My Eyes Were Swollen Shut + Mini Potion Bottle Haul

Merrrrry Meet and I welcome you to another episode of Witch Quickie Whatever!
Lemme tell you what happened last night…hmmmm…where’s your mind?? LOL!
We got some really cute potion bottles. Let me know if you like them.

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Me loves ya all! 🙂
Lady Silver Sage of &
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Posts for This Week

I am going to be working at the carnival Wednesday through Saturday so the only posts I may have enough time to do before we leave each day are the Daily Correspondence Digest and Divination Journal. This is the final set up of the season and between my fiance and I we can earn enough to make the other half of our Jeep payment and our auto insurance. A huge thank you doesn’t begin to express the gratitude I and my fiancée feel for the donations, prayers,, and candles being lit to help us with half of this month payment!! I’m overwhelmed by the generosity and closeness of the WOTC family. I am very lucky to be able to research to bring you new things about many different topics.

For anyone who I haven’t gotten your Animal Spirit Guide and/or Helper reading to if I don’t have time tomorrow morning to get them out I will be doing them this coming Sunday. Thank you for your patience in me getting the reading to you.

Lady Silver Sage and I will be launching a joint website hopefully by the end of the month for various types of tarot and oracle readings, aura and chakra clearing, and some other interesting things. I will let you know when we get that website live and its name.

Have a fantastic magical week dear sisters, brothers, and guests.