Proudly Introducing The Sponsors of The WOTC


Throughout the years, the WOTC has grew from a six person group to what it is today. We are very proud of our organization and the accomplishments we have achieved. None of this, however, would have not been possible without the support of many people. People who believed in us and our mission. People who have gave of themselves so we could continue our work. This individuals have made the WOTC what it is today. Without them, there would be no WOTC.

At this time, we would like to publicly acknowledge these individuals. We truly believe it is time they are recognize for all they have done for us. We sincerely appreciate all their love and support.

From the bottoms of all our hearts, “Thank You for being there when you were needed and standing besides us through it all.” Let us continue to stand together till our mission is finally finished. Goddess Bless Each & Everyone of You!


May We Proudly Introduce Our Sponsors

(All Sponsors Are Alphabetically Listed)

Diana C Abernathy

Tonay Alexander

Anne Beck

Lady Beltane

Brian Bruck

Linda Brumbach

J L Burvill

Lucille Cali

Vesna Churchill

Elizabeth Cochran

Jeanyves Cordier

Angela Deluna

Pamela Dempewolf

Alice Dilts

Urbin Donnafield

Kimberly Ellis

Desirre Gallite

Chrystal George

Carrie GilstrapRoss

Tracey Goodman


Susan Harwell

Gavrielah Hojnacki

Stephanie Jones

Peter Kasenenko

Karina Killey

Lea Kostelansky

Monica Kristan

Anuraj Kugathas

Philip Lawrence

Mark Leadbeater

Bobbie Ledlie

Shari Lenway

Monica Levisohn

Marcus Linn

Bobbie Lopez

Charity Maness

Rose Leigh Marie

Beth Matteson

Robert Maye

Ellen McGreevy

Star Mistriel

Daniel Montoya

Celeste Moore

Sheila Morrison

Elizabeth O’Hanlon

Randy Paschall

Gina Poelke

Susan Randis

Damon Rich

Michael D Rickicki

Nubia Nayeli Soto Roman

Tabitha Rust

James Ryan

Leslie Samé

Helen Schaal


Maryellen Sechser

Essense Of Seduction

Sharon Seeley

Shyiara Session

Dym Shiu

Jan Siemers

Venus Simzak

Jody Stanciell

Judy Stearns

Patricia Stutz

Jo Taylor

Joanne Taylor

Nancy Taylor

Marilyn Thorngren

Kari Vela

Maria Catharina Helena van Vliet

Meadow Walker

Paula Watkins

Christine Weclaw

Stephanie Wiley

Elizabeth Yost

Websites that Sponsor Us

Golden West Asphalt,Inc.

Black Orchid productions

Good to Goal

Visual West Photography


Oh, Holy Divine Mother,
Bless these individuals that have
given so freely to others.
Bless their days that they may blessed
and prosperous.
Bless their lives that they may be long
and joyous.
Bless their Spirit that it may be filled
with Your Love and Joy.
Bless each of them that has given so
freely to us, that now they may reap their
rewards threefolds over.
 I ask these blessings for all of our dear family
and friends.
May they all know Your Divine Love, Comfort
and Grace, dear Mother.

So Mote It Be.

— Lady Of The Abyss



22 thoughts on “Proudly Introducing The Sponsors of The WOTC

    1. What a relief? I am so glad to hear from someone about it. I was scared to death to do it but generous, giving people like yourself deserve the recognition. I am so glad you like it, sweetie. Thank you for letting me know. Also thank you for all you do for us.
      Luv & Hugs,
      Lady A


    1. Good Morning Mrs. 305,
      I hope you are having a very blessed morning. To become a sponsor, all you have to do is make a donation. When the donation is made, I then put your name on our sponsorship wall. I have new ones to add to it, good time to become one! I appreciate your comment, hun. Have a great day!
      Lady A

      Oh, I almost forgot, we aren’t picky any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated. The wall is just our way of saying thank you and we appreciate you to our donors.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. can I still by the runes listed on this page? I do not see an order button to click on. I would like to purchase a set of each of the runes listed. Thanks


    1. Yes, you sure can. I had extended the sale past the first of the month due to others request. I guess I probably need to change that, huh? If you will scroll down to the end of the last Rune, you will see a donate button. Just use that. I know I should make a new button but what can I say I am lazy, lol! Thank you for your inquiry and please order all you want.
      Lady A


  2. I am VERY new to the craft, but something very surprising happened today which led me to WOTC. I was meditating about finding other witches and suddenly saw a rocky stretch of beach that I didn’t recognize. Unsure of my course, I looked about a bit and suddenly, the word Hebrides entered my mind. I’d never heard the word and wondered at it. After finishing the meditation, I entered the words Hebrides + island + pagan into Bing and your website, as well as a site regarding one of the names of the Goddess, Brigid (sp?) popped up. Needless to say, I was very surprised and interested. I have signed up to follow your site and should you have time, I would be quite honoured to hear your thoughts on my experience. It obviously wasn’t a coincidence. Thank you for your time. Blessed be!


    1. As you know, by doing your research the Hebrides are islands off the west coast of Scotland. I would make perfect sense the vision you had of the rocky beach due to the fact that these are islands. I know they are heavily influenced by the Celts and Norse traditions there. That would also explain the name “Brigid” that you heard. As far as our site goes, I am a Celtic practitioner and I do occasionally lay on the Celtic practice, beliefs and traditions rather heavily here. I don’t know if you have if you have specific deity that you work with or not. But since the name of the Goddess Brigid popped up, I would say she is calling to you. I also believe she is calling you to your rightful Path or Tradition. Most of the time witches meditate to find their spirit guides, Gods and Goddesses. Sometimes it take a while for them to appear. But in your case, you were very fortunate. I would honestly consider doing a little research on Brigid if you don’t already know about her. Then I would look into the Celtic tradition. I hope I have helped you some. If you need anything else, just holler. And by the way, welcome to the site, we are delighted to have you.
      Blessings, Peace & Comfort,
      Lady A


      1. Thank you for your time and advice. I believe you are correct and to that end, I have been doing the suggested research. I was raised Catholic and letting go of my guilt is harder for me than accepting the Goddess and God. I hope by immersing myself in my new faith, guilt is one of the many things that will take care of itself without my giving it more energy than I have my whole life. Perhaps by ignoring it I will, in a way, starve it until it disappears. I will focus on love and helping others instead.
        Peace be upon you all,


      2. I can’t say I understand your guilt, because I don’t. I was raised in a half and half house. My father was Baptist, my mother was a Witch. On Sunday, we got up and went to church. The rest of the time was spent with the Witches. I was given a choice and I made mine, Witchcraft. If you were deeply immersed in the Catholic religion, I have had others express the same concerns that you are. Mainly, what if I switch Religions will I go to hell? First off, we don’t believe in Hell. Second, I tell them that if you live a moral and ethical life then what God or Goddess is going to deny you enter into the Summerlands, Heaven or Paradise. We are taught our Gods are loving, so if you have lived that kind of life, you would not be turned away.

        One more thing and I will hush before I bore you to death, lol! Our Gods and Goddesses are very much alive. I have felt them and I have seen a few also. I have asked for their assistance and they have gladly given it. I never saw this in the Baptist or Catholic religion(yes, I forgot to mention I married a Druid who went to a Catholic Church just to keep momma happy). Most of the rituals that are used in the Catholic religion are very similar to ours. They have been altered a bit but still belong to us. All of the major religions took from us everything they could. Now if the mainstream religions would steal from us, does that make us the bad ones? We are the first religion ever on this planet. We are the children of the Goddess. If you will open your heart to her and call to her, she will come. She will also help you along your new path. If you need help, you can also ask here. We will be glad to assist you.
        Blessings, Peace & Comfort,
        Lady A


  3. I have to be in court this Wednesday for a divorce, I didn’t want the divorce, my husband does, after 22 yrs. He has the lawyer , I don’t . I’m so sad and heartbroken , I always thought we were soul mates . What can I do ??


    1. I am very sorry for your current situation. I am going to tell you something you don’t want to hear, let him go. I could offer you a love spell that would bind him to you but that spell would eventually wear off. Then you would be in an worse mess than ever. You would have to relive the pain and grief of the loss of his love. Let him go, dear sister. Find a spell for healing you and moving on. Don’t give up, more than likely if you just ask, the Universe has a new life waiting for you. Let him go, don’t torture yourself with what might have been. I have a strange feeling from you that you are a strong person. The circumstances have caught you off guard. You will get your strength back and be strong once again. Then open your heart up to new experiences and especially the Universe. Believe it or not, I see a wonderful future in store for you.

      I hope I have helped you some. If you need anything else, please let me know.
      Luv & Hugs,
      Lady A


  4. Hey Lady A
    I need an urgent help to grow my Nursery school(to attract customers) I only have 6kids and struggling to make ends meet. I am by nature a very favoured and loved person bcoz of my love for humanity but since I started my own Nursery school I’ve been struggling to attract customers. They do call and come see the school and appreciate what they see and promise to bring kids but it never happen. I worked in a nursery school before I started mine and I did quiet well in growing my ex boss’s business. I doubled the number I found her having through my marketing and ofcoz she wasn’t happy about the idea of me starting my own nursery school. She was very bitter and teamed up against me with someone I stupidly thought was my friend. Please if you know of anyway you can help me I’d really appreciate it. I consulted different(4) Traditional Spiritualists already but no luck!


    1. I have a spell that involves attracting new customers to your business(look for it in the daily posts). Hopefully it will help.


      1. Oh youmean the Tatot cards' spell you sent on Monday? Oh I will definately get some Tarot cards and perform it. And I will keep you posted on the results.


        Thanks a million Lady A



        Much Love and Light



        Sent: Monday, February 06, 2017 at 6:18 PM


      2. That’s the one. Glad you got it. Also you might want to put some bay leaves in every corner of your business.They will cleanse the place and also bless it with prosperity. I would appreciate if you did keep me updated. Good luck!
        Lady A


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