An Invaluable Reference Guide for Your Herbal Grimoire

Atropa belladonna (a.k.a. Deadly Nightshade) is among the most toxic plants in the world. The foliage, fruits and roots store the highest concentration of toxins, containing tropane alkaloids such as atropine, scopolamine and hyoscyamine.


The Witches of the Craft staff are in search of a “spinning” Wheel of the Year. One designed in this manner, is  usually comprised of several layers of wooden circles with different aspects of the Pagan way of life (i.e., Sabats, current moon phase, current corresponding flora), and turns freely to change the settings.

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An Invaluable Herbal Grimoire Reference Guide

By Graphia, The Wordsmith Witch

No matter what your spiritual path looks like, every Witch can benefit from possessing a thorough, comprehensive Herbal Grimoire. Many practitioners include such contents as a guide for the magical correspondences of different herbs, a list of various herbal substitutions for spellcrafting, and last, but not least – a reference section that lists commonly found baneful herbs and their toxicity levels.

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This herb correspondence chart is the culmination of years of research. We hope this reference guide will help you to understand the magical properties of herbs, roots, flowers, barks and resins. It is our goal to provide others with accurate sources of information to enrich their lives and their Craft. What are some ways you can implement the information in the following guide into your own practice?  Click on the link below to view the chart.

Herbal Grimoire