5 Ways to Tell if you are a Water Witch


5 Ways to Tell if you are a Water Witch

So you are a witch and you love the water! In fact you might even be a just a little obsessed with it. You tend to find yourself walking the shores and collecting river rock and sea shells. If you tend to work with spirits that are associated with the water and worship goddesses born of the waves then chances are you are a Water Witch. Water Witchcraft is a “genre” of witchcraft that honors and derives its power from the water. Sea witches have a long history in both ancient and more modern folk and mythic stories. So if you are drawn to the water and witchcraft here are 5 ways to know if your genre of witchcraft is Water Witch or Sea Witch.

1) You Spend time with the water!

Do you spend time near the water? Great! That is the first step to an active Water Witch practice! Becoming one with the energies of the water, be it the ocean, river, or lake, is an important part of being a Water Witch. If you haven’t spent time by a bubbling brook or a raging ocean what are you waiting for? Studies show that spending time near the ocean is good for your health! It’s going to be good for your Witchcraft too! No doubt walking the shores of a river or the ocean in a light meditative state while opening up and listening to the water is a going to deepen your connection with water!

If you are a land locked Sea Witch try getting a friend to send you a bottle of sea water from your favorite ocean. If you are a home bound Water Witch, try working with the water that you can access from your home! Water can be stored in clean glass jars and placed on your altar!

2) You give offerings and do rituals by the Water!

Witches do spells and rituals! That much we can agree on right? Well Water Witches do them too! You may find a Sea Witch drawing sigils in the sand or collecting sea water! You may find a River Witch meditating in a quite space under low hanging trees over a rippling river. Flowers are often found on the beach, remnants of a ritual that was performed there before, however they can often be problematic, and other offerings can often be toxic to the environment. The best offering we can give the Water is to keep it clean, collect trash, help keep the waters clean and send healing spells to the water. More about offerings here

3) You Collect Water!

Witches in general tend to have many boxes, bags, and bottles! But Water Witches tend to have more bottles and jars than anything! Why? Well they hold the various waters we work with! A witch’s cabinet is just as unique as the witch varying with their tradition and path. In it you may find various jars of water including, ocean water, muddy water, rain water, full moon water, holy water, water from various sacred springs and local water sources, florida water, war water, floral essences, gem essences and other strange watery concoctions!

4) You Make Magic Waters!

There are so many different types of magical waters to work with, however a basic skill every water witch needs is how to create holy water! Every witch has their own way; some with a hag stone, salt or silver, others charge water from a sacred spring or under the full moon as a basic water to empower their spells and rituals. Holy water is also useful in cleansing and purification rites and learning how to make your own will be useful in case you wanted to take a sacred bath in a tub of holy water! Because Water Witches love their sacred baths too!

5) You work with a Water or Ocean Spirit, God or Guide!

Depending on your path you most likely work with some type of spirit. Spirits come in many forms, Godlike, ancestral, angelic, demonic, animal, Faery, plant, etc. Most pantheons have water spirits! Even the Ancestral realm has extinct water creatures such as the Megalodon or mythological sea monsters. You could also explore working with the spirit of a pirate or Davey Jones Locker. There are Water Faery and Gods abound and are too numerous to list with each pantheon having multiple deities! Chances are that you have a shrine or altar space that is watery in nature or even dedicated to the water or a water god/ess. Or perhaps a collection of prized sea shells intermingled with candles that are more to you than decoration.

There are many other ways to be a water witch and these are not mutually exclusive and there are many other ways to incorporate water into your practice. Divination may play a large roll in your practice or perhaps it is ritual for you. You may be an energy worker practicing on the sea shore, it doesn’t matter really! It just matters that you are doing the work and following your own path. I do hope you enjoyed the article and a fun way of categorizing Water Witch traits!


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Balancing the Elements: a Water and Sea Witch guide to finding balance with the elements

Balancing the Elements: a Water and Sea Witch guide to finding balance with the elements

It would be silly to think that someone who calls themselves a water witch works ONLY with the water element. This would make for a very unbalanced practice! Rather Water or Sea Witches work with all the elements through their particular path which is deeply connected to water. A Water Witch may call themselves Water or Sea witch because they derive their power from the Waters or the Spirits that dwell with in it.

Working with Air
Water Witches can work with air in conjunction with water. While I personally don’t resonate with Air as well as I do the other elements, it can still be worked with and incorporated into a balanced practice. There are many stories of Witches having the power to control the wind and weather; many times these stories are about Sea Witches or witches that could be classified as Sea Witches based on where they live. An old folk spell Sea Witches have been recorded as being responsible for, is selling knots to Sailors. Each knot holding the power to release different strengths of wind.

“For the right price, witches supplied sailors with a cord having three knots. When becalmed, untying the first knot was thought to produce a light breeze, undoing the second produced a moderate wind, and the third a strong breeze. Scottish fishermen were known to buy knotted handkerchiefs of wind sorceress, the desired strength of the wind could be obtained by slowly undoing the knot. Once loosened, the knot was useless and for additional winds another purchase was required. If a sailor found a knot in a painter, he could expect a long voyage. When a sailor referred to “tying a knot in the devil’s tail,” he was relating to the “well done” completion of a difficult task.”

Another good example of Water Witches having the power to control the weather and raise up storms is the Gallicanae from the Island of Sena. Here we have a group of 9 priestess with magical powers who are clearly connected to the sea but also have the power to change the winds and work with water in conjunction with air.

“Sena in the British sea, opposite the Ofismician coast, is remarkable for an oracle of the Gallic God. Its priestesses, holy in perpetual virginity, are said to be nine in number. They are called Gallicenae, and are thought to be endowed with singular powers, so as to raise by their charms the winds and seas, to turn themselves into what animals they will, to cure wounds and diseases incurable by others, to know and predict the future; but this they do only to navigators who go thither purposely to consult them.”

In a modern practice, one can look to wisdom from water birds, work with knots as above, charge water in a singing bowls using voice and vibration to charge waters, and can engage in spirit flight using water as a portal to the other world.

Working with Fire

Working with Fire is actually quite fun when working water magic. Fire can heat our cauldrons, and be the catalyst for change, a flame can be lit at a sacred well or near a river. Floating candles can be used to merge the powers of water and fire and holy water can be used to anoint candles. Additionally, there are several European Goddesses that are associated with Fire and Water; Bride, Sulis and Nantosuelta are a few. Grannus is a masculine deity that is also associated with Fire and Natural Springs. Many cultures across the world combine water and fire together by lighting candles and setting them afloat on small rafts of herbs or wreaths. A Water Witch that is particularly connected to springs and wells will find many ways to honor and work with water and fire together. A popular tradition is well dressings, and candles as well as flowers and other offerings are used to decorate the sacred space on holy days.

In a modern practice candles can be anointed with holy water or used to light a ritual bath. Floating candles can be used in a bowl or one can Scry by candle light. Candles are a staple in every witches tool bag, and Water Witches use them as well, though our collection might be heavy on the blue and green side!

Working with Earth

Earth and Water are very compatible and often are used together. Floral essences, Herbal Teas, and Gem elixirs are quick and easy ways to combine earth and water magic together.

The earth is the vessel in which the water is held, both symbolically in the alchemical symbol and actually in the physical world. Our physical bodies which represent earth are filled with water and in a way is a vessel. The earth contains water and while it does not necessarily control it, it holds it, and houses it giving it a structure in which to rest or rage.

For the Sea Witch shells, sand, and drift wood would be earth representations and a beautiful way to combine water and earth. There is nothing more beautiful than a piece of smooth driftwood that washes up at your feet. Water and Earth work together to transform the environment around it; river rocks and beach agates smoothed and tumbled by nature are other good examples of water and earth together.

Witches that work with rivers can connect to the earth with river rock, hag stones and the muddy parts of the shore. Bath salts can also be considered an earth element and are a wonderful edition to any bath!

Dew has much folklore and recorded magical uses, a popular one being collecting dew on May Day from the Hawthorn tree. For the most part Dew relies on plants and grasses to hold its delicate watery form. Again a perfect example of combining the elements.

Working with all the elements is important in any magical practice, and for those of us that are watery it is always good to reach towards a more grounding element in tough times. When our waters need to be stirred up reach towards air and when you need to heat up or become passionate about something working with Fire can be beneficial. Finding balance is important, and so is honoring all the elements even if our home is in the waters!


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The Path Of The Water Witch

The Path Of The Water Witch


Water Witches are sometimes called Sea Witches, but many of them find a calling with inland creeks, rivers, and lakes. It is rare for them to limit themselves to any one type of body of water. They generally align with all forms, including rain.

In most mythologies, human sprang from the Earth, but the gods themselves came from water. Egyptian theory states that the sun god Re was born from the primordial waters. Today, scientists can back that theory, NASA scientists theorize that water exists in heavy quantities in the universe. It works as a coolant. The water vapors in outer space for the condensing of clouds. Once a cloud condenses enough, it becomes a star.

Water reflects, the Water Witch does the same. If you yell at her, she will yell back at you. If you are kind to her well, she will be kind and treat you well in return. She is very fair. She shares many qualities with her sister Earth Witch, as the Earth is 90 percent water. Among those qualities is the core belief of taking complete responsibility for her actions. The Water Witch accepts that every move she makes can cause ripples across the surface of the water and moves accordingly.

Water is considered a feminine force, and the Water Witch may prefer an alliance with the Goddess, all the while recognizing and maintaining that the God is within the Goddess. She cans sometimes relate closely to Dianic Witches in this preference.

The Water Witch can see things that those on other paths cannot. In fact, the human sense of sight belongs in her realm. Just as the seas teem with life that we have yet to discover and understand, the Water Witch know s that there is much more to our world than what is within our eyesight! While she can be highly superstitious, for the most part she simply knows that there is more just waiting to be discovered, as well as some things that humanity has known about and forgotten over the ages. The old phrase “out of the blue” speaks volumes about the ability of the Water Witch to tune in to her intuition. She is often very gifted in divination practices. Tarot is usually her divinatory tool of choice, but she also has a talent for dowsing.

The Water Witch sees little that she considers an obstacle. She understands that her fate is in her hands, and if she cannot flow through something, she will flow around it. Once her mind is made up, very little can stop her from obtaining what she wants. Because water exists in three forms on Earth, The Water Witch can be considered a formidable force. She will not admit to any weaknesses.

The Water Witch has a close link to the feminine side of nature. She understands reproduction and is akin to her sister Earth Witch in this manner as well. Menstruation falls in the realm of the Water Witch. Because of this, she is instrumental in moon-lodge practices and coming-of-age rites. Her sister Earth Witch may focus more on the rebirth cycle, while the Water Witch is more in touch with creation.

The Water Witch specializes in healing, cleansing, beauty, emotions, intuition and energy. Her magickal style is usually based on instinct. If the feeling hits her to perform a cleansing, she will. She does not necessarily worry about correspondences and timing. Her timing is completely her own–she will not be rushed by others into decisions or action. Schooled in water magick, ice magick and snow magick, the Water Witch can tell you all about the role of water in the metaphysical and physical realms.

Winter is the season when the Water Witch’s power is at its peak. She holds within herself the ability to transform fluidity to solid form during the winter, the same way that water turns to ice. It is during this season that the Water Witch should turn her view inward and evaluate her goals. She often redefines herself through the process. Because of this, a Water Witch grows stronger every year. She understands that just as dry ice is sticky, it is her role to hold thing together.

Throughout the winter months, the Water Witch is abnormally busy, even for her active lifestyle. Because she is at her highest power and incarnated in all three of her forms during these months, she may be short of temper. When you add to that the fact that artificial heat (fire, an evaporating influence on water) is usually pumped into the home during this time and families tend to be cooped up in the same space, you may have one cranky, stressed-out Water Witch on your hands. She longs for room to spread out and flow. A simple snowfall can ease her mind and soothe her spirit; she draws strength from it. If that is not an option, a long bath or a cup of hot tea usually helps. Rest assured that if you visit her in the winter months, she will be a very gracious hostess, regardless of the timing. The Water Witch is known for her generous hospitality.

Her home décor is usually unthemed, with whimsy being the main rule. The Water Witch may have a quirky collection of glass objects, prisms (she tends to like sparkly things), tons of throw pillows and an aquarium. Cool blues and greens are often primary colors in both her wardrobe and her home.

Due to her busy lifestyle, the Water Witch frequently has to let the housework slide somewhat. Although she prefers all things to be clean, she also understands that there must be “salt in the sea.” In other words, a small amount of dirt is inevitable, and she is able to live with that comfortably. She absolutely cannot stand clutter, though. It drives her to distraction.

Another common trait of the Water Witch is a quirky sense of humor. It simply cannot be defined. Some of the things she says seem to come from outer space in their relation to the topic, yet they can make you laugh as nothing else will. This is intentional–the Water Witch is lighthearted. But just when you begin to think she has never had a deep thought in her life, she will prove you wrong. When it comes to serious conversation, the Water Witch can often put her finger on an aspect of the situation that the other Elemental Witches do not see. The Water Witch is very wise.

Like her mythical brethren the mermaids and water nymphs, the Water Wise tends to love long hair. She may keep it pulled back in a ponytail due to a lack of time, but she lets it grow nonetheless. The effects that water has on the body are directly in line with the metaphysical attributes of the Water Witch. Usually beautiful, she is often younger looking in appearance than in age and has a long memory and attention span and bright, shining eyes.

Because the Water Witch always considers every side of an argument before making up her mind, she may be slow to assume a position. Rest assured that when a Water Witch states her opinion., it has been well thought out. She open-minded and fair. Her strength lies in her dual nature an a ability to see the points or view of others. And like water, she will find her way into all of the small nooks and crannies of a situation. She may initially choose an answer based on instinct but if new facts come to light, she will often change her mind. She is flexible.

Those on the water path often find a calling in helping others. They make wonderful therapists, psychiatrists, obstetricians, pediatricians or service personnel. Often people are attracted to their soothing nature and come to them for advice. Like a waterbed, a reflecting pool , or a relaxing bath, Water Witches project an aura of serenity and comfort.

The Water Witch may be seen as moody, but like the sea herself, she is often in motion. She rarely slows down She is full of energy and always on the go. And like the sea, her moods swing with the tides. The moon holds sway over the tides, and one can easily draw a parallel between the moon and the Water Witch’s emotional patterns.


From the book, Elemental Witch
Author: Tammy Sullivan

Water Witchcraft – Water Witches

Water Witchcraft

Water Witches

Most people are familiar with sea witches and sea witchcraft. It seems as if, like the village witch, the sea witch has been recognized as a solitary powerful path by the general community. Of course sea witchcraft is not limited to solitary practitioners, as I know of a few sea witch covens around the globe, but often times sea witches are inclined to carve their own path, similar to the way a river might carve it’s own path through stones. Water witches, like the Sea Witch, are drawn to the water. Water witches are drawn not only to the ocean, but they feel and must answer the call of river water, lake water, canals and even the rain. Like the sea, these bodies of water are seductresses. They pull at our heart strings and torture our spirit; pining and raging like an ocean in a storm. I have heard whispers of those that say they have Mermaid or Selkie blood and also of those that have had past lives as such creatures; perhaps they are true and perhaps it is just the seduction of the mysterious waters. What is known, is that the water calls to us, it pulls us in and we feel empty and lost with out it.

A water witch is simply one that works witchcraft with water. Over the years I have found some that are skeptical, and others that deeply understand my words. It is very interesting that Sea Witches seem to be accepted by the pagan world, but Water Witches are not. However, with the recent publishing of Whist Waters by Gemma Gary, it seems as if the Witchcraft community is finally interested in accepting Water Witchcraft as well. It makes sense; water is everywhere. It is not just the ocean or large lakes, it is the rain, the swamps, large rivers and seasonal streams etc. Water is essential to our life; we cannot go without water for longer than a few days without death. Our bodies are made up of a considerable portion of water. We know from Dr Masaru Emoto’s work with water (which I will discuss below) that even the slightest word can create a change in water, and how that word is spoken influences the outcome of that change. When we put these thoughts about water and change together with the definition of magic…

Magic is…

“the science and art of causing Change to occur in conformity with will”
~Aleister Crowley~

“the art of changing consciousness in accordance with will”
~Doreen Valiente~

We end up with a very clear picture of how powerful water magic can be. In short, since we know that words and intent influence the structure of a water molecule and that magic is change according to will and will and intent are almost synonymous then we have a basic formula for Water magic. Intent + water = a visual change. In a way, we can even see the magic take place!

When we look at Water Magic as a practice, utilizing it in either small (rain, wells, etc) or large quantities (lakes, ocean etc), it is very clear that chanting, spells, incantations, sigils, and many more magical practices can be incorporated and the result is incredibly powerful. For hundreds of years Holy Wells have been revered for their powers of both cursing and healing. Such bodies of water include the famous hot springs at Bath. The hot baths, shrines and a temple dedicated to Sulis, the Goddess that presides over the hot springs, are known to heal, but are also known for its curse tablets, where over 300 were found. Many bodies of water like the Glastonbury red and white wells contain their own properties which are enhanced by the calcium and iron deposits. For hundreds of years Clootie have been hung over sacred wells in the UK. This was practiced widely from Wales to Scottland and still is today. The famous Mother Shipton, witch and oracle, lived by a sacred spring and can still be visited today. Not suprisingly her name is Ursula Southeil (interesting connection to Disney’s little mermaid!) As you can see both Folklore and Science support the idea of water magic.

Water Witchcraft, as I stated before, is very similar to Sea Magic and Sea Witchcraft. Sea Witches usually stick to the sea shore, however water witches will be found just about everywhere. Near lakes, rivers, holy wells etc. Tools are usually gathered from the shoreline and oftentimes shells, driftwood, and plants are their tools of choice. Water Witches will most often blend Sea magic with their craft. Focusing on tides, moon cycles, and so much more. Since there is no specific Water Tradition (with one exception) you will find that most sea/water witches practice very differently. Some incorporate water and sea spirits, fae or deity into their practice, while others believe that there is no religion associated with their practice at all. These topics are very popular in the pagan community and chat boards, and though they do influence water/sea magic, they are not a topic I am going to discuss here and for one very simple reason; No one will ever agree! Water witches will also find that they differ in their beliefs, the one thing that binds us together is Water in her many forms. For me, a Water witch’s practice can be defined by Magic that is focused around water, water creatures living and dead, spirits that are associated with water, and if one wishes Goddess and Gods associated with Water.

** The one exception in tradition I mention above is The Water Witches in the UK. There is very limited information on them however. They are part of a group of people that were very much like gypsies, but their homes were floating barges. There is no particular tradition and with limited information it is hard to say how they practiced. However what we do know is they were wandering people of the industrial revolution that lived on the water canals in the UK. Many people still live this way today, but I am not sure if they exist in the same manner. I call this a tradition because it was a group of people that practiced for years in a similar way, and many were family. You can read about my own adventures on these mysterious canals here.

There are many different types of water; fresh water lakes and the ocean are not the only types and many hold as much power and mystery such as the muddy waters of the Uk Canals, sacred wells, and swamps. Many sea witches work with brackish water and so do water witches. There is so much magic in the brackish waters of the Calvert cliffs. Large Megolodon teeth can be found on the shores, and stingrays swim circles in the early morning on the calm glassy surface of the pale blue and gold water with the sun rising in the east. The shores are full of healing and death, with yarrow growing among the poison hemlock on the banks of the shore speaking of balance and bane. Large predators once roamed the waters and the stings of the jellyfish are fierce. Oh how glorious to watch the storm come across the waters…

Swamp water is also full of mystery and poison. Toads, snakes and spiders lurk with in the grooves of a hollowed cypress tree, tall nubs of the cypress trees roots peek above the surface of the waters. Swamp waters can be found all over the world. Most commonly known would be the Florida Everglades and the Bayou of Louisiana. Any type of magic you can imagine can be practiced in this type of water, from natural magic to voodoo. However I will say, I do not think that ceremonial magic would be suited for this type of environment

Lakes and Fountains hold so much mystery and mythology. The Lady of the lake has to be the most famous account of water magic taking place in a lake. There are several tales of Ladies of the Fountain and Lake Ladies and their magical gardens, healing powers, and bargains.

Rain, Snow, Hail and storm energy in general is very interesting to work with as well. I personally collect water everywhere I go. Often times I label and date it with what type of storm it was. As you can imagine, a summer sun shower would be beautiful warm energy, and hail and a lightning storm pack a VERY powerful punch and can be incorporated into magical workings that need the extra push or used to curse. There is nothing like sitting on the banks of a large body of water, watching a terrible storm roll in. Many water witches enjoy this type of weather, and pull energy from the storm as well as send spells out and let the roaring winds and waters weave the magic.

Types of water you can work with include, sea, brackish, lakes, rivers, distilled, hydrosol, swamps, snow, hail, rain, ponds, canals, seasonal creeks, sacred wells and other bodies of water. Really there is no limit to how you can use water magic! I find that Water Witches are attracted to bottles, bowls, and other vessels. They are often found beach combing or searching the banks of rivers and lakes. Many I have spoken with are drawn to some sort of mythological water spirit or creature such as Mermaids, Selkie, and Lake Ladies. Many love to swim, boat, and are often found in the bath. Interestingly, astrological charts seem to indicate a strong lean towards water, often times having a Water rising sign as well as a Watery moon. However this is not a hard fast rule and it does vary. Often times, Water witches are very good at water scrying, divination with shells or bones found along the shoreline. Almost every Sea/Water witch I have met is a bit of a magpie and will collect shells, wood, glass etc from the water and create shrines or water based altars. Many work with tea, sacred baths, healing waters, holy wells, hydrosols, and water based sprays. I will blog more about how to work with different bodies of water and how to work with them in the future.



Annwyn Avalon, Author
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Rhyming Invocations to the Elements

WITCH . . . by Piedad5007

Rhyming Invocations to the Elements

Soft scented stillness that warns of the storm
Whisper of wisdom full living and warm
Breathe into us wonder at all we may know
Welcome, wise wind, from wherever you blow.


Bright spark of courage, blaze of desire
The passion for change is a wild, raging fire
Kindled by will, it burns in our veins
Welcome within us, our hearts are your flames


Power of water, power to feel
Rising within us, ancient and real
Soothed into softness or tossed to extremes
Welcome, wild waves from the depths of our dreams


Mother in waiting, child in the womb
Newly strung thread waits the night on the loom
Earth that we come from, Earth where we go
Welcome, as you welcomed us long ago.

Arts of Witchcraft: Magickal Uses of the Four Elements

Under my Spell

Arts of Witchcraft: Magickal Uses of the Four Elements

There are four basic systems which are useful in creating magical influences related to the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. Fire works through combustion, water through mixture, air through evaporation, and earth through decomposition. These aspects are incorporated in the completion of a spell or other magical work. Generally you will have some material left over to dispose of (wax, ashes, and so forth) and it is correct to use one of the elemental methods to complete the final stages.

If your spell was to influence a person then the earth element is used. If it was to accomplish a specific goal then fire is good. Romantic works are best with water and matters concerning mental creativity employ the element of air.

The following examples can be used to complete whatever spell you were working on.

Take a piece of paper or cloth and moisten it with the universal condenser. Place this in front of you and concentrate on the work of magic. Strongly imagine your thoughts to be filling the material. Imagine your desire being “written” by your thoughts across the material. When your concentration is breaking then the material is fully saturated. Now simply burn the cloth or paper in an open fire. While it is burning concentrate on your desire. The fire releases the charge and merges it with the element.

Take a small metal container and fill it about half full. Add 3 drops of universal condenser. Put the container over a flame and concentrate upon your desire as you gaze into the water. As the steam begins to rise, imagine your desire being drawn up and carried off. Continue until all the water has been evaporated.

Take a container and fill it about half full with fresh water. Add 3 drops of universal condenser and 3 drops of rubbing alcohol. Now impregnate the water with your concentrated desire. When you feel that it is full pour the water into a stream, river or any moving body of water.

With this element your concentration is centered on the universal condenser which you place in a jar after it has been loaded. Then this is poured out over a selected spot of earth to be absorbed directly into the element of earth.



FROM JANA HOLLINGSWORTH A good, useful, practical note. It seems people often use the four elements only for casting a circle, or simply have them represented on their altars. It’s a good idea to use a specific element for a specific purpose, rather than always calling on all four. I suspect these spells would be best performed outdoors, making the elements seem more real. Pouring one’s spell-water into a stream would feel better than pouring it down the drain.

Air Meditation

Air Meditation


Relax and get comfortable.
Take three deep breaths.

You are standing on an open cliff, overlooking a prairie below.  It is shortly before dawn and you have come here to do your magickal work.

The sky is muted, pale blue overhead fading into a gentle rose-pink near the eastern horizon where the sun will rise.  Relax as you stand on the cliff, watching the sky.  Whisps of clouds drift by, strings of gray stretching across the horizon.  They are distant and lazy, and you know they will burn off by morning.

~~Long pause~~

The air currents are still as you breathe deep in the chill, yet soon-to-warm, morning and your breath steams out, hovering in front of you.  For just a moment before its gone.  Now, step to the edge of the cliff and stretch your hands out to the sky.  In a voice that echoes across the valley call out:

“Eurus, Wind of the East!  Dazzling and Bright!  Aid me in my magickal journey!”

As the last echo fades away, you see a huge bird winging towards you.  It is a giant red-tailed hawk and it soars in to land on the cliff next to you.

“Climb aboard my back.  I will take you to Eurus, ” she says and you straddle her behind her wings and hold on to the lavender straps that will give you balance.  She crouches, then takes to the air.  Your weight seems to present no problems and you find yourself flying far overhead the cliff and the valley below.

~~Long Pause~~

The hawk climbs higher and higher, and you soon lose track of the ground altogether.  After a while the hawk heads for a could formation, soft strings drifting across the sky, which is the color of a robin’s egg.  Finally she lands on the edge of one.  “Here is where you get off,” she says.  “Don’t
worry, the clouds will hold your weight.”

You climb off the hawk’s back and find the clouds soft but substantial beneath your feet.  The hawk flies away and, in another moment she is a small speck in the sky.

You hear laughter in the distance, growing closer. A being of air sweeps up. The cool, crisp breezes of morning accompany him and he laughs again, and each breath washes you clean of cobwebs and stagnation.

~~Long Pause~~

“I am Eurus, Master of the Eastern Wind, “he says.  “Touch me and know my powers.”  You reach out and touch his hand.

As your fingers enter the wind-stream around Eurus, you find your mind growing alert, aware.  You feel clear-headed and your thoughts come rapidly and coherently.  Everything seems brighter, smells cleaner and now you see the breeze rush through your aura, cleaning away the stagnant energy that has accumulated there.  A rush of exhilaration snaps you to attention.

~~Long Pause~~

“You see,” he says, “My winds have the power to purify you, to free you from old habits.  I am the wind of new beginnings.  I am quicksilver, the wind of thought and communication.  In my presence you will never be at a loss for words.”  And then, Eurus gives you a feather.  It is from the hawk.  “Whenever you have need of my powers, use this feather to call them forth.  Or call on the hawk to bring the east winds.  “And now, “he says, “the next step of your journey awaits.”  With a rush, Eurus departs.

~~Long Pause~~

You tuck the feather away and turn to the edge of the cloud.  You raise your hands to your mouth and call out into the clear blue sky.  “Notus, Wind of the South! Firey and radiant!  Aid me in my magickal journey!”  As you wait you see a winged creature approaching.  It is not the hawk, but a gigantic bird covered in flames, golden and orange and brilliant red.  A phoenix… and it lands beside you.

“Climb on my back, and I will take you to Notus,” She says.  You approach her, expecting to feel an intense heat radiating from her body, but instead a gentle warmth seeps through.. You are protected from her fire by the Gods who sent her.  Climb aboard her back and take hold of the golden straps to hold you tight.

~~Long Pause~~

She takes flight and you soar through the air, rising toward another cloud. This cloud is huge, white…puffed cotton gone wild.  The phoenix lands carefully on the edge and allows you to dismount, then flies off again, a brilliant fireball in the sky.

You stand but a moment when you hear a laughter like thunder, a huge bellowing chuckle.  The being that approaches comes in a hot cackling wind and you feel the hairs on your arm rise, caught in static electricity.

~~Long Pause~~

“Welcome to the home of Notus, ” he says, and his voice echoes across the plain. “Feel my power and understand my radiance!”

You reach out to touch the energy of the Master of the South Wind.  As your fingers meet his, the wind sweeps down around you and crackles, electricity at its strongest.  You feel your mind lead with passion, the passion to act and to create.  Stories, poems…pictures, they all grounded here.  You feel the words swirling around you, they are just waiting for you to call them in. Your body shivers, this wind is sensuous and plays gently, caressing and teasing you, like hundreds of fingers tracing out patterns on your skin.

~~Long Pause~~

“You see, ” says Notus, “I am the wind of creativity, the wind that brings you the scent of new-mown hay where you lie down in passion with your love. I am the wind that precedes lightning.”  And then, he gives you a feather from the phoenix.  “Whenever you have need of my powers, use this feather to call me forth, or call on the phoenix to bring the southern winds.  Now, the next step of your journey awaits!”  And with a rush, Notus departs.

~~Long Pause~~

You go to the edge of the cloud and call out, “Zephyrus, Wind of the West! Gentle and Buoyant!  Aid me in my magickal journey!”  Watching, you see a winged creature approach.  It is a giant blue heron, and it lands beside you.

“I will take you to Zephyrus, ” She says softly, and you climb aboard and grab hold of the blue straps and find yourself once more aloft.

~~Long Pause~~

The heron brings you to a cloud that is darker than the others.  It rolls across the sky at twilight, hinting of rain, black and full of moisture.  As it lands, you climb off and the heron flies away, leaving you alone.

You do not have to wait long.  Soon another wind spirit rumbles up to meet you.  His face is somwhat mournful.  He does not laugh, but remains melancholy, yet you fee that he is at peace with the world and himself.

~~Long Pause~~

“I am Zephyrus,”  he says, “Master of the West Winds.  I bid you feel of my powers and stay as long as you need.”

You reach out and are swept into the storm.  The rain pounds around you, this wind is full of moisture and blows cool against your skin.  It whispers of peace in thought and action, of turning inward to look at yourself.  It blows through your life and cleanses you of old wounds.  It brings the rains of autumn to clear the air and make way for the frost.

~~Long Pause~~

“Behold,” he says, “I am Zephyrus, and I bring you to the joys and sadness of the heart.  I blow into your life when the mists are needed to cushion you, and I bring the fog to protect you from sight.  I am the wind of autumn, and of the beautiful sunset when the air is cool, when birds wing gently home. I bring fertility and respite.”

He hands you a feather from the heron. “Use this when you have need of my powers, or call on the heron to bring you the west winds.  Now, the next step of your journey awaits you.”  He drifts off , leaving you alone.

~~Long Pause~~

Once again you stand on the edge of the cloud and raise your hands to your mouth again.  “Boreas, Wind of the North!  Rushing and Mightly!  Aid me in my magickal journey!”

And then, as your call goes ringing out, you see a bird gliding towards you. It is a giant eagle, and she lands and waits for you to climb on her back. The straps you take hold of are black.  She rises silently and you know she is taking you to the realm of Boreas, Master of the North Wind.

This sky is grey, sparkling with frost, and you land silently, muffled, and the eagle rises and leaves you with no words.  A bitter chill sweeps down and you hear the wind whirl up around you, swirling with snowflakes, and Boreas, Master of the North Winds, stands gravely before you.

~~Long Pause~~

“I am Boreas, and I bring with me sleep, the winds that clear the trees of their leaves, the wind that cries out, destroying old patterns and habits that lie in my path.  I clear depression and anxiety and envy from your heart, leaving a void to be filled by the east wind.  Know that without me, there would be no beginning, for there must be an end to all things before new life can take hold.  I guard the road of the dead, and ghosts live in my cry, and old memories…. leave them to me, free yourself of your chains, I will sweep them up.

~~Long Pause~~

“And now,” he says, handing you an eagle feather, “you must attend the last stage of your journey.”

“Use this feather to call me, or bid the eagle to bring you the north wind. But be aware, I will most surely come.”  Sparkling with frost, Boreas glides off in the muffled night

~~Long Pause~~

You stand on the edge of the cloud and realize you have made the circuit.  All but the center.  As you watch, a winged horse comes flying up and you climb aboard Pegasus’ back.  It carries you aloft, far higher than you have ever been.  You are dizzy with the flight, spinning and whirling in the air.

~~Long Pause~~

You find yourself on the edge of a rainbow, and Pegasus bids you dismount.  As you do so, you hear a sweet singing, chimes in the wind and you turn to see a woman dressed in hues of pale blue and lavendar, with golden threads woven through the sliken veils.  She wears a necklace of diamonds and her hair is pulled back in a tight chignon covered with a net of spiders web to keep it neat.

~~Long Pause~~

“Welcome,”  She says, and her voice is the echo of spring, the call of early morning.  “Welcome to the realm of the Queen of Air.”

She invites you to sit on the rainbow bridge and sits beside you, bouquet of white daisies in her hand.  “You have journeyed far to learn of my element and so I will tell you of the nature of air, element of the East.  Know this: that without air there is no life.  Without my breath you cease to exist. Without me, this world would be but a lifeless orb floating in space.  I am essential, as are all elements for survival.”

“I am mist and fog, vapors trailing the wind.  I am the wind, and the breeze, the still currents of air on a got summer’s night.  Without me, fire would not exist, and earth would bear no life, and the water could support no fish.”

~~Long Pause~~

And then, the Queen of Air looks at you and says, “What would you ask of me? What do you need from me?”

Think carefully, then ask of her and listen to her reply.

~~Long Pause~~

When she has spoken, she reaches out and helps you to your feet and you feel the cool promise of morning,  beckoning you to rise from the bed, for a new day awaits. ” Slide down the rainbow,” she says.  “It will take you home.

And then she is gone.

You look at the rainbow.  It is steep but very wide, and when you sit down on it, you find there is no way to fall off.  You push off with your hands and find yourself speeding down the arc, watching the sky curve as you descend.

~~Long Pause~~

You breathe deeply, calming yourself, for you are traveling faster than you thought.  And you count down from 10 to 1, each beat bringing you closer to the earth below.

Fire Meditation

Fire Meditation


Relax and get comfortable
Close your eyes and take three deep breaths

You have traveled far, through land and air, to search for the realm of fire. Now you find yourself standing on a dusty road and you see, up ahead, a copse of trees, tall and dark.  It is near midnight and there is little light from the waning moon overhead.

The path leads to the grove.  The night is warm and the gentle breeze carries the lingering heat of the day.

The trees are mingled oak and cedar and alder.  Here and there a rowan hangs heavy with berries and holly peeks out of the corners.  As you enter the forest, a strange tingle runs up and down your arms and you feel suddenly drowsy, all of your senses are alert, yet it feels as if something’s taken hold of your conscious mind and it is lulling you into a hazy, drifting fog. But you feel no sense of fear, no sense of danger, only a sense of a great power watching you.

~~Long Pause~~

You pass through the wood, quietly now, drifting along the path.  Every sound seems heightened, every movement catches your attention.  It is as if you are supersensitive and you realize you could pass through this wood blindfolded now, if you had to.

As you continue, you see a deer flit into the undergrowth, and an owl swoops down and passes you overhead.  And then, you feel someone following you and you stop and turn around.  Behind you, you see a ball of light, glowing with green energy the color of peridot, floating gently in mid-air.

~~Long Pause~~

“I am to be your guide in this part of the realm of fire.”  The voice echoes inside your head and you know it’s from the globe of light.  “I am a will-o- the-wisp, and I belong to the realm of faerie fire, through which you must first pass.  Follow me then, to the grotto ahead, and do not tarry, for the realm of faerie is quick to catch the unwary and the foolish in its snares and weavings.”

You follow the will-o-the-wisp as it leads the way through the forest.

~~Long Pause~~

Now you begin to notice a shimmering on the trees, their auras glowing and sparkling bright.  “This has always been, you can only now perceive it, ” says the globe.  “Your first stop is over to your left.”

Just up ahead, to your left, you see a darkened patch in the foliage.  As you near it, a shiver runs through your body and your mind quakes, for there is a stirring of power around you and you know something very ancient, very primal, is there.  You creep forward and turn to gaze in the dark space between the trees.

~~Long pause~~

The blackness is so dark you know it must be supernatural, for it’s the dark of the void and the abyss that you are gazing into, and it holds you hypnotically.  Then, just as you think you can’t stand gazing into the emptiness any longer, you begin to see a swirl of sparkling color, a spiral, and the spiral forms itself into two glowing red eyes that pierce the abyss far better than any lantern or torch.

The gaze of the red eyes strip away your outer facades and masks, delving into the inner self you keep hidden away.  It is not malevolent, but strong and male and watchful.

~~Long Pause~~

“The red eyes in the forest at midnight,” whispers the globe of light.  “The Hunter, the Heart of the Forest, and He exists in the realm of faerie fire. Watch your step and mind your actions when crossing the woods at night, for He will be there watching you. ”

Quietly, you may ask the Hunter what He has to teach you about fire, and listen well for his reply.

~~Long Pause~~

“Now, follow me, ”  says the will-o-the-wisp, and you pass through the forest, listening to the calls of the birds.  You come to a place where the path diverges to the right.  The will-o-the-wisp floats down that fork and you follow.  The ground slopes steeply, and you see that it leads to a beach down below.  When you hasve walked and slid your way down to the sand, you see a small bay that kisses the shore.  The water is shimmering with lights, green and blue and pink and yellow.

You are overcome with a rush of joy and you dash forward, drawn in by the glittering lights.  With every step sparks fly from the sand and you stop to press your hands on the ground.  When you lift them, they are covered with sparkles.  Suddenly light hearted, laughing and unable to speak, for the joy in your heart is overwhelming any words you might have to say, you dance on the sand and watch the sparks fly.  If you like, you can wade into the water, and it seems like your wading among the stars.

~~long pause~~

Finally the will-o-the-wisp speaks and it says, “You see, faerie fire is an uneplainable feeling.  There are few words for this happiness, this intoxication, but it exists and is real.  Now come, back to the path, for I have one more stop to show you and then you will go forward without me.”

As you return to the path, you find your clothes are dry but the phosphorescent sparkles of faerie fire still exist within your heart and memory.  The will-o-the-wisp guides you along the path until, up ahead, you see a purple fire dancing across the road.  You must pass through it to continue your journey.

“Go now,” the globe says, “and when you pass through the fire of the phoenix, you will find a fine layer of ash covering your body.  The wind will blow it away, and with it will go pain and anger and old bonds that chain you.  The purple rays of the phoenix are hotter than flame, hotter than fire, and they will burn through to the core and leave you purified and new, ready for the next stage of your journey.  After you have passed through it, you will find yourself at the end of the forest, and a green fire covers that part of the road.  It is the purest essence of faerie fire and you will pass through it
and out to the next leg of the journey.  Good luck and good-bye.”  And the will-o-the-wisp fades into the forest.

You approach the flickering purple flame and the heat is so strong that you can only feel it as waves, not as actual warmth.  Take a moment, think of what you would have burned away from you, what you are tired of carrying around, and then pass through the flame, bathe in it, and come out the other side.

~~Long Pause~~

When you emerge from the phoenix flame, you fine that, indeed, a fine layer of ash covers your body.  The breeze sweeps up and blows it away.  Underneath, your skin is new and clear, and your heart is lighter.

The forest comes to an end up ahead, and there you see the green flame waiting.  You take one last look behind you and then pass into the flame of the faerie fire, the green fire in the forest at midnight, the green fire of Midsummers’s Eve.

It crackles around you, sparkling and magnetic.  It resonates within you and you feel your aura shift and change.  You body moves with more grace in the fire, and you feel it slide up your arms and legs, seep into your belly…sensuous, it leaves you breathless and waiting.

~~Long Pause~~

And then…you find you can shape your aura, you can change and alter it to your liking.  Do you want to appear taller?  Thinner?  More voluptuous?  Do you want to radiate confidence and strength?  All you have to do is use the faerie fire to shape your will.  When you have thought and done your working, step through to the other side and look at yourself again to see what changes you have made in your energy.

~~Long pause~~

Now you have stepped out of the forest.  Look around you.  You find you are in an open plain.  The grass is thick here, but grows sparser up ahead and you see the light of dawn rising to the East.  There are no trees after then line of the forest, and the path leads a gentle graded slope upwards.  Follow the path and continue your journey as the morning light grows and the stars fade from the sky.

It looks like the morning is going to be hot.  There are no clouds in the sky and the forest has become a distant memory.  You walk along the path, and up ahead you see a well.  There is a sign on it that says, “Last water for many miles.”  There are many canteens here, and you might want to fill one, for the journey is sure to be hot and thirsty.

~~Long Pause~~

The grass is sparse now, the dirt faded and compacted.  You start to see cracks in the ground as you go along; no rain has fallen here for a long time. The sun has now risen above the horizon and you are already starting to sweat.

You wipe your forehead and look around.  To all directions, it seems there is only the desert, with occasional outcroppings of stone.  As you continue your journey, your feet become hot and weary.  You sit on a rock to rest.  While you are sitting there, you hear a rustle and look down to the side of the rock.

A large lizard is sitting there, patiently watching you.

~~Long Pause~~

It is red, with stripes of orange, and golden eyes stare up at you.  Its long tongue forks out and it says in a wheezing, whistling voice, “I’m your guide for this part of the journey.  I am the Salamander Flametongue.  I will guide you to your destination in this part of the realm of fire.  You will need a walking stick.  Look under that rock over there.”  It waves its tongue towards a low, long rock near you and you find a walking stick that’s just the right height for you underneath it.

~~Long Pause~~

“Well, then, ”  flametongue says, “it’s time we were off.  Come now, follow me.”  The salamander leads you along the path, which is now a steeper grade. You pass through the barren land, and when you reach the top, you see a mountain ahead.  It is dark, with streaks of rust-colored rocks trailing down its side, flowing over blackened lava that covered the land long ago.

The black lava lies in waves, pillows of rock, thick and glistening with volcanic glass.  Strange configurations, some look almost human, stand frozen over the land, and the flow goes on for miles and miles, so vast and immense you can only imagine what it must have looked like when it first covered the land.

~~Long pause~~

As you start forward you find the path no longer exists.  You must cross the hardened lava, and so, using your walking stick to steady yourself you forge ahead, slowly working your way around the twisted rock.  You must be careful here, for the lava is sharp and full of rough edges. IF you fall, you could hurt yourself.

Flametongue leads you along the surface of the jagged rock.  Your feet slide along the smooth obsidian rock.  It is difficult to keep your balance here. At one point, your stick breaks through the lava and you see the end of it smoke as it touches still cooling rock.  You pull it out quickly, and beat out the flicker of flames that starts on its tip.

~~Long Pause~~

The salamander leads you a wide berth around that area and you find yourself having to really concentrate to keep your footing as you realize how dangerous this realm can be.

Now the grade is rough, and you are breathing heavily.  The taste of sulfur fills your mouth and you must stop and pour a little water on your handkerchief and tie it around your face so the bitter, acidic fumes don’t overwhelm you.

You are climbing higher and higher up the side of the mountain, and you see stream rising from cracks in the lava around you.  Flametounge turns and says, “This is a place of massive destruction.  But out of that destruction, new land is born, nutrients will weather down and feed the soil and plants will grow again.”

You curve around the side of the mountain and when you look over the edge of the roughly worn path, you see a long drop, two hundred feet down, into a lake of lava.  It boils and turns, twisting red tongues of flame dance on its surface.  At once terrifying and mesmerizing, it churns constantly as you watch.

~~Long Pause~~

“Come,” says the salamander, “we shouldn’t linger here.  The Queen of Fire awaits you and she’s not one to be made angry.”

The path twists away from the lake of magma and back around the blackened mountain.  You pass into what once was a forest.  The trees are now black; hardened charcoal and ash cover the land.  The salamander leads you off the dark lava and you are sifting through the ash, into the desolate forest, where you hear ghostly voices traveling on the hot wind.

“The flame consumes, ”  says flametongue. “It can burn brightly and drive you onward, or it can consume and destroy, leaving only the ash behind.”

Now you find your throat parched and dry, and you stop to take another drink from your canteen.  Your skin is cracking from the heat and you desperately wish for a cool bath, somewhere far away.

~~Long pause~~

“We are almost there”  says the salamander.  “You are nearing the home of the Queen of Fire.”

Ahead you see it.  A great fountain made from blocks of frozen lava, sitting in a clearing full of ash.  It’s a fountain of flame, and in the center of the flame, you see a woman bathing.  She is crimson and vermillion, and her eyes are the brightness of the so that you cannot look directly at them.  She motions you near.

~~Long Pause~~

As you approach, the heat intensifies until it feels like your skin is just about to burn.  She holds up her hand for you and in a voice low and crackling, throaty with passion, she says, “Come no farther or you will hurt yourself.  I am the Queen of Fire.  Welcome to my realm.”

She is sensuous, her body ever shifting shapes in the flames, and you feel the passion that throbs just below the surface of the energy here.  She speaks again.  “Hold out your hand, so that you may feel my power. ”  You hold out your hand.

At first you feel a warm glow, the warmth of spring mornings, the warmth of a breezy day when you’re in the garden.  Then, the warmth increases, and it’s the heat of the woodstove, warming you on crisp autumn evenings…and then the heat changes again, and its the crackle of bonfires and the smell of burning wood…then once again, and the heat is the sweltering heat of noon on a summer’s day, and sweat pours down your face.

~~Long pause~~

She speaks again.  “I am the drive of passion, and I am the creative force that refuses to be squelched.  Try to repress me and I will rise up and burn you to ashes.  Embrace me, use me with foresight and I am an ally you cannot afford to lose. I heal with my golden rays and I destroy to make way for new creation with the rivers of molten rock that pour from within the earth.  Now, what would you have me do for you?  What do you wish to create?  Tell me, and then listen and I will give you advice.”

Think now for a moment, then answer and listen for her to reply.

~~Long Pause~~

When she has spoken, the Queen of Fire bids you leave.  “This is not a place where mortals may stay for long.  The heat will burn you ragged.  Go now, there is a path beyond this fountain.  Follow it and it will lead you home.”

You follow the path and it leads you down a slope.  The sun is now a bit lower in the sky and the salamander waves good-bye.  The walking becomes a little easier, the ash thins out as you go and you see less and less of the stunted trees.

As you proceed down the hill, you begin to see wips of grass, growing through the soil now free from ash.  You follow the open path by a low cliff, and looking over, you see the path leads to the shore below.

~~Long pause~~

You twist and turn, going down, and find the walking easy and pleasant after you sojourn in the realm of fire.  When you reach the shoreline, there is a horse waiting and saddled.

You climb on its back, exhausted, and as it moves out, following its sense of internal direction, you find you can rest.  The spray from the water cools your dry skin and there is a fresh canteen hanging from the saddle.

You ride for what seems like hours, and the horse takes a fork that leads away from the water and you find yourself traveling through late evening on a path that is gradually going uphill.  At the top of the slope, just before twilight, the horse stops and you climb off.  You see, ten steps in front of you, the place where you started your journey.  The horse has brought you back.

~~Long Pause~~

Now, take those ten steps and each one will bring you closer towards waking consciousness……  Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two one.

Elementals that every witch should know

Flores bajo la lluvia

Elementals that every witch should know

Elementals are those mystical creatures that dwell within the spirit realm of the elements, watched over and controlled by the Lords of the Watchtowers (the Mighty Ones, Old Ones, or the Guardians). Elementals can be related to “nature spirits” and the old favorite, ever written about “witches’ familiar”. These are the spirits that govern all nature, the “forces of life” that may be summoned to assist in working magic. It’s important therefore that we understand “who they are” and “what they represent”. Earth spirits are known as Gnomes, Air spirits as Sylphs, Fire spirits as Salamanders, and Water spirits are called Undines.


After the circle is formed and consecrated with the elements, a witch may next call down the quarters by invoking the Lords of the Watchtowers (the Mighty Ones, Old Ones, the Guardians), to preside and watch over the proceedings. Specific elementals; those whose correspondences best suit the work or rite being carried out, may then be invited to participate. Their correspondences are closely related to those of the elements, so I shall not re-write them here (See Correspondences in Part 1). Care needs to be taken when calling the aid of elementals, due to the duplicity of all things. Elementals are not always the helpful little creature’s we expect them to be, and can be mischievous, bad tempered little devils if allowed to get out of control.


In folklore elementals were thought to be fickle, malicious and unpredictable spirits sent by the “wicked-witch” in the form of familiars to trick people into accidents and traps and sometimes killing them. This is the sort of belief that led to the plight of witches during the Witch-hunt’s and purges of the 17th–18th centuries. Still today in contemporary Witchcraft, witches use pets and animals as familiars, but stress and emphasizes is given to working with good and friendly elementals in producing positive magic. A colorful character from contemporary times that used a familiar was Sybil Leek. Her trademark was a cape, loose gown, and a pet jackdaw named “Mr. Hotfoot Jackson”.



Gnomes are the spiritual beings who inhabit the spirit realm of the elements. As spirits of energy they are commonly invisible to the average person, only those that possess second sight can see them clearly. However being on the first level of the spirit realm, they are close enough to the physical realm in order to easily inter-react with it. By tradition Gnomes were the protectors of secret treasures hidden in caves beneath the earth. Legends have it that they were reluctant to help and aid humans, but if you were to gain the trust of one, they could prove to be powerful friends. On the other hand, if you were to lose their trust, deceive them or misuse their aid, then all hell could be let lose.


In Wicca/Witchcraft Gnomes are called to instill confidence, steadfastness and endurance, but can also be used to bring about gloom, melancholy and despair should that be required. In some old legends Gnomes were ruled over by a king called Gob whose followers became known as Goblins. Goblins were wondering mischievous sprites that would attach themselves to households, particularly those containing children. When they moved in, they would help by doing the chores at night and by playing with and disciplining the children, giving them presents when they were good or punishing them when they were bad.


When upset the Goblins general good nature could became unpredictable. They would bang pots and pans in the kitchen at night just to keep the household awake, or move furniture about while knocking on walls and doors and snatching bedclothes off sleeping persons, generally becoming a nuisance. You’ve heard of poltergeist activity? Well this is a type of it. A Poltergeist is generally believed to be the spirit of a departed person or animal, who hasn’t for various reasons withdrawn from the physical realm. It can also be an elemental that has been called for a task and for some reason failed to complete it, hence the haunting. Witches are often called to exorcise haunting by contacting the spirit and persuading it to move on, or if that fails they can contact higher spirits or deities to banish them.


Gnomes and Goblins can be called to aid all magic associated with the element Earth as given in the correspondences above.



Sylphs are the spiritual beings that inhabit the spirit realm of the element Air. Their activities are manifest in the gatherings of clouds, in the blowing of the wind, the downpour of rain and the formation of snow. They are also responsible for the growth and maturity of all the plant life we see around us. In folklore, Sylphs appeared in many myths and legends. Some tales tell us that if you listened carefully, they would talk to you on the wind as it passed through caves and caverns.


Its been suggested that the Muses of Greek mythology were Sylphs who had assumed human form in order to guide humans on a spiritual path. They are associated with the activity of the mind and can influence and inspire human actions. It is generally though that they are attracted to poets and artists and instills them with visions of spiritual beauty. Sylphs are ruled by a King being known as Paralda, and in form they appear to humans as in the classic image of the fairies.


Sylphs can be called to aid in all magick associated with the element Air as shown in the correspondences above.



Salamanders are the spiritual beings that inhabit and control the element Fire, and it is through their activities that fire exists. There are many family branches of salamanders each differing in size, appearance and dignity, and in folklore they were ruled over by a magnificent flaming king being called Djin. Salamanders are the strongest and most powerful of all the elementals having the ability to extend or diminish their size as needed. They and others of their kind are mischievous spirits, who like children don’t fully understand the results of their actions, which can affect the thoughts and actions of people around them. As such, strong control is required when using their aid in ritual or magick.


Salamanders are thought to move about most freely at night and if you are ever lucky enough to see them, they would appear as small balls of light drifting across the air and water. Old-time sailors often saw them investigating the sails of their ships while sailing at sea, and the term “St. Elmo’s Fire” was coined to refer to such phenomenon. On land they are mostly perceived as small lizard-like flames about a foot or more in length.


When used in magick, Salamanders can have a profound effect upon human nature. Linked through the heat with which we maintain are bodily temperatures, they can influence our emotions and general temperament. When someone is called a hothead, or is referred to as hot-blooded, these are terms referring to their elemental nature.



Undines are the spiritual beings that inhabit the spirit realm of the element Water. They not only exist in the water itself, but also in substances of humidity and all other liquids. They appear to humans as beautiful water nymphs or the classic mermaids of myths and legends which tell of them being seen gracefully riding the waves of the ocean shimmering and shining with all the colors of the sea. They are also said to frequent marshlands, rocky pools, springs, streams and wells. They control the forces of nature in relation to plant and marine life as well as the tides and motions of water.


In some cultures undines inhabited waterfalls, while others live in rivers and lakes, every fountain had its nymph, and every ocean its oceanides (daughters of Oceanus the Titan ruler of the sea before Poseidon). In folklore the ruler of the undines is a being called Necksa whom they love, serve, and honor unceasingly. Undines are emotional beings, very friendly and open to being of service to humans, but care must be taken when working with undines for they can have a strong influence upon a person’s emotional well-being.


The smaller undines were often portrayed as tiny winged beings that people have mistakenly called fairies. Seen near flowers and plants that grow in watery areas, they had gossamer wings and shining clothing. Some undine’s closely resembled people in appearance and size, they lived in coral caves under the ocean or on the shores of lakes and banks of rivers. Undines work with the vital essences, the liquids of plants, animals, and human beings and are present in everything containing water.


Undines can be called to aid in all magick associated with the element Water as shown in the correspondences above.





Let’s Talk Witch – Air Magic

Winter WolvesLet’s Talk Witch – Air Magic

Air magic pertains to all things that travel through the air. This includes cludes death, music, thoughts, spirits, dreams, and invisibility. Other specialty areas include travel magic and twilight studies. The word twilight is used here to describe the state of mind when we are not quite asleep and not quite awake. It is a shift in consciousness that allows lows for the more surreal parts of life to come into sharper focus.

Like dirt and water, each type of wind contains its own primary properties. The magical properties and purposes corresponding to the different types of winds are as follows:

Whirlwind: Whirlwinds run the gamut from gentle “dust devils” to full-blown tornadoes. This is a powerful aspect of wind to use; however, it is best to only use the violent form on the astral tral plane. This is the best wind to use to banish or destroy. Be careful with whirlwinds, even if only on the astral plane, because cause they tend to confuse.

South wind: The south wind is the warm wind of fire. It can work as an all-purpose magical booster; however, it can easily cloud a situation. The south wind brings blessings of friendship. Singing into the south wind can facilitate contact with loved ones. It is the wind of celebration.

North wind: The north wind is the proverbial wind of change. It is the icy cold wind of death and works well in spells of destruction tion or banishment. It is connected to the element of earth and can be used as a healing wind. The north wind moves things forward in time.
East wind: The east wind relates to air. It symbolizes new beginnings nings and fresh starts. This is a good wind to use for matters involving intellect and self-improvement. It ushers in clarity and clears the mind.

West wind: The west wind is the wind of love and emotion. It relates to the element of water. Cleansing and divination are favored when the west wind is blowing. The voices of the dead are heard on the west wind.



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Tammy Sullivan