Planetary Gemstones

                                                             Planetary Gemstones
Mercury: Agate
Venus: Emerald, Jade
Earth: Agate
Mars: Ruby, Garnet, Bloodstone
Jupiter: Amethyst, Sapphire
Saturn: Sapphire, Onyx, Obsidian

Uranus: Aquamarine
Neptune: Opal, Amethyst
Pluto: Kunzite, Spinel
Moon: Pearl, Moonstone
Sun: Topaz, Ruby


Gems for the Hours of the Day

Gems for the Hours of the Day
12AM  Onyx
1 AM    Smoky Quartz
2 AM    Hematite
3 AM    Malachite
4 AM    Lapiz-Lazuli
5 AM    Turquoise
6 AM    Tourmaline
7 AM    Chrysolite
8 AM    Amethyst
9 AM    Kunzite
10AM  Sapphire
11AM  Garnet 
12PM   Diamond
1 PM    Zircon
2 PM    Emerald
3 PM    Beryl
4 PM    Topaz
5 PM    Ruby
6 PM    Opal
7 PM    Sardonyx
8 PM   Chalcedony
9 PM    Jade
10PM  Jasper
11PM  Magnetite 

Gems of the Zodiac

Gems of the Zodiac


Aquarius – 20 Jan to 18 Feb.-Garnet
Pisces – 19 Feb. to 20 Mar -Amethyst
Aries – 21 Mar to 19 Apr -Ruby
Taurus – 20 Apr to 20 May -Emerald
Gemini – 21 May to 21 Jun  -Opal
Cancer – 22 Jun to 22 Jul.  -Moonstone
Leo – 23 Jul. to 22 Aug.  -Topaz
Virgo – 23 Aug. to 22 Sept.  -Agate
Libra – 23 Sept. to 22 Oct.    -Jade
Scorpio – 23 Oct. to 21 Nov. – Red Garnet
Sagittarius – 22 Nov. to 21 Dec -Blue Sapphire
Capricorn – 22 Dec to 19 Jan -Black Diamond 

The Powers of Stones

The Powers of Stones


For mental clarity: Amber, Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli,Moonstone, Silver Topaz, Smoky Quartz.

For productivity: Agate, Garnet, Opal, Rhodolite.

Building self esteem: Aventurine, Carnelian, Diamond, Emerald,Garnet, Spinel.

For feelings of happiness: Agate, Amethyst , Calcite, Diamond, Jade, Tsavorite.

For calmness and balance: Amethyst , Ametrine, Aquamarine, Citrine , Coral, Diamond, Jade, Malachite, Pink Tourmaline, Tanzanite, Zircon.

For feeling 
of strength and confidence: Agate, Amber, Aquamarine, Carnelian, Diamond, Garnet, Iolite, Malachite, Onyx, Opal, Ruby, Sapphire,
Topaz (blue).

For wisdom: Coral, Jade, Pearl, Sodalite.

For luck: Alexandrite, Amber, Aventurine, Opal, Pearl, Turquoise.

For love and friendship: Alexandrite, Amber, Amethyst , Emerald, Moonstone, Pink Tourmaline, Sapphire, Topaz.

For wealth: Aventurine, Calcite, Emerald, Jade, Opal, Pearl, Peridot, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Tourmaline.

The Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac for Monday, January 23rd – A Garnet Meditation

ein WolfsrudelThe Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac for Monday, January 23rd – A Garnet Meditation

Garnet, the birthstone for January, is also a great all-purpose gem to use as an aid during meditation. It can be used to help make decisions or bring order to your life.

For the meditation, you’ll need a garnet gem or a smooth garnet stone. A string of garnet prayer beads would also work. Select a deep red garnet or one with a brown tint. You’ll also need a burgundy candle. Begin by lighting the candle, then relax and center. Hold the garnet and breathe deeply. Concentrate on your concern and then hold the garnet to your heart. You’ll begin to receive messages. Let them come, even if they don’t make sense. When youfeel ready to return to your everyday world, extinguish the candle. Thank the garnet for its help. Your thoughts should be clearer now so you can make any decisions.

James Kambos
Llewellyn’s 2017 Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac



Preparing crystal or gem elixirs

Preparing crystal or gem elixirs

Elixirs are traditionally water that contains the essence of the energies of the healing substance (the crystals) which is placed within them. Crystal or gem elixirs are easy to make if you have the crystals ready at hand. Gem elixirs are one of the best ways to multiply the healing energies of water manifold, by empowering it with thought using the crystals as the tools.

Water (H2O) is the basic building block of life, and has been found by an eminent Japanese scientist, Dr Masaru Emoto, to be one of the easiest elements that can be manipulated through thought and intent. Dr Emoto has shown that water crystals can change their basic crystalline shape or form altogether, just by focusing a thought on it. Actually, this principle also applies to our entire universe and all matter in it. It is easily demonstrable in water only because water is not solid matter.

In much the same way, we can impart thought energies to water via programmed crystals which facilitates the transfer of the energies from the crystal into the water. The reason why you are urged to program your crystal is because without programming, the energies from the crystal are not directed, and the elixir just ends up as a general tonic (although that is also beneficial for health when drunk). But when you program a crystal, say for healing a specific illness, and soak it in water to make an elixir, the elixir’s effect becomes a lot more enhanced.

Studies done on elixir water have shown that elixir water tastes “sweeter” and is more “alive” than normal tap water. Fruit juice and wine also taste better if “energized” with gems and crystals.



All quartz crystals and gemstones will respond to the ‘intent’ of  your own
personal will; whether in word or in thought.

By simply wishing – or visualizing – the crystalline energy to be used in a
particular way – it will be! It really is that simple…….

Quartz crystals are usually ‘programmed’ for the following purposes:-

* a) Meditation
* b) Healing
* c) Absent Healing
* d) Manifesting

a) Meditation

Throughout the world – every day of the week, every minute of every day –
countless thousands of people practice their own form of  meditation. Each
person finds solace and comfort in their own particular way…..

By holding a quartz crystal or an amethyst in your hand whilst participating in
whichever type of meditation is appropriate to your own individual needs, you
will enhance and enrich the spiritual depths of your own meditative experience.

The quartz crystal or amethyst enables you to undertake a new and wondrous
journey within the inner recesses of  your soul. Unknown pathways, hitherto
previously uncharted, will open up in front of you.

A new dimension of self-expression will rise to the surface and expand your
inner consciousness and awareness.

The amethyst, of course, is well known for being able to relieve mental and
physical stress and tension. It is the stone containing inner peace and
tranquillity; the stone of sublime relaxation.

Every member of your meditation circle or group should have their very own piece
of  quartz crystal or amethyst to hold throughout the meditation session. As
time passes, perhaps very slowly at first, each person will gradually become
aware that their breathing has become far deeper and far more rhythmical and
they have now entered a completely new world of inner peace and harmony.

All meditation rooms would greatly benefit from having large quartz crystals
placed  at all four corners of the room with their single-terminated points
directed towards the center of the room. The crystals should be placed either on
the floor or affixed to the corners of  the ceiling.

Each of  the four quartz crystals in the meditation room should be ‘programmed’
to project gentle, loving, relaxing, crystalline energy towards all those
present within the Meditation group. The quartz crystals will then generate a
field of  positive  crystalline energy surrounding everyone in the room.

In addition to every member of the meditation group holding their own individual
amethyst or quartz crystal, a large amethyst or quartz crystal cluster may be
placed in the middle of the group. This large cluster should then be
‘programmed’  to  release beautiful cosmic crystalline energies into every
corner of the room.

It is very important that one member of the meditation group should be nominated
to look after the group’s amethyst or quartz crystal cluster – and to make
absolutely  certain that it is properly ‘cleansed’, ‘dedicated’ and

Whilst  holding your crystal or amethyst when meditating with music you will
often discover that some quite amazing effects are being  produced. On some
occasions you might even be able to ‘see’ the music in terms  of color and
shape.  Even should you be just listening to a piece of music whilst holding
your stone – and not even consciously trying to  meditate -you will find the
depth of experience greatly enriched by the  presence of your crystal or

Whenever  harmonious  music  is being played in  the  presence  of  your crystal
or amethyst, the mood and thoughts of the composer become deeply embedded within
the very heart of the crystal and if you ‘listen’ to the crystal afterwards,
with your inner ear, you will often be able to pick up the esoteric meaning of
the music itself.

You may use your crystal or amethyst in so very many ways when meditating. Do
not be afraid to experiment and try new methods.  Listen to what your crystal is
saying and try to respond accordingly. You will find the results truly amazing
and very worth while.

b) Healing

Once you have chosen your quartz crystal – and ‘cleansed’ and ‘dedicated’  it  –
you  are ready to commence using it for healing purposes.

It is very important to note, however, that for best results your quartz crystal
should only be used for either healing or meditation. Not for both! The
‘vibrations’ and ‘energies’ used in healing and meditation are very different
and to use the same quartz crystal for both occasions would result in the
dissipation of the crystal’s unique energies. Quartz crystals are, in all
reality, only ‘tools’.  By themselves they can only be described as passive; but
when they become activated by the human mind they can become extremely powerful

Each and every one of us, as beings of the human species, possess an inherent
healing energy. In the majority of people, of  course, this healing ability lies
totally dormant and inactive.

But when we possess the knowledge to enable us to ‘channel’ our own healing
energy through our quartz crystal friends we are then able to amplify this
healing  power and the resultant energy that we have ourselves created  – ours,
that is, in conjunction with that of  our crystal – may be used for many
positive healing purposes.

Even though you may not wish to become a qualified crystal healing therapist
yourself  there are still plenty of opportunities for you to use your quartz
crystal to heal your family and friends.

When my youngest child, Cameron, was only a few months old, I returned home
one day after having given a crystal healing workshop to discover that he was
very ill. My wife, Judith, had taken him to our local doctor who had told her
that if he did not improve within the next couple of days he would have to go
into the hospital.

Obviously, I had to do something! When Cameron was ready for bed that evening I
cradled him in my arms and placed an electro-crystal therapy ‘wand’ on his
stomach.  I also held my personal healing quartz crystal and directed its
healing energy to completely envelop Cameron’s body. I gave him crystal healing
for only thirty minutes, at the end of  which, my little Cameron was fast

The next morning, he was almost completely cured! And so there was no need
for Judith to take him back to the doctor or for him to go into hospital.

When treating a patient the following guide-lines may prove helpful:-

At the beginning of the healing session you should hold your quartz crystal in
whichever hand feels ‘right’ to you; and calmly attune yourself to the inner
energies of your quartz crystal. You will probably experience energies
‘throbbing’ within your hand.

Now direct the single-terminated end of your healing quartz crystal towards your
patient and gently move the crystal around the perimeter of their whole body in
a clockwise direction. As you do this, at the same time visualize a blue-white
crystalline light emanating from the apex of the patient’s body and flowing
towards the patient and surrounding him. Do this several times. This will help
to strengthen the electro-magnetic field of  energy around the physical body of
the patient.

The single-terminated end of the quartz crystal should then be directed towards
that part of the patient’s body which you believe or ‘sense’  to be most in need
of healing.

Visualize, as strongly as possible, a lovely blue-white light emanating from the
apex of your crystal once again and direct this light, like a laser beam, to
that part of the patient’s body where you feel that the healing is most needed.

This lovely blue-white becomes stronger and stronger, brighter and brighter, and
the energy between the crystal and your patient slowly begins to intensify.

The crystal healing session itself may, in theory at any rate, last any length
of time,  but intuitively you will become aware when the time is right to bring
the session to an end.

To finish the crystal healing treatment session you should visualize the blue-
white light gently flowing back into your quartz crystal. Once more you should
direct and project the healing energies around the  perimeter of your patient’s
body in a clockwise direction. Then allow your patient to relax for a few

Many of my own patients regularly fall fast asleep so it is very important that
you bring them back to the present in as relaxed manner as possible.

Whenever practical it is best for your patient not to have to drive a car for
some time after the crystal healing session as the patient often becomes so very
‘de-stressed’ and almost ‘spaced out’ that it can  take some considerable time
to re-orient themselves!

Whilst I quite often do discuss a patient’s medical history with them before
offering any form of treatment, from my own personal experience I have found
that it is not always absolutely necessary to know, in advance, what is
medically wrong with my patient.

One lady whom I visited on one occasion whilst I was in London was keen for me
to demonstrate some of my crystal healing techniques upon her!  I duly obliged
by first directing some crystalline healing energy  towards her third eye

Immediately she told me that she had felt the crystal healing energy ‘hit’ her
third eye and then travel downwards through her body and into her stomach.
Apparently, so  it transpired, she had had a serious operation on her stomach a
couple of weeks previously (which I had no way of knowing!) and, naturally, that
was the part of her body which most needed the crystal healing energies.

My own personal believe is that all dis-ease occurs purely as a result of an
imbalance of our normal bodily ‘vibrations’.  Therefore, whatever health
condition from which we may suffer, however serious or however mild, whether it
be cancer, multiple sclerosis, tumors or simply a dose of  influenza or the
common cold,  the basic treatment remains much the same.

All that is really necessary is for the disharmonious or imbalanced ‘vibrations’
to be re-harmonized, re-energized and re-balanced. This may, at first sight,
appear to be an over-simplification but years of experience has shown me that
all too often we can over-complicate our diagnoses.

The main difference between allopathic medicine and natural medicine is that
allopathic medicine treats symptoms whilst natural medicine concentrates upon
finding the root cause of the health problem.

Simply put – if we can discover the originating cause or ‘imbalance’  of any
health  condition or dis-ease then by using our crystal healing techniques to
rebalance all the ‘vibrations’ which are out of alignment, we must be able to
effect a cure or, at the  very least, a gradual improvement in the patient’s
overall health!

You may also, of course use your quartz crystal for self  –  healing purposes.
All that you have to do is to direct the single-terminated end of  your crystal
towards the appropriate part of your own body and, as you did before when
treating your patient, visualize a lovely blue-white light radiating from the
apex of your crystal,  like a laser beam, into your own body.

Crystal Healing is one of the most powerful – and successful –  methods of
re-balancing,  re-energizing  and re-harmonizing every part of  the physical and
mental bodies of either yourself or of your patient.

c) Absent – or Distant – Healing

Quartz crystals are often used very successfully in all forms of  absent –  or
distant – healing. Whether you are three miles, three hundred miles, three
thousand miles or thirteen thousand miles away from your patient, crystal
healing can prove most effective.

For best results it is recommended that the quartz crystals which you use for
absent healing purposes are used solely for absent healing and for no other

It is only really necessary to have the name of the person who wishes to receive
absent healing. Absent Healing, using the unique power of quartz crystals, can
work solely on the name ‘vibration’ alone.

All you have to do is to visualize the crystalline energy pulsating within your
absent healing quartz crystal being projected towards your patient, wherever he
or she may live. Your quartz crystal will then do the rest!

If, however, you should have in your possession an actual photograph of your
patient – or, if you have already met the person and therefore know what they
look  like – just hold your crystal in your hands and visualize, as strongly as
possible, the crystalline energy totally surrounding the patient.

In addition it is very helpful after the absent healing session has been
completed if you were to place your absent healing quartz crystal on a
photograph of  your  patient;  this assists the amplification of  the
crystalline energy which is being projected by the crystal towards your patient.

In my own personal healing center I use a Master absent healing quartz crystal
which I use for all my absent healing treatments. Whenever I am asked for absent
healing I inscribe the patient’s name and relevant details in my absent healing
book and I then place my Master absent healing quartz crystal on top of this
book with the  ‘program’  that every name entered in the book will receive
healing from the crystalline energies; each according to his or her needs.

I ask that everyone tries to link up with my Master absent healing quartz
crystal at 10pm every evening. Those of you reading these words and who may, for
whatever healing purpose, need my crystal healing, prayers, powers and energies,
please try to sit quietly by yourself at the hour of  10pm each evening, relax
and visualize the  crystalline energies flowing into your crown chakra.  Think
of me and you will receive crystal healing energy from the divine crystalline
d) Manifesting

Very simply, manifesting is a method of  ‘programming’  your quartz crystal to
help your subconscious mind to create something tangible in your life that you
may need.  Notice that I use the word need not want. There is a very big

Before you proceed with any form of  manifesting it is extremely important that
you examine your conscience and decide exactly what it is you wish to achieve.
Decide,  in as much precise detail as possible, whatever it is you need to

In order to avoid dissipating the crystalline energies, as already stated
previously, it is most essential that you only use your chosen crystal for
manifesting purposes only!

Let me repeat once again. Need, not want, should be your main criteria! For
example, we might all say that we want to win a first dividend on the football
pools of  $2,000,000.  But that is most definitely a want  – not a need!

So be warned……..

Now, make yourself  comfortable in an easy chair and let us  begin to start
manifesting your innermost needs.

First, hold your quartz crystal in front of you, with both hands. Stare at it
intently and visualize yourself entering into the crystal through a door cut
into the crystal.

Once through this door you will find yourself in a long narrow hall. At the end
of  this hall is a green door inscribed with the words ‘MANIFESTING ROOM’
written upon it.

Open the door of this ‘Manifesting Room’ and step inside and look around.  The
walls are solid gold; the floor is green; the ceiling is studded with millions
of precious gemstones, sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow.  The room
is filled with a warm, rich feeling of  prosperity.

Bring into your mind a complete and exact image of whatever it is you wish to
manifest. Visualize as much detail as possible; concentrate as hard as you
possibly can and imagine that you actually possess whatever it is you are
manifesting. You are extremely happy and relaxed, secure in the knowledge that
your need has been met.

Take your time; 5, 10 or even 15 minutes, it doesn’t matter. Then, when you have
finished, slowly walk back out of the manifesting room, closing the door firmly
shut behind you.

Walk back along the hall and step outside of the crystal. Take a large deep
breath,  relax your body and when you feel comfortable, open your eyes.

Do your manifesting at least twice per day (morning and evening) until your
need has been fulfilled.



Although, quite obviously, no guarantee of any permanent cure or even
improvement can ever be given, there have been many occasions when the stones
referred to in this text file have considerably helped to bring about a positive
improvement in many different diseases and health conditions.

Hundreds of people who have successfully received healing from their gemstones – have found that the  most effective way to use any gemstone for healing purposes is to wear it as close to the skin as possible.

Some ladies seem to ‘hide’ their gemstones within the deep inner recesses of
their bras but the vast majority of people prefer to wear their chosen gemstone
around their neck on a silver or gold plated chain.

In addition to the healing energies of the gemstone being able to penetrate the
subtle body more easily, the gemstone pendant is a beautiful piece of jewelry –
and is always aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Remember – a stone of beauty is a joy forever!

Gemstones may, if  so desired, be held in the hand whilst you are watching
television during the evening, or whilst you are reading a favorite book or

You may also place your gemstone under your pillow at night whilst you are
asleep;  thus allowing the energies of the stone to gently penetrate your subtle
body throughout the course of the night.

The healing – and therapeutic – power of crystals and gemstones has even reached
boardroom level!

In recent natural health exhibitions, for example, I have sold some fairly large
amethyst clusters to Managing Directors, Sales Directors etc. who have acquired
these big clusters to place on their office desks – or within their boardroom!

Amethyst or quartz crystal clusters are now the ‘in’ executive toy.

Certain stones can help you to develop your spiritual abilities and gifts. Use
an amethyst for developing your intuitive awareness; a lapis lazuli for
acquiring  wisdom and truth; a moonstone for obtaining humanitarian love and

Use your gemstones wisely in the pursuit of all your ambitions and needs.

Be aware, however, that your gemstones can never become miracle workers. They
need your loving care and attention, your mental attunement with their unique
properties and energies, before they are able to truly help you!