Good Wednesday Morning, Dear Brothers & Sisters! Wishing You & Yours A Very Blessed Day (and the next 4 years to come) !


The Witch of Halborn Hill

In the light of day

Just a woman she appeared,

A kindly old lady

Nothing to be feared


She lived beyond the meadow

Just below the river’s bend

A place called Halborn Hill

Where many met a grisly end.


Her house was a ramshackle

Old, paint chipping, abandoned in decay

Where the devil kept his summer home

Or so the villagers would say.


The children cast their stones

And older boys would brag

About how close they came to death

By visiting the hag


Witch was what they called her,

I, myself, unsure what to believe

Followed her into the forest,

As she gathered herbs and leaves


And there I saw a sight,

Burned into my mind

As if it happened just yesterday

A man in black met her there

And carried her away.


Upon a frightening beast

With coal black mane and scarlet eyes

They rode off through the forest

With ominous high-pitched cries.


So when neighbourhood kids

Went gallivanting,

Cast stones and called her names

I was always quiet,

I was always still


For I alone,

Knew the truth

of the Witch of Halborn Hill


—-Blessed Be: A Collection of Witchcraft Poetry

Chastity Skye