Good Day WOTC Family

Happy and Blessed May New Moon!

A New Moon is just as strong for certain spells and rituals as a full moon would be! This is a time to start a new beginning spell and ritual.

This picture of spring in the sir is supposed to be able to be used as a desktop background. So, if you like go ahead and save it to put spring on your computer. I just put it on mine to make sure it does not have any nasty virus attached to it. It went through my two anti-virus programs and really brightens up my small office area (a corner of our living room).

The bottom line reason for the surveys coming out this week is spring cleaning on WOTC. We are only allowed so many pictures to be saved on our account so, do not be surprised if you go to an older post and a picture or line divider is now missing. No “Thoughts for Today” or “A Laugh for Your Day” will go missing.

As for my home I have only gotten the living room completely done with the kitchen and bathroom still needing some attention. Big Dawg is in charge of getting our bedroom done…which should prove interesting to when it will be completed…LOL. Yes, we have a small 4 room with a mudroom home. We love the coziness of it and believe it or not it gives Dreamer (Who will be 14 years old on August 14th Shepard/Pit/Rottweiler/Wolf/Chow mix), Merlin (our only male fur kid 11-year-old Shepard/Pit Bull mix), Cleo (14-year-old Min Pin) and Star (11-year-old Chihuahua) plenty of room to have a quite space all of their own. But most of the time it is Merlin on the bed with Dreamer, Cleo and Star somewhere in the living room. When Cleo, wants to left alone she goes to her, and I do mean her, bed in the kitchen. Then there is Star who hides under our buffet in the living room when I am gone, and daddy wants to take her out which proved very interesting…LOL… for him while I was gone in March for my grandson’s graduation from Army Basic Combat Training.

Today my grandson, Chris, will be graduating about 3:00 PM CDT from his Army Advanced Individual Training, for operating heavy construction equipment. I did not go this time because the alternator went out on our vehicle and the money, we had put aside for my trip had to go with a loan from my oldest son to get it repaired. I am there in spirit with him and his mom/my older blood daughter this afternoon! Thank you to everyone from my daughter, grandson, and myself for all the candles that were lit for him and prayers said. He will sort of be home for 9 days doing a mandatory Hometown Recruiting thing. So, he will be able to spend some home time with his mom, brother, dad, stepmother, and grandparents in Indiana. No I will not be able to go there while he is home one of our vehicle’s tires has a slow leak problem and it also tends to overheat a little bit on long trips in weather above 75 degrees F. But I will get to do a nice long video call with him I hope at some point in his being home. I am not sure where his first duty station will be but when I find out I will let you all know.

I want to again thank all of you who have taken the time out of your busy day to answer the 3 surveys!!! The surveys will be posted daily until May 28th for anyone still wanting a say in how daily posts are done on WOTC. Remember this is your website more than WOTC’s staffs and your preferences do matter to us.

Well, enough rambling for this morning time to get going on tomorrow’s regular post.


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