling of standing on top of a windy hill with your arms outstretched just letting the wind wrap around you. Don’t forget that Air also has its destructive side, think of hurricanes and tornadoes.

Air represents East, the season of spring and youth. It is the place of hope and new beginnings. We get up, we start each new day fresh with new opportunities to learn and grow. We go out into the world to go about our business.

Spring has the same feeling – fresh, new energy. We have hibernated over winter, dreaming and planning. Now it is time to put those plans into action.

Youth is an exciting and even slightly scary time. We set out on our own, starting to explore the big world for ourselves. New experiences, new people, new ventures. This is the time when we start to discover who we are.

Air is associated with thoughts. We need Air to breath, and therefore to live. The Air we breathe in allows us to think clearly, to clear our minds.

Air has the colours of spring: yellow of the rising sun, the light blue of the sky and white of the clouds. Even pale green and pink of new foliage and blossom of Bride, the Goddess of Spring.

To represent the element of Air you might like to use feathers, incense or spring flowers.

Direction: East

Nature: Flying, moving, intelligence

Elemental: Sylph

Colours: Yellow, pale blue, pink, light green

Places: Mountain tops, plains, cloudy skies, high towers, airports, schools, libraries, offices, travel agents, psychiatrist therapy rooms

Magic: Travel, instruction, study, freedom, knowledge, recovering lost items, creativity, visions, psychic power

Herbs/ plants: Any flowers, agaric, agrimony, anise, benzoin, bergamot, bittersweet, borage, bracken, brazil nut, broom, caraway, chicory, dock, endive, fenugreek, hazel, hops, lemongrass, mace, maple, marjoram, meadowsweet, mint, mistletoe, palm, parsley, pecan, pine, carnelian, chrysoprase, citrine, diamond, fluorite, moldivite, opal, pearl, snow quartz, sapphire, sodalite, blue topaz, blue tourmaline, turquoise

Metals: Tin, copper

Animals: Spider, birds, winged insects

Season: Spring

Time: Dawn

Tool: Wand

Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Sense: Hearing, smell

Symbols: Feathers, incense, flowers

Magic type: Divination, concentration, visualization, wind magic


Pagan Portals – Kitchen Witchcraft: Crafts of a Kitchen Witch
Rachel Patterson

Meditation on the Pentacle and Earth

Meditation on the Pentacle and Earth

Into a dark world comes the dawn, the start of a new day coming from the East. The powers of Earth spring from the same source. Buds burst forth into new growth. Animals come out to look at the world as it blooms again and fill their bellies once more, the starvation and hunger of winter at an end. The Earth is our foundation and our stability as we learn to frolic and play.

The powers of Earth are vast and abundant. When she is angry, the ground shakes and trembles, warning us to change our actions and helping to shake us free from standing around and watching life pass us by. The gifts she gives are boundless.

If this element were to be placed on the face of a clock, following the path of the sun, it would be in the east, at dawn, when time is new and the earth is just beginning to burst forth with new life. It is a light, creative time that holds the promise of the day to come.

Similarly, the moon rises in the west, and if a witch wished to follow the lunar cycle, the element would be placed there. The new, waxing moon is a time of promise of things to come. It is a time of bringing things into being and manifesting growth into the world. This is the time of the Maiden, of the Huntress, those who hold the reins of creativity and inspiration.

The earth, for a witch, is symbolized by the pentacle. It may be as elaborate or as simple as is meaningful. Simple rocks have been used along with things as complex as sun catchers, crystal plates, and hand thrown pottery. It is the foundation to all a witch’s works and all her spells and magick. It helps to keep them stable and able to work their magick and let go of themselves into ecstatic states, knowing they will find their way back.

If a stone is to be used, the best kinds are ones that are found out on one of the walks or trips that the witch takes. Tumbled or polished ones will work, but they are somewhat distracting from the natural ties that the pentacle has to the earth at times. If you want a shiny one, purchase a small rock tumbler (Most are less than $20.00) and tumble the rocks that you find outside on your own. Granite also works well, if there is a source nearby, since it has both a rough surface and a glossy one.

Marble is another choice, if available, that is a good option if a fancier pentacle is desired. Since the pentacle represents the north and is the stability that a witch ties her spells to as she casts them, it is the anchor point for a circle. Make certain that your pentacle is sturdy enough to take the strain of these things before you acquire and consecrate it.

Meditation on the Wand

Meditation on the Wand
Take your wand with you to your meditation time. See how it fits into all the things that you have found out about yourself and the element of Air. It is what balances out your weaknesses. Find out how the interaction of the wand and your own self create one unified whole to allow you to work with Air completely.
Once you have truly seen your wand, lift it up. Feel the weight of it and the balance of it. Hold it to you so that it can learn about you. Listen and see how it reacts, learn about its skills and knowledge. You will find that your wand, like all your tools, has its own personality and ideas. This is what you must learn to work with. Once you can, it will help you to bring what you wish into being as well as calling it down and directing it.

Meditation on the Wand and Air

Meditation on the Wand and Air
Think of a dark winter night, cold and harsh. This is the power of the North, of Air. It is the time of midnight, a dark so black that it is almost impossible to see. The wind is bitter and biting, desolate. The snow howls through the land echoing the call of the wolf as he hunts the stag. It is a time to be tested for survival to see how we will fare. Only the strong can survive it. Only those who plan can live through it.
This biting power can also sweep away stagnation and ready us for new things to come. It has the energy to sweep away stagnation and cobwebs. In the early spring, the wind howls just as strongly, but it brings with it the touch of new growth and the coming warmth.
Air is the thinking element, associated with the mind and with creativity. It brings us inspiration and new ideas. This element can help us to create innovative solutions to problems that have existed for many years.
Air is also a destructive force. Each thing in existence has a creative and destructive side. The destructive side of air is the storm, the tornado, the hurricane. It destroys what is not stable and supportive. It shakes up the existing arrangements of things. When one of these storms blows through, things die and make room for the new that will follow.
Both of these are the power of the Air and the North. It holds the power of tornados and the power of new growing things. As we look at the phases of the moon, at this time she is dark, hiding her face from all. It is a time for introspection and rest. Divination is a favored activity at this time as the Goddess rests.
The Wand is closely tied to the element of air. It is the tool that we call things into being with and the tool that we use to ask for blessings. It also has the characteristics of air, that being those of holding creativity and inspiration, thinking and planning, the ability to find new solutions.
Imagine the power of the wind. It can be soft and gentle, blowing across the land in a sun-warmed kiss of spring. It can also be the destructive force of the tornado and the hurricane. The wand, representative of the power of Air, the element of the wind, can be just such a tool. It is the tool representative of the powers of Air and of the North. It holds the power of survival and represents the ability to think and learn.
Wands can be anything that you choose. It can be a branch of hawthorn or a pewter wand with a crystal on the end. Of all the tools, the wand is often the most whimsical, reminding the witch that the religion is not all seriousness and formality. This is a tool of invoking and of calling something into your presence. It is something that you should feel comfortable with and should be non-threatening looking.

WOTC Extra, Extra – The Element Fire & Its Associations

The Element Fire & Its Associations

Animals: Lions, tigers, and most reptiles. The more fierce an animal is, the stronger its connection to fire.

Colors: Reds and oranges.

Court cards: Knights.

Dragons: Dragons are related to fire for obvious reasons. These mythical fire-breathers can often be called on as guardians and guides.

Function: Feeling.

Phoenixes: Phoenixes are birds that live long lives, and when they die they are reborn from their own ashes. Call to the phoenix when you need to be reborn, too.

Qualities: Heat. Lightness. Brilliance. Rapid motion. Activeness. Generally masculine. Too much fire is hot, hyperactive, and angry. It can lead to insomnia and bad moods like brooding. Not enough can lead to your head feeling foggy, your body feeling sluggish. Fire is inspiring and passionate, bringing change into your life.

Salamanders: Salamanders are connected to the power of fire. Pliny the Elder, a Roman author, noted that the Salamander is “an animal like a lizard in shape and with a body starred all over; it never comes out except during heavy showers and disappears the moment the weather becomes clear.”

Sense: Sight.

Stones: Fire opal

Tarot trump: Judgment.

Tibetan failing: Desire, passion.

Tibetan wisdom: Discriminating Awareness.

Time of day: Noon. Do your magic at this time of day under the hot noon sun and your fire and love spells will be at their strongest.

Types of magic: Love and passion magic. Fire will bring more energy to your spells. It can also be used in destruction magic.

Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


Harnessing Water Magic (A Witch’s Guide to Elemental Magic)
Viivi James

WOTC Extra – The Element Fire & Connecting With It


The Element Fire & Connecting With It

Close your eyes for just a moment. Imagine yourself holding a candle in your hand, its flame flickering in a gentle wind. All around you is black, the sort of darkness that could hold anything. That darkness means death. The only thing keeping you safe is this lone candle in your hand.

Hold your other hand over that flame, slowly moving it closer to the heat. Feel the warmth, and then the burn when you get too close for just a second. The smoke dances around your hand, lightly caressing your skin. Feel the destructive power of the flame.Pull your hand away, then snap your fingers.

The scene changes. Suddenly, you’re in a forest surrounded by these flames. You open your mouth to scream and smoke strangles your throat. The heat overwhelms you.

Snap your fingers again for a scene change, and now you’re in the arctic. Your bones chatter, your lips clench tight. There is no warmth here, nothing to keep your blood flowing and your skin from freezing.
You’ve now experienced the exact reasons why fire is so closely related to life. Each element is necessary for life, but none are quite so powerfully connected to life or death. Too much fire can ruin you. Not enough fire can, too.

Working with the element of Fire can be powerful, life changing, and transforming just as much as it can be destructive. How you work with Fire will determine if your desires come to fruition or if you’re scorched in the process. Starting small when making your own spells is a necessity here, and fully understanding this element will help you to control it.

Remember to try and find your own associations and meaning while you’re on your journey with Fire. Don’t just rely on what I, or anyone else, tells you.


Harnessing Water Magic (A Witch’s Guide to Elemental Magic)
Viivi James

The Fire Element






The Fire Element

The energy of the Fire element, and the traits of Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

The element of Fire can’t be ignored. Fire gives light and warmth. Without it, there’s no chance at life. Fire signs are excitable, vital and enthusiastic. They command attention, whether they realize it or not. Let’s keep it real … Fire signs know exactly the effect they’re having on the rest of us. They’re lighting up our lives!

Fire signs are known as the ones who bring joy, color and sass to what would be an otherwise dull world. This is energy that can’t be contained and rightly so. The Fire element is essential to our basic life force. This is the element that’s focused on the creation of self or personal identity.

The idiom “To light a fire under someone” encapsulates the potency of the Fire element. Nothing gets you moving more than fire. Period. The element of Fire is, without a doubt, the most active, self-motivated, high spirited and animated force.  If you’re a Fire sign, you’ll never need anyone else to light that fire under you. You’ve got it naturally.

Fiery traits

The element of Fire is responsible for courage, confidence and initiative. Fire has no fear. Quite the contrary, Fire is to be feared. Interestingly enough, the element of Fire is not out to destroy — although it can. Fire may be bold, direct and occasionally reckless or impatient but it’s not vicious. There’s an innocent, honest quality in that the Fire element that yearns to freely express itself. Like a child.

When the element of Fire expresses itself in such a way it can either be endearing or downright irritating — especially to those who are more sensitive to the feelings of others. Fire isn’t trying to hurt, but it can. It can be the bluntly honest remark, the lack of self-control or its hasty nature, hungry for immediate gratification. Fire gives radiant life but it can, of course, burn.

Broken down by sign…

The three Fire signs of the zodiac are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. While they all share the essential nature of the Fire element, they each express it in a slightly different way.

Aries is concerned with the development of a strong ego self. This sign is action oriented and a born leader. As a result, this sign will use its Fire nature in a way that promotes new experiences.

Leo will focus on using the Fire element of light and fire to sustain warmth and joy. Leo is fun loving and dramatic, using the flamboyant nature of fire in a way to promote personal theatrics and to gain respect and recognition.

Sagittarius is a Fire sign that’s eternally seeking the truth in life. This sign will use its Fire energy to bravely assert opinions and ideals and to feed a never ending supply of optimism and inspiration.


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Earth Element — Too Much or Too Little

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Earth Element — Too Much or Too Little

Earthed Power
When we’re balanced in earth, we feel competent, and able to progress toward tangible goals. Earth helps us be embodied — in our bodies — to revel in sensuality, luxuries and natural pleasures.

Earth is one of the four elements — the others are fire, water and air — and each one is important for your sense of well-being. Earthy people are practical, and need to carefully suss out a situation themselves, rather than take someone else’s word for it.

The Zodiac signs of the earth element are Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

Capricorn is cardinal earth — a sign of authority and tradition.

Taurus is fixed earth — a sign of stabilizing, fertility and craft.

Virgo is mutable earth — a sign of wholeness, purification and service.

The earth element is experienced through sensation and physicality. It’s oriented toward moving through life with the five senses. An earthy person needs time to feel things out in a way that makes sense.

You can find out how much earth you have by looking at your birth chart.

It’s rare for charts to show zero planets in earth — most people have a mix of elements.

The earth in our natal chart helps us make our dreams real. It connects us to the bodily pleasures like touch, taste and smell.

Earth is the revelation of artful things and beauty through sight and hearing. It’s the element that helps us find traction to build our lives.

I went through a time, when the only thing that calmed me was to lie down in the park. This is a way to ‘ground’ your energy, and also be held by the earth. Some earthy types don’t feel right, if they don’t put their hands in the earth at least once a day.

Earth signs are builders, artists, sensualists, nudists, naturalists and practical thinkers. If you’re low on earth, surround yourself with earthy allies who can help you keep it real. A feature of earth is slowing down to nature’s rhythm, and also having strong instincts for natural laws.
When there’s too little earth,

You can be spacey, unable to grasp reality.
You may struggle with everyday things like bills, rent, etc.
You may have great ideas, but not know how to plan out the steps to achieving them.
You may be disconnected from your own body.
You may be touch deprived.
You may spend too much time in “artificial” environments.
It may be hard to think in concrete terms.
Money could be a source of frustration for you.

Ways to feel “earthed”

Go barefoot when possible.
Spend time sitting on the ground.
Spend more time outdoors.
Exchange massages with a friend or your beloved.

Work with the earth as a sculptress or potter.
Learn handy skills like auto or home repair.
Become a foodie, and sample the many tastes and textures out there.
Experiment with aromatherapy.
Try out different body-based healing modalities.
Keep your day uncluttered, give yourself some time to relax.

Other ideas:

Give yourself some creature comforts, like a cozy robe or slippers.
Become a naturalist, able to identify wild herbs and ‘shrooms in your area.
Spend time in a wild, natural place.
Be kind to your body.
Listen to your body’s aches and pains.
Get plenty of rest.
Set small, do-able goals that lead to your big one.


Molly Hall, Astrology Expert