Getting Started With Pendulums for Divination Magic

Pendulum are fascinating instruments with complex magical properties. A pendulum mysteriously connects the unconscious and the conscious. It bridges the divide between the physical and spiritual planes, which makes it the perfect tool for divination magic.

As long as the pendulum string is taut and the weight is free of any negative energies that would interfere with its connection to the astral world, you will be able to use it to see beyond the realms of your everyday conscious mind. However, it takes a knowledge of the magical properties of pendulums and practice to use it as a divination tool.

How Can You Use a Pendulum as a Divination Tool?

The pendulum can see many things, but sometimes the revelations are vague. An inexperienced diviner could spend hours trying to seek answers with pendulum magic, with little success. Then they unexpectedly receive a flash of clarity, which gives them an answer. Sometimes, the insight is an eclipsed version of the answer they were seeking, which can be disappointing. Other times, the question is answered in full.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Pendulum Magic

You will receive clearer answers over time. The specificity of your answers depends on:

  • How much practice you have had with divination magic
  • Your level of confidence in your ability to divine the answers you are looking for
  • Whether your aura is free of astral larvae or other parasites that can impede your connection to the astral plane
  • How well you have cared for your pendulum
  • Whether there are any impurities in your pendulum that could limit its connection to the astral world

Before you get started with pendulum magic, it is very important to address any roadblocks between your physical body and the astral world. Begin by removing any impurities from your life that attract astral parasites.

You must also make sure that the pendulum is formed from the right materials. I have seen novice witches try to use pendulums formed from cast iron, steel, wood or other materials that will not form a connection to the astral world. If you intend to use pendulum magic, you need to make sure it is formed from purer materials.

Crystals are theoretically the best materials for making pendulums. However, there are two major limitations with them. First of all, they are rare and fairly expensive. Secondly, they tend to collect a lot of energy. This means they need to frequently and rigorously cleaned to work as a divination tool.

Silver is the best materials to use for pendulum magic. It is both a metal of the earth and of the moon. Its lunar properties make it the perfect material for connecting to the astral world. Sterling silver is a great substitute, as long as it is no less than nine parts of silver for every part of the alloy metal.

Of course, silver is pricey. If you can’t afford it, then copper is the next best option. It is also a metal of the earth, with excellent conductive properties. Its conductivity is great for harvesting the energy needed to build a connection to the astral plane.

Invoking the Pendulum

Once you have made sure your pendulum is properly functioning and your own connection to the astral world is pure, you can start using it to build those connections. It is time to harness your pendulum and use it to begin invoking the all-seeing energies of the astral world.

You can use the pendulum to answer any question that you like. However, it is easier to ask for questions with binary answers, such as those that have “yes” or “no” as the only possible answers. You can ask for answers to more open-ended questions in the future, but you will need a lot more practice. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will assume that you are asking a binary question. The procedures for seeking answers to open-ended questions is beyond the scope of this post.

When you ask a question, you must follow up with possible answers. For example:

“Will my interviewer be impressed if I wear a black tie to my job interview tomorrow, yes or no?”

The pendulum will rotate clockwise, counterclockwise or it may oscillate. If it moves clockwise, that indicates that the first answer you posed is the answer you were looking for. A counterclockwise rotation indicates the second answer is correct.

It is possible that after the first movement, the pendulum will make a different and even contradictory motion. This may mean that the information provided corresponds to two different stages or situations. If so, you should modify the questions and get answers to both.

The most important and difficult part of pendulum divination magic is posing the question in a way that the answer will be practical and easy to decipher.


The first pendulums consisted of a simple key suspended from a thread. While it moved circularly, the diviner asked questions. Over time, a ring or a small ball of lead was placed instead of a key.

Later, the pendulum took on more refined forms, such as a small crystal sphere suspended from a gold chain, or a pendulum in the form of a pear made of ebony or ivory.

There are many fortune tellers and healers who prefer a solid quartz pendulum, although they require constant energetic cleansing, as crystals can be easily charged with all kinds of energies that may interfere with later work.

When creating any pendulum, you must tie a knot at each end of the object to prevent it from slipping between the fingers.


The pendulum is used in many modern cultures to choose fertile soil, as well as to search for minerals, fossils, gold and lost objects.

It can be used to make decisions and learn complicated answers to questions we face in everyday life.


Tips to Use Pendulum Successfully

– Find a private, quiet room that doesn’t contain electronics.

– Sit in a chair, preferably in front of a table, with your back straight and the palms of your feet resting on the floor.

– Avoid crossing your legs and arms or intertwining your hands during the session.

– Place the pendulum in front of the Sixth Chakra.

– Determine the meaning of the different oscillations. Yes, No, You don’t know. For example, it could be the following:

Yes: the pendulum moves forward or circles clockwise.

No: It turns in a circle counterclockwise.

Doesn’t know: The pendulum remains static or shows a slight vibration. In this case, pause or change the way you ask. Concentrate on the question and make sure that it is clear, short and precise. Take the pendulum between your extended thumb and index finger. Rest your forearm on the table and let the pendulum swing over the body area, hand or object.


From time to time it is good to put it in sea salt and you must try to avoid being touched by anyone other than yourself.



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Simple & Quick Divinations

Simple & Quick Divinations

Hair Divination

Throw some hair into a fire. It is said to be a sign of long life if the hair flames up vigorously. It is an omen of ill health if it simply smolders away.

Rosemary Divination

Take a sprig of rosemary and ask a yes or no question seven times. Then pluck a leaf from the sprig and say YES. Pluck another leaf and say NO. Continue alternating yes and no with each leaf you pick until the sprig is base. The last leaf you pick reveals the answer.

Water Divination

Holding a stone, sit in front of a bowl of water and ask a question, one that can be answered with either a yes or no. Drop the stone into the water and carefully count the ripples it creates. An even number of ripples means yes and an odd number means no.

Divination Through Tea Leaves

Divination Through Tea Leaves

Predicting by using tealeaves was in the 19th century in Europe quite popular, but nowadays it is hardly practiced. Not, because the techniques were that extremely difficult, but much more because almost everyone uses teabags in stead of just unpacked tealeaves. That causes, that no leaves are left in the cup after drinking.

So if you feel invited to this prediction method, the first thing to do is drinking tea at that ‘old-fashioned’ way. You need for each cup one teaspoon with tea and one extra for the teapot. You’ll notice it tastes nice, but if you plan to use it too for prediction, I suggest the use of white cups, because it gives a better background for the dark leaves. Each person in your ‘tea session’ who wants to hear something about their personal future, should leave a little liquid behind in their cup. This is stirred to let the leaves floating in stead lying quiet on the bottom of the cup. Immediately after that is done, the liquid part is carefully poured out. By doing this, the tealeaves stick behind on the inside and the bottom of the cup.

Than comes the moment for you to fix a strong and deep concentration on those tealeaves. Close your eyes halfway and give your powers of imagination ‘free way’. Try to discover in these tealeaves a known picture, i.e. a book, an axe, trees, a hat, etc…etc… The following step is the interpretation of that discovered picture. You can use for that the next explanations:

A journey, at the end of that trip happiness.

Luck in love affair(s).

(A pickax or a saw is also possible)
Be warned to deal carefully with your money and your emotions.

(Also a non-army airplane):
An unexpected promotion, going for the better or inheritance.

See: flag.

Ask advice before going further going on in things your are (or are going to be) involved.

Your social activities will increase.

There will come a meeting or a date that is important for your further life.

Your partner/spouse/life mate takes your affair not as serious as is essential/ necessary in your view.

In a certain activities in your professions you should give more and better efforts.

Clock or watch:
An important meeting will happen.


Big tough luck. If you can see a second picture in the leaves, than that can give more details on the area that is involved.

Avoid risks.

You may expect good news.

Good news is coming.

You will get unbelievable news from far away.

Your level of prosperity will increase.

Expected good news will not come.

Gate or door:
An unexpected change in your personal circumstances.

You should make more efforts to give your best.

Harp or harpsichord:
Prosperity and luck will become yours.

You have to go through some touch luck.

You will get emotional excitement.

You will get a better understanding about certain things that are unclear to you now.

You’ll get a quarrel or even a row.

Ladder (Household):

Moon (Waxing):
A little profit will become yours.

A lot of non-material luck/happiness.

In short time you will get some problems. (Not very big).

At home with you something will change.

You should improve your dealing with weighting advantages and disadvantages. Things have more than one side.

A journey will bring luck and happiness.

(Two tealeaves straight between each other):
Business in which you are involved will go well.
(Two tealeaves not straight between each other):
Business in which you are involved will not turn out well.

Everything will bloom.

Such a picture that is close to the edge of the teacup points to a time period from three till six weeks on the things that are predicted. If the picture is on the bottom it means a time period of at least two years before that prediction will happen. In the middle of the inside means about a year.

By training and experience you will become able to interpret more pictures as are described here.

Don’t forget: as with every prediction method, it will only work as it’s fully implemented in yourself. The fewest doubt will make that your efforts to predict will fail. (The ‘client’ need not believe that).

Tarot Divination


Not long ago an on-line friend told me that he saw no reason to use the Tarot in divination; in fact, he felt that no one should use them for divination, as this was a profane use of the cards. He preferred to use the cards solely for contemplation.

At the time I did not feel inclined to respond to this narrow view, but after a night of thinking about it, I was prompted to write the following in defense of Tarot Divination (and I don’t mean fortune telling!)

1) The art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or
discover hidden knowledge usually by means of augury (divination from omens) or by the aid of super-natural powers
2) Unusual insight or intuitive perception (these definitions from Webster’s)

According to the Brotherhood of Light there are four main uses for the Tarot:
1) Science of Vibration
2) Divination by cards
3) Divination by number
4) Spiritual Science (the method of putting the rest together to develop a philosophy)

Is it wrong to USE the cards?

1) Playing cards is fun! Without such use perhaps Tarot would long ago have died as other games have faded from use. Chess may be considered to be a child’s game or a highly developed intellectual discipline. The same is true of using the Tarot cards.

2) Have you ever played Taroc? It is a very interesting game like bridge using the Major Arcana as Trumps…in profane decks the court cards and majors may have two heads (to be read either up or down.) Some versions of the game have certain mystical aspects.

3) In studying the history of the Tarot you will see that the decks (except those belonging to aristocrats who had hand-painted decks made for them by great artists) used long ago were very primitive and made from wood cuts. We have come far from those crude representations…but the ideas expressed in the Tarot remain the same – they are still there in those early decks.

4) Where did the Tarot come from? We have only theory and conjecture:

a) Ancient Egyptians
b) They always have existed but have been revived from time to time
c) Gift of Divine Origin
d) etc.
It’s validity and usefulness are what count

a) it works when used
b) it contains Universal symbology and archetypes found elsewhere
c) it is numerically correct and corresponds with ancient systems of wisdom (especially to the Qabala)

10 = sephiroth (ace through 10 in the Minor Arcana)
22 = paths (22 Major Arcana cards)
4 = elements (four suits)(etc.)

The Tarot is MUCH MORE than mere pictures on pasteboard. The pictures on the Tarot cards are physical symbols for spiritual concepts. One definition I use for the Tarot is as follows:

A symbolic representation of Archetypal Forces and/or Beings which have always existed and have been identified and passed on to us by ancient initiates and which provide a focus for us to use in self-initiation, spiritual development, and the perception of hidden wisdom.

A few notes regarding the above……..

1) Jung says of Archetypes that they exist for us at birth…they emanate from the collective unconscious….they are NOT self-created or generated.

2) Aleister Crowley says in his book the Book of Thoth:

“Each card is, in a sense, a living being.” “It is for the student to build these living stones into his living Temple.”
“…the cards of the Tarot are living individuals…”

“How is he to blend their life with his? The ideal way is that of contemplation. But this involves initiation of such high degree that it is impossible to describe the method in this place. Nor is it attractive or suitable to most people. The practical everyday common-place way is divination.”

3) In Magick without Tears he says:

“…the Tarot itself as a whole is an universal Pentacle…Each card, especially this is true of the Trumps, is a Talisman; …It is evidently an Idea far too vast for any human mind to comprehend in its entirety. For it is ‘the Wisdom whereby He (God) created the worlds.'”

As regards these Lively Forces:

1. These Forces can communicate with us…or rather we can interpret their currents through our subconscious intuitive minds….this is one use of divination (and contemplation). This is the level, as Jung says, at which we are all connected.

2. These Forces can be directed by us Magickally if we are so trained. First we must master divination, then direction.

3. The Tarot is a Magickal Weapon in the hands of a trained initiate the mere placement of one card between two others can alter the forces involved and affect physical (and ethereal) reality.

4. The Tarot is a philosophy as well, with an Ancient Message about the Soul’s journey.

5. Yes, the Tarot is useful to study and contemplate….the colors and symbols are specifically designed and arranged to stimulate things within us (forces, archetypes, subconscious).

6. The Major Arcana are especially sacred to us because they represent the Paths, Steps, Forces which are necessary for us to rejoin the Godhead and attain enlightenment.

We are fortunate that modern printing is so good and that the Tarot decks and books which we have today are easily available to us. This was not always the case for our brothers and sisters in times past. Today one can afford to smile and say: “I only need to contemplate the cards to understand them.” But there is more to the use of the cards in Divination than many have been taught; for it is a mysterious process.

Just as one must study and practice upon a musical instrument to become a virtuoso, so too the Tarot takes many years of study and practice to use
correctly. One must be well developed spiritually, emotionally, and intuitively, or (as in music) naturally gifted to make full and accurate use of the cards in divination. In the hands of a gifted Diviner or Initiate the Tarot is a formidable weapon. It can even talk and spell out sentences! Hence the Hebrew letters correspondence to the Major Arcana. However, since we do not all learn in the same ways….the Tarot may not be the DIVINATORY METHOD for everyone…although everyone can learn from it and should study it.

Other methods which may suit:

a) Astrology
b) Numerology
c) I Ching
d) Pendulum
e) Runes
f) etc.

As humankind evolves spiritually (and in other ways) so too the Tarot evolves. Take for example the reconstruction of The Chariot (Arcanum VII) and The Devil(Arcanum XV) cards by Levi. He gave them a new presentation based upon his advanced knowledge at the time. Also, note how The Lovers (Arcanum VI) has changed from earlier decks. It still has the same basic meaning, but the symbols have changed. No longer are there two women…one good one bad…with the man in between…now it is two people with an Angel above them. New Tarot decks continue to be made as our knowledge and under-standing evolves.

A note on The Book of Thoth, Aleister Crowley’s Tarot deck, is as seen by him from the Astral Plane. This is why it is so different from many decks; why it is so striking; and, why the energy felt has such strong effects upon many people.

Some cards come and go….there are more cards on the astral plane than we have on the physical….between the cards, above and below the cards are others…as with the Quaballa.

When working with the Tarot if one is in a Magickal State (Asana, etc.) and reads the cards it is a Magickal or Divine (hence the term divination) operation. I take the forces into myself when using the cards thus they affect me and I them.

Because of this knowledge, I respect the Tarot as a Living Thing/Force and I do not bother it with profane questions. I treat it as a Magickal Weapon and thus with care and respect. Fortune telling, while not wrong, is the profane use of the cards.

Contemplation of the cards is useful; without Divination, however, one could not experience the forces within them in the same way. Also, there are hidden uses for the Tarot. The Tarot is indeed a Teacher. It is also a door, a gateway, an entryway into other realms which is partly how it was used in Egyptian

Initiation Rites. We may use it in some of the ways listed below:

1) Scrying/meditation
2) Ritual (invocation and evocation)
3) Works/spells
4) Talisman use/focus
5) Divination

Some of the goals of initiates (after perfecting divination and the Tarot’s philosophy) are
1) to read with a blank deck and to use a spread with no set meanings, and
2) to develop one’s own Astral Deck.

Magick (in Theory and Practice), Crowley’s famous book, calls Divination an important branch of Magick, and defines it thusly:

1. “We postulate the existence of intelligence’s, either within or without the diviner, of which he is not immediately conscious. (It does not matter to the theory whether the communicating spirit so-called is an objective entity or a concealed portion of the diviner’s mind.) We assume that such intelligence’s are able to reply correctly – within limits- to the questions asked.”

2. “We postulate that it is possible to construct a compendium of hieroglyphs sufficiently elastic in meaning to include every possible idea, and that one or more of these may always be taken to represent any idea. We assume that any of these hieroglyphs will be understood by the intelligence’s with whom we wish to communicate in the same sense as it is by ourselves. We have therefore a sort of language….”

3. “We postulate that the intelligence’s whom we wish to consult are willing, or may be compelled, to answer us truthfully.” He goes on to discuss divination as shown in some of the quotes below:

“In a system of divination each symbol stands for a definite idea.”

“As regards the Holy Quaballa, based as it is on pure number, (it) evidently possesses an infinite number of symbols. Its scope is conterminous with existence itself; and it lacks nothing in precision, purity, or indeed any other perfection. But it cannot be taught, each man must select for himself the materials for the main structure of his system.”

“It is always essential for the diviner to obtain absolute magical control over the intelligence’s of the system which he adopts.”

“Experience is the only teacher. One acquires what one may almost call a new sense. One feels in one’s self whether one is right or not. The diviner must develop this sense.”

“In order to divine without error, one ought to be a Master of the Temple. The faintest breath of personal preference will deflect the needle from the pole of truth in the answer.”

“One must prepare oneself by general purification and consecration devised with the object of detaching oneself from one’s personality and increasing the sensitiveness of one’s faculties.”

“The muscles with which he manipulates the apparatus of divination must be entirely independent of any volition of his. He must lend them for the moment to the intelligence whom he is consulting.”

(Note: one of the first steps in divination is the invoking of the Angel HRU)

“He must have succeeded in destroying the tendency of the ego to interfere with the object of thought. He must be able to conceive of a thing out of all relation with anything else.”

“He should allow the question entire freedom to make for itself its own proper links with the intelligence directing the answer.”

“He must sink his personality in that of the intelligence hearing the question propounded by a stranger to whom he is indifferent, but whom it is his business to serve faithfully.”

“He should exhaust the intellectual sources of information at his disposal, and form from them his judgment. But having done this, he should detach his mind from what it has just formulated, and proceed to concentrate it on the figure as a whole, almost as if it were the object of his meditation.”

“The concluding operation is therefore to obtain a judgment of the figure, independent of all intellectual or moral restraint. One must endeavor to apprehend it as a thing absolute in itself.”

“Divination is in one sense an art entirely separate from that of Magick; yet it interpenetrates Magick at every point. The fundamental laws of both are identical. The right use of divination has already been explained: but it must be added that proficiency therein, tremendous as is its importance in furnishing the Magician with the information necessary to his strategic and tactical plans, in no wise enables him to accomplish the impossible. It is not within the scope of divination to predict the future with the certainty of an astronomer in calculating the return of a comet. There is always much virtue in divination.”

“One must not assume that the oracle is omniscient.”

“The Magician ought therefore to make himself master of several methods of divination; using one or the other as the purpose of the moment dictates. He should make a point of organizing a staff of such spirits to suit various occasions. These should be ‘familiar’ spirits, in the strict sense; members of his family.”

“Divination of any kind is improper in matters directly concerning the Great Work itself. In the Knowledge and Conversation of his Holy Guardian Angel, the adept is possessed of all he can possibly need. To consult any other is to insult one’s Angel.”

“Although the adept is in daily communication with his Angel, he ought to be careful to consult Him only on questions proper to the dignity of the relation. One should not consult one’s Angel on too many details, or indeed on any matters which come within the office of one’s familiar spirits. One does not go to the King about petty personal trifles. The romance and rapture of the ineffable union which constitutes Adeptship must not be profaned by the introduction of commonplace cares.”

Thus we may use Divination for those worthy questions which we need answered but cannot find out in any other way…either through our own research or by the contacting of one’s Guardian Angel. If we can attain the necessary magickal states discussed above and if we complete the necessary study and work which then suggests, we can become masters of Tarot Divination.



This seems like a fairly good time of year to be talking about divination. What is it, why do we do it, and what’s in it for us? Lots of people think it’s a way of avoiding responsibility – if the future is preordained, we might as well go back to bed.

Of course, that’s not it at all. Divination is the use of any one of several methods to obtain information which is not directly accessible to the conscious mind of the person asking the question. Whether you use cards, crystals, a pendulum, ink, lead, dice, the flight of birds or anything else, what you are really doing is opening your end of a channel to higher wisdom. I consider the “actual” source of that wisdom irrelevant and immaterial; it could be one’s own subconscious, the collective unconscious, the Gods’ will, telepathic insight, or a big computer buried in the Balkans. It’s still additional information which is not as tainted by ego and intellect’s limitations as most.

So what do we do with it? The same things we do with any other information; add it to what we already know and develop a synthesis that can help us do our decision-making. The easiest way to analyze the process is with a concrete (well, maybe jello) example:

A young man has been between relationships for some time. He wants very much to link up with the great love of his life, but is not aware of anyone on the horizon. He is putting himself in a position to meet new people, presenting himself as attractively as he can, and generally taking care of business, but no results. He has to decide whether to take a work-related course at night or not. It will take a lot of time and there are not likely to be any women attending. His progressed horoscope is neutral. He gets his cards read. They say:

1. Nothing at all about love, but a lot about skilled craftsmanship and
satisfaction through work. He decides to relax and wait for a better time, takes the course, and is rewarded with a modest promotion which enhances his satisfaction with his job.

2. A lot about increasing social activities, leading to the start of a new romance, leading to great happiness and satisfaction after some difficulties are resolved. He does not take the course, and meets a really nice interesting lady at a party given by a friend (which he couldn’t have attended had he taken the course).

3. That he is overlooking sources of emotional gratification in his current situation. Given the information, he starts looking around and discovers that one of his quieter friends is a really thoughtful and insightful person who helps him learn to know himself better, and that a young cousin needs a mentor and this relationship gives him a lot of pleasure and fulfillment. He begins to feel much more ready for a good relationship, and much less impatient to have one start.

These examples illustrate the point made above; divination provides you with choices, and you take the consequences, no matter what the oracles say. Treat them with respect, not adoration or blind compliance, and may they always show you the truth.

A Short Introduction to Celtic/Druid Ogham or Ogma Alphabet and How to Use it For Divination

The Celtic’s used a writing system called Ogham or sometimes spelled Ogma which dates hundreds of years BCE (Before the Current Era). Most of the time the credit for the alphabets origins are given to the Druid Priests. As only they could read the meanings of the “Ogham Staves” when they were thrown. The Ogham alphabet consists of 25 different symbols which in turn are associated with specific trees or shrubs.

The alphabet can either be written vertically or horizontally but the actual marking for the symbol or letter always appears on the same side and location on the straight line that all the symbols/letter stem off of.

The Ogham Staves are used as a form of divination. You can use them the same as you would Runes or Tarot cards. To make Ogham Staves they should be craved into a piece of the tree or shrub they are associated with, all 25 pieces of wood should be the exact same length and when possible diameter.

How to use the staves is simple you hold them together in both hands, and roll them on your palms while you ask your question of them (be sure to keep your question clear and concise). When you feel it is time and with the question firmly fixed in your mind you let the staves drop from about 4 to 6 inches off the ground. Those closest to you are the future, the middle ones are for the present, and those furthest away are read for the past which led up to the present which will lead into the future.

Here is a picture of the alphabet writing, name of symbol/letter, and which tree or shrub is associated to it:

Other examples of the alphabet:

Here is are the symbols/letters on the tree or shrub they are associated with:

This is the first in a series of posts on the use and meanings of the Ogham alphabet and staves. I will also be posting an Ogham Symbol for the day starting Monday, August 13th both on here and on WOTC.

If you have questions about this topic please write to LAdy Beltane at Please put Ogham Question in the “Subject line”


A Little Trivia from the Celtic Tradition Relating to Imbolc – Learn Your Fortune From the Number of Eyes in a Potato

Imbolc/Candlemas Comments

A Little Trivia from the Celtic Tradition Relating to Imbolc – Learn Your Fortune From the Number of Eyes in a Potato

One eye: Troubles…wait and learn from your mistakes, put things right.

Two eyes: Presents…rewards, secret surprises, good luck!

Three eyes: Friends…positive partnerships, the freedom to make new friends

Four eyes: New Beginnings…finish what you’ve started and prepare for a fresh start

Five eyes: Travel…changes, brand new ideas, moving forward

Six eyes: Love…deep feelings, listen to your heart

Seven eyes: Wealth…breakthrough to achievement and rewards, as if you are a new person

Eight eyes: Sadness…let go of something that doesn’t feel right or suit you anymore

Nine eyes: Happiness…new energy, joyfulness, easy to release something you’ve outgrown

Ten eyes: Growing…take care, enjoy work and a great harvest is assured.