Tuesday Witchcraft/Magickal Correspondences


Light a red candle to receive vigor and strength. Meditating with a red candle enables courage, power, fertility, magnetism, desire, and action.

Ruling Deities

Wiccan God Ares Wiccan Goddess Ceres Wiccan God DemeterAres, Ceres and Demeter are rulers of Tuesdays.


Carnelian, Coral, Bloodstone, Ruby, Garnet and Pink Tourmaline

Carrying these gemstones today can bring success and fulfillment of your goals. Wear them as a talisman or simply keep them close to you to harness their energy.


Drink a cup of Pu Erh Tea today for a boost of vital strength. This type of tea will keep you alert during the day due to its caffeine contents, but it also has many powerful effects on the body such as protecting from harmful bacteria, fighting inflammation, and eliminating body toxins¹.

From Spell 8 – Tuesday

September 2021 Chinese Monthly Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs

The Lunar month of September will be fortunate in the areas of profession, health, and finances.
Career prospects will be challenging and stressful. Rat professionals are able to overcome the obstacles and succeed in their projects. This will result in promotions and salary hikes.
Relationships will be tricky and there will be problems due to minor differences of opinion. Peace and happiness can be ensured by sorting out the problems as and when they arise diplomatically.

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The lunar month of September will be lucky for Ox individuals in most areas of life. There will be problems in the areas of affections and relationships.
Career will be quite hectic. They can relax by socializing with friends. This will also help them to sort out any confusion with their social contacts.
Relationships will be problematic and there may be some backbiting by friends and relatives.
Health can be improved by resorting to sports and fitness programs. Involving family members will help to restore harmony in the family environment.

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Professionals will take up some difficult tasks this month. There is a possibility that this may lead to a stressful situation. However, Tigers with their professional expertise and experience will be able to succeed in completing the projects.
Students should face their examinations with confidence and preparation if they have to succeed.
Maintenance of good health should be given a priority this month. A good fitness routine coupled with a healthy diet will help.
There will be conflicts in relationships with friends and family members. All the problems should be resolved promptly.

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September will be a propitious month with fortune favoring the various aspects of life.
The family environment will be cordial with harmony prevailing between members. There will not be any serious differences of opinion or conflicts between members.
Students pursuing their academic activities will be successful in their examinations. Many of them will be awarded rewards for their excellence.
Professionals should make steady progress in their projects, foretells the 2021 September Rabbit horoscope.
Social activities should be restricted to avoid any serious conflicts with friends.

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Dragon professionals should focus on their career advancement this month. They should strive to improve their professional skills. Maintaining good relationships with colleagues is important for success.
The sore point this month will be a bad relationship with their spouses. There may be problems due to the inadequate incomes from their career activities. This will lead to serious conflicts in the relationship. The differences may be irreconcilable. The only alternative will be to end the partnership and have peace of mind.

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Snakes can expect a fabulous month of September. All the areas of life will be zooming and there will be hardly any problems.
Career progress will be excellent. Finances will get very good returns from investments, forecasts the 2021 September Chinese horoscope.
The general temperament will be optimistic in the absence of any stress. They should use this time to make future plans. They should be clear about their activities and their expectations about the coming days.

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The month promises good prospects for career-oriented people. Juniors will have good opportunities to enhance their capabilities with the help of seniors. Senior people will do exceedingly well in executing their projects. This will lead to promotions and salary increases.
Love and relationships will be the bad spot this month. There will be serious conflicts with their spouses on minor issues. The whole environment will be vitiated. The only way the partnership will survive is with good communication and compromises from both the partners. If that is not possible, separation is the only solution.

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September promises to be a wonderful month for Sheep individuals.
Career people will have no problem with their professional responsibilities and will make good progress.
Students will do well in their studies and their relationship with other students will be harmonious.
Finances will be superb and there will be plenty of money coming from investments and savings. Businessmen will get good returns from their ventures. This will particularly help senior people.
The busy schedule of Sheep individuals may affect their health badly. They should find time to relax and maintain their well-being.

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The month of September will prove to be a profitable month for the Monkeys.
Professionals will see good career growth and there will be financial rewards attached to this success.
As there is hardly any stress from their occupations, there will be enough free time on their hands. This can be used for socializing with old friends. A family vacation will also improve happiness. There will be plenty of parties and get-togethers.
They should be careful about their food intake. Any excess will affect their physical fitness. They should follow a good exercise program with a restrictive diet schedule to maintain their health.

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September 2021 promises to be a tremendous month for Rooster individuals. There will be money from unexpected sources and inheritances.
Singles will be able to find their love mates and will lead a happy love life.
Marital life will be blissful with plenty of communication and sharing of precious quality time.
They will maintain their fitness by rigorously following a strict fitness and diet routine.
Professionals should be vigilant in their career responsibilities and try to accomplish their targets successfully.

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Financially September will prove to be lucky for Dog people. They may get money from unexpected sources as well as from their career progress.
Singles will find their love mates in social gatherings.
Students will face a rough time in their studies. They fail to make good progress. They should not hesitate to seek the guidance of seniors and experts. Also, they should also pay more attention in specializing in the subjects they have already learnt.
Health will be problematic for senior Dogs. Chronic diseases are likely to show up again. Prompt medical help will alleviate the problems.

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September 2021 will prove to be lucky for single persons in the area of relationships. There will be many opportunities for forming love partnerships and pregnancies. Friends and family members may take the lead in finding ideal partners. Pigs may take their own time in deciding. But in the end, everything will be hunky and dory.
Career prospects and financial income will not face any problems.
Health requires regular fitness and diet schedules for the boars.

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September 2021 Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs

Sunsigns.Org’s are pleased to offer September 2021 monthly horoscopes. This is also a time for happiness and enjoying with family and friends. September Horoscope 2021 gives forecasts of the actions for the 12 zodiacs and the influence of the Mercury retrograde. This will give you an idea about the prospects for career, money, love, family relationships, health, travel, and education.

Married people are looking for excellence in their partners. Singles will find love during leisure trips. Family affairs can be volatile and children may have problems in their academic activities. Health will not pose any problems. Profession and business activities will find the going tough.

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Married life is made enjoyable through novel methods of love and making babies. Singles may have problems in deciding on their love relationships. Children will thrive in their activities. Health will be exceptional without any hazards. Career prospects are excellent with monetary rewards and promotions.
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Married life will be enjoyable with the support of your spouse in solving challenges. The month is not very favorable for singles in love matters. Travel activities are very beneficial. Health conditions may deteriorate. Family affairs will be difficult. Career and finance offer very little hope.
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Marital life will be marked by loyalty and passion. Singles should get into love partnerships after fully understanding their partners. Children will have no problem with their academic activities. Health prospects are wonderful. Businessmen and professionals will face hurdles in their activities.
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Life with your spouse will be congenial and there will be a good understanding of the marriage. The family environment will be cheerful, and children will do well in their studies. Health condition will be blissful. Career professionals will advance in their careers. Business prospects are highly profitable.
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Married couples will have no reason to complain this month. Single persons will have many opportunities for getting into love partnerships. Health prospects are fabulous. Family and children will not have a propitious month. Business people and career professionals will have to wait for a better period.
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Life with your spouse will be congenial and there will be a good understanding of the marriage. The family environment will be cheerful, and children will do well in their studies. Health condition will be blissful. Career professionals will advance in their careers. Business prospects are highly profitable.
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Married life will be delightful with a few compromises. Single persons will find love during the last week of the month. Family finances will enhance happiness in the environment of the family. Career professionals can hope to advance in their jobs. Health will be fantastic. Businessmen can start new ventures.
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Married life will be turbulent during the first fortnight. Planetary support is available for singles to forge love alliances. Family surroundings will be full of peace and harmony. Health will be wonderful without any chronic ailments. Businessmen will prosper with the help of their contacts. Career growth will be good.
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Marriage will become harmonious during the second fortnight. Singles can get love mates during the third week. The family may face turbulent times. Planets will favor you with excellent health. Career prospects will face hurdles. Businessmen will get opportunities to expand their activities.
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Married life will be full of love and harmony. Single persons can find love in their friendship circle. Children will do well in their studies. Fabulous health will make your disposition optimistic. Professionals can advance their careers with support from friends and contacts. Travel engagements may not be beneficial.
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Good communication will result in enjoyable marital happiness. Singles can charm the opposite sex into love alliances. The family environment will be a little difficult. Health can be maintained through regular fitness programs. Businessmen may fail to make headway. Career prospects are rewarding.

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