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Today’s tarot cards come from the Master Tarot Deck

Cards drawn by Lady Beltane meanings from astrologyanswers.com


Queen Of Cups – Minor Arcana Court Card


When the Queen of Cups Tarot card arrives in your day, a strong sense of love and compassion comes with her. She is a joy-filled person who seeks to ensure all those around her feel that same abundance of love. This could be you, offering nothing but joy and love to those around you. If she is not, then know no matter what the Queen of Cups brings to your day, she does so with loving and pure intentions. You can trust her because her empathic nature allows her to “get you” without you having to try too hard at all. When this Queen appears in your day, compassion and love come with her.


The Queen of Cups is an older woman that sits on her throne with a glorious and joy-filled smile. The Cups often represent Water signs, and the court cards, such as the Queen of Cups, often represent people entering your day. When the Queen of Cups arrives, this could be the Cardinal Water Sign appearing, meaning you may have an encounter with a Cancer woman today. The person this card represents is an emotional one. She is highly intuitive and even a little psychic. She is ruled by her emotions, her family life, and the love she has created.

Don’t try to deceive this one. Her spidey senses are en pointe, and she will pick up on that cue faster than you can say her name. She may also represent an older woman with much love in your life or about to enter your life.


9 Of Swords – Minor Arcana


When the 9 of Swords Tarot card appears in your day, the message is that not everything can always be rosy. This card is ominous-looking, but it seems more ominous than it is. Some inner turmoil and torment are likely today with this card but know that you are alone in this turmoil, and the problem isn’t as bad as it seems. If something keeps you up at night with this stress or this pain, it may be time to look for solutions to ease this torment.

This card can also be a warning signal that too much stress is a bad thing, as this card often suggests inner turmoil.


The ominous symbolism in this card is clear. There is no escaping the pain and sorrow that arrive with the 9 of Swords. While it is easy to be fearful when we see this Tarot card, know that the 9 of Swords represents internal struggles and not challenges that happen to you that create pain and loss.

The 9 of Swords Tarot carad shows a man sobbing in bed, with nine swords hung on the wall beside him. The struggle is his alone. He is wracked with nightmares, the loss of an individual in his life, or anxiety over something he has done. This card also suggests depression and internal torment could be surrounding you at this time.

If this card appears in your day or your Tarot reading, some anxiety may come with it. Breathe in, breathe out. Nothing lasts forever.


The Emperor – Major Arcana


The Emperor Tarot card is symbolized by the number 4, representing order and structure in your life. He also symbolizes the zodiac sign Aries and could represent an Aries in your life if you see this card in a reading.

This card suggests you are about to realize your goals or are well in the process of starting something wonderful in that regard today. Its connection to Aries also signifies a form of leadership that could enter the situation, which may mean you are required to take the lead or control of an issue. A connection to authority could be important in your day today, and you could also simply need the advice of your dad or a similar fatherly figure. You may have a contractor or real estate agent visit the house today to start a big project or give you a quote. It’s a great day to do so when you see the Emperor appear! New opportunities have a way of finding themselves in your path today. Seize the day, and build something extraordinary with it.


Here we have the archetypal male energy to the card right before it, The Empress. The Emperor is also associated with the zodiac sign, Aries, making the Emperor a solid leader in any Tarot reading. This is the male counterpart to the Empress, sitting on his throne of royalty and luxury. He embodies the spirit of Aries, is a natural-born leader, and has an air of authority around him, like an authority figure such as the ultimate Emperor. He may be a boss or a law enforcement figure in your life or a lawyer, mayor, or President. This card sometimes symbolizes a father figure but also represents the ultimate father figure, Jupiter, the god of all gods. He could be an administrator or any number of lead managerial positions. He is a warm one, though, and exercises sound judgment with a father’s love. He is older and thus wiser with his years and imparts wisdom and direction in a stable and structured way in your life. He’s a root you can count on!


9 Of Wands – Minor Arcana


When the 9 of Wands Tarot card appears, it is a gentle nudge from the Universe that you are doing everything right.

It seems to be a slow-moving and stalemate position card, but that is only half true. No action is happening in this card, so making a big move on a key issue is advised against. Instead, pull back, retreat into defensive mode, and assess the situation. You will find that you are farther along in this situation than you initially felt.

This is a courageous card, noting the courage you have exuded along the way in your battles. This card also says your patience will be rewarded if you keep your current course.


When the 9 of Wands Tarot card appears in your day, know that the Tarot is sending a message to acknowledge and validate your sense of perseverance and patience. This card also denotes courage.

This is not an action card but a card to say your patience will pay off. Here we see a man in an almost defensive position. He holds one wand close to his chest, and the others are all up in front of him, almost like a barrier. He looks guarded and peeks between the wands to see what lies ahead. What does he find? A glorious horizon. When this card appears in your day, know that the battles you have been facing are drawing to a close, and your courage will pay off.


From naturesenergieshealth.com



A Rune of a sacred mark dedicated to the Gods.
Right Side
A rune of generosity and the giving and receiving of gifts; and with the help of the Gods, kindness and aid to others. It is a gift and a greeting of peace. Partnerships and relationships are blessed. People unite and relationships move to a deeper level. “The lovers kiss; the bountiful Goddess abundance.” This rune also represents sacrifice and the balance of opposing factions or elements. A remnant of Gyfu
gis still sent today to mark the passing of another year.
This rune reversed is indicative of harm to friendship, separations and self centred behaviour.

Witches Rune

From tarotingie.com


Sudden changes and endings. Making a final decision. Completing something. Walking away from something or someone. Danger.


From thepeculiarbrunette.com


Pronunciation – uhn

Tree Association – Gorse

Meaning – Spiritual paths, lust, arousal, spiritual guidance, and movement. Onn also represents the health and vitality of intimacy and sexuality. Do not feel bashful about what you desire and allow yourself to experience pleasure fully. Onn can also represent forward motion or movement similar to a wagon wheel. It can be indicative that you need to examine and deepen your connection with your spiritual journey or change your life’s direction. Movement can also indicate an actual trip or moving to a new home.

If reversed – Complications, peril, unhealthy behaviors, and danger. You may be putting yourself in jeopardy by taking too many chances. Do your best to slow down and find the path that is right for you.

Inscription and Magical Uses – Helpful for safe journeys or travel, physical movement issues (health or physical therapy), or to remove obstacles from your path.

Folklore – Gorse was believed to be protective obstructions when planted around the home and would keep the Sidhe (faerie folk) away. It was also used in a famous saying – “When gorse is out of bloom, kissing is out of season.”

I Ching

From ichingonline.net

Hexagram One/1

Ch’ien / Creative Activity

Heaven above and Heaven below:
Heaven in constant motion.
With the strength of the dragon, the Superior Person steels himself for ceaseless activity.

Productive Activity.
Potent Influence.
Sublime Success if you keep to your course.


The time for action has come.
You now have the focus and the stamina necessary for accomplishing great tasks.
The path before you is being cleared and reward lies ahead.


From numeroscop.net


One, among the numbers of the numerological core, is a clear evidence that you are entrusted with a certain mission, and sooner or later you will have to accomplish it. You won’t manage to stay away from situations requiring courage and determination and avoid complications and responsibility forever. The day is sure to come when you perform an Action with a capital A. And it will be the major step on your way, the most striking fact of biography, the action for which you will be assessed by your contemporaries and remembered by your descendants.

Angel Number

From numerologynation.com

One Hundred Thirty

Your guardian angels and Ascended Masters send you the number 130 to bring you a step closer to realizing your life purpose. When you see this number repeatedly, that’s a sign that you still question the reason for your existence on this Earth.

130 serves as the beginning point for a newer, better life. If you feel discouraged and you’re on the verge of giving up, your angels compel you to keep striving forward through the number 130.

Whenever this number appears in your life, know that you have the power to overcome whatever challenges and obstacles you may be going through. Your angels support you in everything you do, and they urge you to stay broad-minded to live a life full of new expectations.

One of the most interesting facts about angel numbers is that their hidden universal energies lie in their individual digits. In this case, the vibrations and energies of the three numbers—1, 3, and 0— hold the secret meaning of the 130 angel number.

Number 1

Number 1’s a powerful number. It sets solid foundations in the life of a discouraged soul and assures them of new beginnings in the future.

This same number also serves as a special sign from your angels that you’re destined for a life full of success and happiness.

Number 3

Number 3’s vibrational influence enhances your creativity, which, in turn, boosts your inspiration and motivation to spark growth in your life. 3 is a number of progress and blessings.

Number 0

Lastly, number 0’s symbolism is centered around infinity, eternity, and nothingness. This number is the Divine Source’s paradox that goes beyond our limited understanding as human beings, and it also amplifies the influence of the other two numbers.

Number 130

With the information gathered, we can now say that number 130’s a sign that you should take positive action in your life. Number 1’s assurance of new beginnings, number 3’s creativity, and number 0’s infinity combine to give you reason to have a more positive self-expression.

Animal Spirit Guide or Helper

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Cougar meanings and symbolism include protection, agility, adaptability, secrecy, beauty, and wealth. The cougar (also referred to as a mountain lion, puma, or panther) is native to the Americas, with a range that spans from the Yukon in Canada all the way to Tierra del Fuego in Argentina. As a result, these wild cats are subjects in the mythology of cultures throughout the Americas.

In this post, you’ll learn about cougar symbolism and meanings, the cougar spirit animal, and cougar mythology. This post will also include the symbolism and mythology of the mountain lion, panther, and puma (the alternative names for cougar) and I may use the words interchangeably throughout this post.