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5 PAGAN TRADITIONS: How the Ancients Celebrated Beltane

For Your Viewing Pleasure

 I went to a Celtic Pagan Ceremony in Ireland (Gaelic Samhain Festival)

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The Witch’s Sabbat – Samhain

For Your Viewing Pleasure

I know some of you out there in our wide wonderful circle of witches and pagans are dancers and/or gymnast. Or you might be like me a former gymnast and dancer but still enjoy watching talent boys, girls, men, women, etc get their groove on. So here is an offering from that I am sure will amazing many of you, I know it did me. All I can say is be prepared to see human pretzels.



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A Chuckle for Your Day

Want a laugh? Here’s is a video from Pluto, a cute Miniature Schnauzer on

Pluto Living – Shout-out Hootenanny!

Get to Know Silver Sage a Bit Better

This is a beautiful video of my dearest heart sister Sliver Sage’s work, yoga, meditation, and general witchiness space.

I Have a Secret by Sliver Sage

Remember to look for her Angel Card readings on Mondays. They will be posted on here, on her youtube channel and her website.

Silver Sage’s YouTube Channel

Silver Sage’s Website New Found~Life

Silver Sage can do Tarot and Angel Card readings for anyone anywhere in the world. She also will do spells and rituals for other people. (Coven Life DOES NOT do spells or rituals for others no matter what it is for.)

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Another interesting video from youtube.

Witchcraft and Occultism in the Media

Counting Down to Celebrating Yule

Each day I will bring you a new song an/or video and/or a back flash from Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook (these will range from 1999[1st year published] until 2019) for our upcoming Yule/Winter Solstice celebrations.

Today I pick a song whose melody is from my first winter school program where the teacher for some odd reason gave me a short solo. I hope this song or the melody will bring you fond memories from past winters or give you a new memory to think back on,

What Night is This by Katerina ElHaj

Tomorrow will feature a flash back to Yule from Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2000

To Busy Getting Things Done Now that We Have Saved WOTC to do Regular Posts

Merry Morning/Afternoon/Evening

Today it is in the single digits where I live in Chicagoland, Illinois, USA but I will still be walking to the post office to get the request for the death certificate and to have the paper with my person information, etc notarized. Why am I walking? Because I no longer drive due to medication for my back. But it’s only about 1 to 1 1/2 miles round trip from my door doing all the errands and getting home again.

I will try to keep you updated as information about WOTC website changes, Than it is definitely nap time with getting very little actual sleep.

So today I bring you a short video that I had found interesting.

What If There Was No Electricity for a Year

For Your Viewing Pleasure

I am still not fit to be seen but at least I had the energy thanks to Sirona and Kwan Yin to catch up on birthday horoscope posts.

I apologize to my Southern Hemisphere brothers, sisters, and guests for not getting a current Moon phase and planetary positions up for you the last few days.

To my Northern Hemisphere brothers, sisters and guests  I apologize for you missing a couple of days for the current Moon phase and planetary positions.

This is a rock and roll oldie. I hope you enjoy watching it and hopefully get a little chuckle out of it The Monster Mash Light Show

This is an interesting video showing a Beltane Fire Dance