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Love and Attraction Spells

Love Spells are the second most controversial form of magic within the community. Indeed, it’s with good reason: What if the person you call might be what you think your ideal partner is, but that turns out to be wrong? What if they turn out to be the exact opposite of what you want, and only put on that pleasant face in the public eye?

These are valid questions which may seem extreme to ask, but on the internet the Witchcraft and related communities are filled with stories wherein a person performs a Love Spell only to have it work in a manner that is less desirable- though technically within the realm of how it could have worked without the spell being considered a “failure”. These results have been everything to stalking, harassment, overly jealous lovers, to abuse, obsession, and many more which are both unpleasant and often endangering.

Another aspect of love magic which makes it highly controversial is the nature of some of the spells to begin with. An overwhelming number of these available spells – and the spells often requested of us – are targeted spells which by their very nature are questionable and interfere with a person’s free will in various manners, some of which have lead certain portions of the community to compare the practice to assault, and with good reason.

Ultimately Love Magics have the largest potential to backfire on the caster with much more dire results when they do- more so than even cursing. It is fickle, tricky, complicated, and can turn 50 Shades of “Oh No” in an instant. In the words of The Aunts, “Be careful what you wish for.”

This does not mean that we do not advocate the usage of Love Magics. We take the stance that while there are many ways to do Love Magic incorrectly, there are also plenty of ways to do a Love Spell right- and therefore with little risk of negative backlash or the use of targeted spells that are questionable in nature. We especially find that it is much easier and less questionable to use “seeking” spells in order send out a call for the qualities you want in a partner without having a specific person in mind. This allows for a lot more wiggle room and can lead to some pleasantly surprising results as others have experienced personally. The important thing, though, is that you mustn’t expect instant results and should follow up your spellcasting with action; you cannot just sit around and wait for the right person to fall into your lap, you have to go out and look!


The Sisters Grimmoire: Spells and Charms for your Happily Ever After
NicGarran, Anna Zollinger Bree.

Saturday & Binding Spells: A Commonsense Guideline

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Saturday & Binding Spells: A Commonsense Guideline

If you don’t like the idea of using poppets and have decided to work a binding, and you have a handle on your emotions, then here are some commonsense guidelines that I suggest you follow:

* Bindings are best performed on a Saturday.

* Work the binding at sunset and you pull into the spell the closing energies of not only the day, but of the entire week.

* Work with black candles; they coordinate with Saturn’s energies and they are the classic magickal color for this type of witchery.

Finally, to be crystal clear, a binding is the act of psychically restraining a harmful person or criminal so that their actions cannot harm anyone else. The goddess to call on is Hecate, and she is a mighty magickal force. Consider your words and actions carefully when you call on her. How you choose to work a binding is up to you. At this point, I suggest that you take a moment and draft out your binding spell on paper. Go carefully, and remember to harm none.

You may experience some dramatic special effects when working with Hecate. Don’t be taken aback if the wind picks up….if you candles flicker and snap…..or if you begin to notice barking or howling dogs. The animals sense when Hecate is near. Yes, we have gotten very serious all of a sudden. That’s because a binding is a serious matter. Surprised? Don’t be. Just because I tend to look at things from a humorous perspective doesn’t mean I am not serious when the situation calls for it.

This invocation includes some of the correspondences for Hecate. If you choose, you can add these to your spellwork. (This would also be a fine addition to the opening of poppet magick). A general invocation for Hecate follows.


Book of Witchery
Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week

Ellen Dugan

Witchcraft 101 – Make Your Own

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Witchcraft 101 – Make Your Own

If you want to make your own spells, you can do that. If you’re especially creative or tuned in with this element, you won’t need my notes on what to include in your spells. As someone with many fire signs in my chart and an affinity for fire, I naturally know what goes into fire spells but I don’t have that benefit with the other three elements.

Try to build your own affinity for each of the elements. Before looking up what other people think you should use to create your Fire spells, sit and brainstorm or meditate for a few minutes. You’ll probably come up with more things than you expect.

You can, for instance, try pairing a bonfire with some of the plants I’ll bring up later in the book. Throw the plants into the bonfire and their essence will flow through the air around you.

Leaving some of those plants out as offerings to the deities in the next section can also work. You don’t only have to offer foodstuff to deities- magical plants also work. Try to figure out what plants a deity would like best through meditation.

There are so many ways to use fire in magic, and since flames are something we encounter almost every day there are countless times to call upon the power and cleansing ability of flames to improve your life.
Fire spells are really good for love, weight loss, sports and working out, sex, and protection. Be aware that fire can be destructive just as much as it’s creative.

Bringing fire into your ritual space is as simple as lighting a candle or some incense.


Mirror Magic (Scrying, Spells, Curses and Other Witch Crafts)
Viivi James