Protection from Bad Luck Potpourri


You will need:

• 1/2 cup Juniper berries, whole

• 1/2 cup Basil, whole

• 2 TBS Frankincense, ground

• 2 TBS Dill seeds

• 2 TBS Cloves, whole

• 8 Bay leaves, torn into pieces

And Last But Not Least, A Few Goodies To Pamper Yourself With….


Even the busiest of witches deserves a little pampering now and again. Take a moment out of your busy schedule to try a few of these goodies out. Enjoy!


~Harmonious Milk Bath~

2 cups dry milk powder

1/8 teaspoon fragrance oil of your choice

Mix together all ingredients…well.

Add ½ cup of mixture to hot bath water.


~Make Your Skin Soft Bath~  

Add ¼ cup of Apple Cider Vinegar to a bath. Use this in place of store bought bubble bath, harsh oils and other chemicals that can cause urinary tract problems and yeast infections.


~Honey Bath~  

*Author’s Note: I am not fond of honey in the bath and have never used this recipe, but would be remiss if I didn’t add it, for those who do like honey and wish to try their hand at using it

Add ¼ cup or so of honey to your bath. Remember that honey is sticky! If you feel the need to wash off afterward, don’t feel badly. Simply use your bag of soap scraps for bathing!


~A Relaxing Bath~  

½ cup fresh or ¼ cup dried herbs of your choice

½ cup fresh or ¼ cup dried chamomile tea (simply add the tea bag to the bigger bag!)

Add the fresh or dried herbs to the bag and close snugly. Add to bathwater and allow it to steep for at least 15 minutes. Take this time to relax and enjoy the scents that will surround you. If you’d like, use the bag of herbs as a scented washcloth!


Flower Bath/Herb Bath  

No need for a muslin bag or other bag, just make sure that you are prepared to clean up if you use these oh-so relaxing ways, to refresh your body and spirit. Throw a hand full of your favorite flowers or herbs, in your bathtub and soak until your heart is content.

Remember to make certain they are pure, and not chemically treated! The following are always good: chamomile, lavender, rose, daisy, and dandelion, just to name a few. Don’t want to waste the flowers or herbs, after you have used them? Easy! Just strain the bath water with a piece of fabric as it drains and then dry them and use the herbs/flowers in potpourri!




Van Scoyoc, Andrea Dean






Abundance Balm

Abundance Balm

A balm to use to help bring abundance. Great to wear during casting an abundance spell.
Items You Will Need:
  • Glass mixing bowl
  • Magickal spoon
  • 5 drops of green/yellow food coloring
  • 5 teaspoons rose water
  • 3 teaspoon almond extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon powdered clove
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon mint extract
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon of honey
  • Small glass container with tight lid
  • ================================
  • Enough balm here for a few uses
  • ================================


Best made during the waxing moon of the month of May.
First off remember that abundance is not just financial. Abundance covers a huge range of aspects; food, friends, family, objects and even an plethora of emotions if one thinks of it.

Assuming your are working this at your altar, set up your altar as you see fit and invoke the gods of your pantheon. Perform first prayers and gift your offerings. (If you are doing this at a kitchen counter or table, you may wish to cleanse and sanctify the area first and then still call your your gods.)

Add all the ingredients above in the glass bowl and with your magical spoon mix vibrantly until well mixed evenly. Remember to stir clockwise for increase and positive energy. As you are stirring chant the following as often as you need to:

“Gods of my forefathers and myself,
To thee I call and ask of you;
No more to chance is my life,
I evoke and beseech this of the gods
The power of abundance now come to me!”

Visualize your needs being met and send the green energy through your hands, through the spoon and into your mixture.

When done place the mixture in the small jar and close it tight. Place in a cool dry place for a day or so. Use this cream on areas of chakra points



Various Teas & Brews

Various Teas & Brews


Seven Flower Tea

You can make this fragrant tea with herbs from your garden or dried herbs that you buy. Seven Flower Tea cools you down on a warm summer’s day, helping to keep you calm and soothe your digestion.

1 quart boiling water

2 teaspoons chamomile flower

1 teaspoon linden flower

1 teaspoon calendula flower

1 teaspoon lavender flower

1 teaspoon honeysuckle flower

1 1/2 teaspoon passion flower

1 1/2 teaspoon orange flower or orange peel

Pour boiling water over the flowers. Allow to steep for 20 minutes. Strain. Drink.


Headache Tea

Put a pinch of Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary, and Mint into a coffee filter and make it like you would coffee. Or you can put the herbs in a spice ball and leave in hot water for 15 to 30 minutes.


Keep Me Healthy Tea

Prepare this tea when you are already in good health and want to maintain it. As you drink it, visualize yourself in the days to come as healthy, happy, and active.

4 parts calendula flowers

1 part mullein leaves or flowers

1 part marjoram leaves

1 part St. John’s Wort



Heal Me Tea

Although your potions should never replace a trip to the doctor when you are ill, this tea can give you a magical boost to speed your healing. Focus on ridding your body of whatever ails you. If you are running a fever, add 1 part of Feverfew.

4 parts rose petals

3 parts violet petals

2 parts dried apples

1 part dried blackberries

1 part eucalyptus leaves

1 part ginseng root



Sip for Success Tea

While sipping this tea, envision yourself succeeding at a current project you are undertaking. Use tangible images such as seeing the project complete. Feel yourseld doing your job successfully. This tea works best when working with specific projects or situations. Don’t just imagine yourself successful—define what success means to you.

4 parts clover flowers

2 parts lemon balm leaves

1 part ginger root



Cramp Alleviating Tea

To stop menstrual cramps, drink a half cup of the following tea twice a day.

Place one teaspoon of feverfew in the filter cup of the coffee maker and add one cup of water. As the tea brews, chant:

Herb and water, powers thrive,

Bring your magick now to life.

Pour the tea and sweeten with honey, if desired. Before you drink it, chant over the cup:

Feverfew, now herbal tea,

Send painful cramps away from me.



Desert Sage Third Eye Brew Extra Strength

Brew tea from desert sage, white sage, mugwort, lemon balm, peppermint and orange zest.



Desert Sage Third Eye Brew

Desert sage is a popular ingredient in commercial psychic-inducing herbal teas. It has a smoky flavor and is less bitter than mugwort or wormwood.

Brew tea from desert sage and white sage. Drink to enhance clairvoyance, psychic vision, and reception. (The Third Eye is the area between the eyes, just above the bridge of the nose, and has long been associated with psychic powers.)


Protection Brew

3 parts Rue

2 parts Rosemary

1 part Vetivert

1 part Hyssop

1 part Mistletoe*

Brew as usual, strain and anoint each window and door of the house. Pour the rest down the drain to safeguard them. Do not drink!!


Purification Brew

Collect any nine sacred plants, such as vervain, rue, rosemary, oak, pine, acacia, rose, carnation, thyme, basil, jasmine and so on. Place in a nonmetallic pot or bowl. Add rain water (or fresh water) and let the herbs soak, covered and away from light, for three days. Strain. Use for asperging the house, others, or yourself for purification.


Purification Brew #2

1 part Lemon Verbena

1 part dried Lemon peel

1 part Chamomile

Brew, drink for purification prior to ritual. If desired, add a splash of lemon juice, a teaspoon of honey or sugar. (Sugar is used by Peruvian shamans in purification ceremonies).



Rainbow Brew

When it rains, wait for the clouds to break somewhere and look for a rainbow. If you find one, put a saucer or some other nonmetallic pan outside where it can catch rain. If it rains while the rainbow is still present, save the water for ritual uses. It has been blessed by the rainbow’s appearance. Because the rainbow contains all colors, this “brew” is useful for all types of magick. Bottle and label. Add to bathe or anoint the body and hands while visualizing your magickal goal.


Sleep Brew

1 part Rose petals

1 part Myrtle leaves

1 part Vervain

Soak rose petals in a pot of water for three days. Add more rose petals each day. On the third day, add myrtle and vervain at sunrise and let soak all day. That night, just before going to bed, bathe your forehead with three handfuls of the brew. Your sleep should be free from nightmares. Use the brew until gone, then make another batch if needed.


Water-based Infusions

Water-based Infusions

The standard formula for a water infusion is one teaspoon of dried herb, or one-and-a-half teaspoons of fresh herb for every cup of boiling water. Unless otherwise advised, maintain those proportions even when using multiple herbs, adjusting the proportions of the individual ingredients rather than the whole.

1. Place the herbs into a non-reactive pot or container (glass rather than plastic for instance).

2. Pour the water over the herbal material.

3. Allow it to brew, usually for between five and fifteen minutes.

4. The plant material may be strained from the liquid or allowed to remain depending upon the purpose of the spell. For a floorwash, you’d want to remove the herb, for a particularly potent magickal bath, it may be more powerful to retain the herbs, even though this may leave a mess to clean up.

Sometimes a stronger, more concentrated infusion is desired for a bath or floorwash but not for drinking:

1. Place a more substantial quantity of herbal material into a non-reactive pot or container.

2. Pour only enough boiling water over the herbal materials to cover it.

3. Allow it to brew for as long as it takes the water to return to room temperature.

4. Strain the herbs from the liquid or retain, as desired.


Oil-based Infusions

Oil-based Infusions

The process of creating infused oils is slightly more complex, however it is still easily accomplished in the home kitchen. The standard proportion suggested is that for every cup of oil, one ounce of fresh herbs or one half-ounce of dried herb is required. Unless otherwise advised, do not exceed these proportions:

1. Place the herbal material in a stainless steel bowl.

2. Cover with the oil.

3. Gently heat over simmering water, either in a true double boiler or in an improvised water bath–a saucepan one-quarter filled with water. The bowl with the herbs must not sit on the bottom of the pan but float in the water. As it is very easy for oil to scorch and burn, this process needs constant supervision for safety. Keep the oil covered.

4. Stir once in a while. Simmer gently for thirty minutes. The oil should not be allowed to get too hot because if it smokes, bubbles or burns and acrid fragrance will develop, spoiling the infusion.

5. Allow the oil to cool. Then all the herbal material must be strained out through multiple layers of cheesecloth or a fine non-metal strainer. Strain twice, if necessary, or more. If the plant material is not removed, the oil may turn rancid.

6. If an infusion spell includes essential oils or flowers remedies for enhancement, add them now, once the oil is strained and cooled.

7. Store the infused oil is an airtight container.

You can substitute a crock-pot for the water bath. Maintain the same proportions. Leave the pot on a low heat for approximately two hours, then strain as above.


Making Healing Infusions

Making Healing Infusions

The most common way to take herbal medicine is in an herb tea infusion. Drinking a medicinal tea is different however from drinking an herbal tea as a beverage. Medicinal teas are stronger. They usually require 1 ounce of the herb per pint (2 cups) of water. The container you use to prepare the medicinal herbal beverage is important also. Heatproof glassware and earthenware are best, as they do not impart any of there own qualities into the preparation. Avoid containers made of aluminum or cast iron, these can taint the herbal preparation. Heavily chlorinated tap water or water with a high mineral content should also be avoided. Pure spring water, or distilled water is best to use.


Essence of Louisiana Van Van

Essence of Louisiana Van Van

Used as a sprinkling solution to attract luck and power of all kinds when used full strength.

Recipe for Van Van Oil

Van Van Oil is a combination of any of the following herbs:
Citronella grass
Palma Rosa Grass
Ginger Grass
Khus Khus Grass
You don’t have to use them all but to get an potent mixture of Van Van Oil it is advisable tat you use at least the citronella and lemon grass. The more you use the more protective the forces will become. Just use equal parts of each.

How to use:
Add to scrub water to wash down the floor and steps of a home or business to get rid of evil.
Put 1 1/2 oz. Louisiana Van Van Oil in 16 oz. of alcohol. Shake well before each use.

Various Magickal Lamp Recipes

Various Magickal Lamp Recipes



The Health Lamp

This lamp, as with all other lamps, will contain a universal fluid mixture plus a magnet, a personal object from the person the lamp is for, or their name written on parchment paper cut in the form of a cross. You will place this at the bottom of your lamp and pour your fuel over this and the magnet. Since this lamp is being made for health, we will add the following: one Bottle Of Health Attracting Oil, and one half teaspoon of the following herbs: heal-all, peppermint, eucalyptus, etc. (a combination of five different healing herbs or four herbs and five-finger grass). The prayer used is directed to Our Lady Of Lourdes(used by the French) or St. Joseph (used by the Italians).

To correctly use the lamp, the flame must not be extinguished once it is lit, and as you say your prayers and state your desire, you must shake the lamp in a clockwise direction to get the ingredient in the lamp moving in a clockwise direction. Again this must be done daily and at the same time each day until satisfied.

Remember you can substitute your own prayers instead of using the ones stated here.



The Love Lamp

To your basic fuel add the following: one bottle of Love Oil, five herbs associated with love or four herbs and some five-finger grass. Use a prayer to Saint Anne.

(Your own personal prayers can be substituted.)

The Justice Lamp

Good for court cases and legal matters. Add the following: galangal root, yellow dock, snake root, carnation and five-finger grass, one bottle of Friendly Judge Oil

Say a prayer to St. Basil.

The Success Lamp

To this lamp add the following: one bottle Success Oil and five herbs associated with success, or four herbs and five-fingers grass. A prayer to St. Anthony is used here.

The Protection Lamp

Add one bottle of Protection Oil and five herbs of protective qualities or four herbs and five-finger grass. Pray to the Guardian Angel, St. Michael or St. Barbara.

The Quick Help Lamp

Add one bottle of Lucky Life Oil and five herbs associated with success or four herbs and five-finger grass. St. Expedite is who you would pray for assistance from.

The Peaceful Home Lamp

Add Baume du commandeur, one bottle of Peaceful Home Oil, passion flower, honey, mistletoe, jasmine flowers, orris root and John the Conqueror root. Ask St. Raymond for his assistance. He is the one to pray to as your make your desire known.


WOTC Extra – Magickal Ink Recipes

Magickal Ink Recipes


Butterfly’s Blood Ink

Add saffron so that the ink will be golden-yellow. Vervain maybe added as well. Use this ink for love spells and spirit summoning spells. Unless you’re making a tremendous quantity of ink, a very few strands of saffron should be sufficient. Place the saffron strands in a glass and pour a little boiling water over them. Add this liquid to your ink formula.

Dove’s Blood Ink

Dragon’s blood
Gum arabica
Scent with essential oils of bay laurel, cinnamon and rose.
For Love Spells



Bat’s Blood Ink
Dragon’s Blood
Gum arabica
Scent with essential oils of cinnamon and myrrh.
For commanding, domination and hexing spells.



Dragon’s Blood Ink
Dragon’s blood
Gum arabica
Optional: Essential Oil of cinnamon



Raven’s Blood Ink

This ink uses the same formula as dragon’s blood ink, except that the red color is obtained from iron oxide powder, rather than powdered dragon’s blood. It is used for love spells.



Raven’s Feather Ink

1. Burn one black feather, freely given.
2. Add the ashes to ink.
For commanding spells.



Chinese Magickal Ink

Write spells with a peach-wood pen and cinnabar ink.

Elixir Recipes

Meditation Elixir

You will need-

1 pint of spring water

1 Amethyst

1 Clear Quartz

Decanter made from glass

Let it sit overnight in the moonlight. Place in fridge until use.




Energy Elixir

You will need-

1 pint of spring water

1 agate

1 tiger’s eye

1 Decanter made of glass

Place in fridge until use




Moon Goddess Elixir

You will need-

1 pint white wine

1 moonstone

Decanter made from glass

Let it sit in the light of the full moon overnight. Place in fridge until use.



Meditation Elixir

You will need

1 pint of spring water

1 Amethyst

1 Clear Quartz

Decanter made from glass

Let it sit overnight in the moonlight. Place in fridge until use.




Aphrodite Elixir

What you will need

1/2 pint of brandy or rum

1/2 pint of spring water

1 Carnelian

Let it sit for 24 hours in sunlight then in moonlight. Place in fridge until use.



Energy Elixir

You will need

1 pint of spring water

1 agate

1 tiger’s eye

1 Decanter made of glass

Place in fridge until use



Moon Goddess Elixir

You will need

1 pint white wine

1 moonstone

Decanter made from glass

Let it sit in the light of the full moon overnight. Place in fridge until use.




Gem Elixir for Pain

You will need

1/2 pint of spring water

1/2 pint of vodka

1 adventurine

1 lapis lazuli

Decanter made from glass

Put all the ingredients in the decanter, let is sit outside in full sunlight for at least twelve hours. Place elixir into fridge until use. Drinking a cup should help the pain

The Elixir of Love

The Elixir of Love

This loving cup includes an ingredient known in some magickal circles as “elixir.”
Times this elixir is most effective:
During the Waxing Moon
When the sun or moon is in Taurus, Libra or Scorpio
On Tuesdays or Fridays

What you will need:
A chalice or goblet
Wine or apple cider
Male and female sexual fluids
1. Engage in sexual intercourse.
2. Pour some wine or apple cider in a ritual chalice or goblet.
3. Add a few drops of “elixir”–the mixture of male and female sexual fluids–to the chalice.
4. Focus on each other and your love while you drink the “potentized” wine (or cider) together.

Horehound Strength

Horehound Strength

Studying? Engaged in an activity that strains your brain? Try this infusion as a brain pick-me-up.
Place 2 teaspoons of Horehound into boiling water. Let it seep for for 5 min. Strain the liquid and enjoy.
Unless you are a black coffee drinker who likes a STRONG cup of coffee, it would be a good idea to sweeten this with some honey and milk.
The extra powers of clearing the mind, quick thinking and mental strength lasts approx. 4 hours.
Repeat as needed.