November’s astrology is far less chaotic than October’s, but there’s still some astrological events that are sure to have your head spinning. With Mars retrograde now in full swing, this month’s motto is all about moving slowly and deliberately, while seeking to maintain clarity when it comes to important details and information. Two outer planets will also be retrograde, but because they’re farther away from the sun, their affects will be far less noticeable. While a total of three planets will be retrograde during November 2022, the star of the show is definitely Mars retrograde, so get ready to do plenty of reviewing and revising when it comes to conflict, confrontation, and communication.

Though there will be three planets retrograding through the cosmos this month, none of them will *actually* be stationing retrograde during November. Since Mars just stationed retrograde back on Oct. 30, however, this retrograde is certain to bring forth a period of review that’s noticeable for every zodiac sign this month, in the curious, chatty sign of Gemini, just in time for Thanksgiving.

What Is A Retrograde?

A retrograde takes place when a planet begins moving slower than its normal pace. While every planet aside from the luminaries (aka the sun and moon) experiences a retrograde cycle, not all of them are incredibly noticeable. When inner planets like Mercury, Venus, and Mars station retrograde, it tends to be more apparent, since they’re closer to Earth and visible to the naked eye. Outer planets like Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, on the other hand, are further away from us, which means that their retrogrades are typically less obvious, and the effects tend to be more noticeable over an extended period of time.

What Planets Will Be Retrograde November 2022?

A total of three planets will be retrograding through the sky during the month of November, but two of them are outer planets that stationed retrograde months ago. Uranus and Neptune spend several months retrograde every year, so this period is nothing out of the ordinary. Mars, however, the only personal planet retrograding this month, stations retrograde once every two years, making its effects far more apparent.

What To Expect From November 2022’s Retrograde Planets

While Mars, Uranus, and Neptune retrograde this month, only one of them — Mars — will be the planet causing the most noticeable shifts.

Neptune stationed retrograde in Pisces on June 28

Uranus stationed retrograde in Taurus on Aug. 24

Mars stationed retrograde on Oct. 30

Mars Retrograde (Oct. 30—Jan. 13, 2023)

Mars is the planet that rules action, assertion, and drive, and when it …

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A new month is upon us, which means that a new set of planetary transits is on the horizon, including retrogrades. Retrogrades are usually dreaded in the astro community, but it’s important to remember that they don’t always spell doom and gloom. When outer planets like Uranus and Neptune station retrograde, the effects aren’t as intense as when inner planets such as Venus and Mercury station retrograde. And even when the inner planets station, it’s only for a short period. So, while the number of retrograde planets in September 2022 may sound like too much to handle, it’s not as daunting as you may think (even though Mercury is one of them).

What Is A Retrograde?

A retrograde takes place when a planet essentially slows down, causing the planet to appear to move backward in the sky from our place on Earth. In reality, the planet isn’t actually moving backward, but it is moving much slower than normal, which is where the retrograde mishaps can come into play. A retrograde is what takes place when a planet reaches a certain distance away from the sun, called a trine, which coincides with the beginning and end of a retrograde cycle. Since Mercury typically retrogrades about three times every year, the effects are usually more noticeable and discussed, especially since it’s the planet that rules over speech, communication, and transportation. Since the outer planets don’t rule over mundane topics, their effects aren’t always as apparent, at least not initially.

How Many Planets Will Be Retrograde In September 2022?

This month, six planets in total will be retrograding through the cosmos — but five of them stationed retrograde prior to this month, and they’re all outer planets. The good thing is, you’ve experienced the retrogrades of each of these planets every single year, so it’s nothing you can’t handle.

What To Expect From September 2022’s Retrograde Planets

Though six planets retrograde is literally more than half of the sky, it’s nothing to worry about, because only one of these planets will actually be stationing retrograde in September.

The only planet that will actually station retrograde this month is Mercury, on Sept. 9. As a planet that stations retrograde pretty often, the themes of Mercury rx may already be engrained in your mind: texts sent to the wrong person, delayed or canceled travel plans, and Instagram going down, to name a few. Generally, Mercury retrogrades are typically a time to review, revise, and rethink the topics Mercury occupies over in your birth chart. Be sure to look not only at where Mercury will be stationing retrograde, but also at the astrological houses that Mercury rules over (Gemini and Virgo-ruled houses) in your birth chart. These are the areas prone to revisions, while the house Mercury actually stations in may be where you’re called to actualize these changes.

Mercury Retrograde (Sept. 9-Oct. 2)

Mercury is the planet all about details, information, and communication. When it stations retrograde, it can cause these themes to be more challenging, particularly based on the sign it’s stationing retrograde in. This time around, Mercury will initially be stationing retrograde in the cardinal air sign of Libra, prompting you to reconsider how you mediate, connect, and find balance in your life. As a sign ruled by Venus, Libra is all about treating people fairly and taking the time to understand every side to a story. Since Mercury will be retrograde, however, it may be challenging to receive accurate information during this time, so it’ll be important that you double check any messages that come your way now.

On Sept. 23, Mercury will retrograde back into the mutable earth sign of Virgo, grounding communication in a way that’s logical and efficient. Since this is the sign where Mercury is exalted, the second half of Mercury retrograde is bound to feel slightly more productive than the first half. With Mercury still retrograde, however, don’t expect productivity to be linear now. Instead, use this time to assess details and information, but don’t feel too much pressure to tackle everything listed on your to-do list until Mercury stations direct on Oct. 2.

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The term retrograde gets a bad rap. (Mercury rx, I blame you.) But surprisingly, retrogrades aren’t always earth-shattering events. How life-changing a retrograde tends to be is based on the planet itself and its proximity to the sun, which vary widely. For example, Mercury and Venus retrogrades are often more noticeable, since those planets (aka inner planets) are closer to the sun (and Earth), while the retrogrades of outer planets like Uranus and Neptune aren’t always as apparent. So when I tell you that there are five retrograde planets in August 2022, don’t panic — all of them are outer planets, making the changes they bring up far more gradual.

What Is A Retrograde?

The definition of “retrograde” means to reverse or go backward — but when it comes to the planets, they are actually always moving forward. During this cycle from Earth, however, it appears as if they’re going backward, when in reality they’re just changing speeds.

Every astrological planet retrogrades periodically, except for the sun and moon (since they’re luminaries). The outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), in particular, spend about four to five months every year retrograde. These retrogrades always occur around the time that they form a trine to the sun, which activates the retrograde of the planet. Near the end of the retrograde, the retrograde planet will form another trine to the sun, bringing endings to that period, and usually a revelation.

What Planets Will Be Retrograde During August 2022?

With all five outer planets — Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto — retrograde in August 2022, there will definitely be some reviewing and revising that takes place, but don’t worry, you’ve experienced the retrogrades of each of these planets every single year, so you’re a pro.

What To Expect From August 2022’s Retrograde Planets…

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Overall, June will actually be a pretty quiet month compared to the last two, but we’re not completely in the clear just yet. In June 2022, there will be three planets retrograde at one point — but the good thing is, one of them will be ending very early in the month. Retrograde periods are a time to review, reflect, and reassess, and while they can sometimes make things feel a bit confusing, they do actually serve an important purpose. Every astro planet (except for the sun and the moon) retrogrades at some point, making it a pretty common occurrence for the cosmos, so not to worry — you’ve lived through plenty.