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The High Priestess – Major Arcana

The High Priestess card is number two in the Major Arcana. The High Priestess card is a symbol for intuition, the subconscious mind, mystery and passivity.

This Major Arcana card suggests that for the time being it is best to remain passive and calm and to be receptive to outside influences.

Upright Position

When this card appears in an upright position in your Tarot reading, it tells of a time when you need to withdraw from involvement and let things run their course. While you do that, try to sense the mystery and look beyond the obvious. Remember that this card is associated with the subconscious mind, so you can turn to your dreams and see what they are trying to tell you. The High Priestess card might also suggest that you have to open your eyes to see the real potential of your abilities. Be open to all opportunities and let your talents blossom. The appearance of this card might suggest that you need to employ your intuition when it comes to seeking the answer to a question. Trust your instincts for all may not be what it appears.


The High Priestess card indicates change. The realization of your talents will come in handy at the work place. You might find a job opportunity that is what you wanted for so long and fits your needs perfectly. Stay out of office politics and ignore the workplace gossip.


In relationships, the High Priestess card may suggest that you or your partner need a time out. One of you might be looking for a deeper meaning to their life and their true worth. It will be a beneficial time for you to think and feel. If you are single, the appearance of this card indicates that you will find a woman (if you are a man) who is distant and withdrawn. Listen to your instincts. If you are a woman, you will be surprised to see how many men will be looking for you. Be careful and do not let yourself be distracted from your path.


If you feel something is wrong with your health, than it probably is. If your doctor tells you otherwise, maybe it is time for a second opinion. Trust yourself and listen to what your body is telling you. In the mean time, support your health as best as you can: diet, exercise, meditation, vitamins.


In regarding to finances, it might be possible that someone is not completely honest with you. Before you take any decisions, be sure all has been checked out and investigated.

Reversed Position

When the High Priestess appears in your reading in a reversed position, it is an indicator that you are not listening to your inner-self. It might be a good idea to take some time off for some much-needed meditation and reflection. The High Priestess in reverse suggests that you let other people control your life because you do not trust yourself enough to make the right decisions. The reversed High Priestess indicates that you are busy all the time, trying to distract yourself from the problems at hand, hoping they will sort themselves out. The answer is inside you so just stop for a while and listen to what your inner voice has to say.



Keywords: trust, loyalty, friendship, marriage, partnership, teamwork, cooperation, strategy, progress

Interpretation: The horse rune, is the rune of cooperation and trust. It signifies working with others toward a common goal. It is also a rune of movement, of moving from a starting point to a desired destination, both literally and metaphorically.

Associations: Element: Earth / Polarity: Masculine and Feminine / Plant: Ragwort

Witches Rune

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The Sun

Keywords: growth, new beginnings, fertility, prosperity, solar magic, god

When this witches rune pops up in a reading, I typically smile. The sun means different things to different people; however, the fact that it sustains the planet also means it sustains our lives and brings an abundance of good things. Also linked to our solar plexus, vitality, health and self confidence.



Announces renewal in your life and encourages you to remain flexible to accommodate it. Reed encourages to respond flexibly to changes by its association with water helps dissolve more easily what is holding you to the past and better accommodate the present.

I Ching

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Hexagram One/1

Name: Ch’ien.

Keyphrase: The Creative.

Formed By The Trigrams: Heaven over Heaven.

General: Persistent effort will help you realize your potential for achievement.

Love: You need to behave in a compassionate fashion towards your partner.

Business: Your ideas are sound but you need to take time to thoroughly plan out your strategy for making them work.

Personal: You need to take time out to relax and enjoy life more.

Overview: Ch’ien is pure yang energy. Being pure yang it indicates a time when you are in a good position to achieve your objectives (whatever they may be). However, it is a time of potential as there is a lack of yin influence. So now is the time to make those plans and get ready to put them into action. Plan thoroughly and don’t be impatient. Although Ch’ien is an auspicious hexagram, for your plans to have a lasting effect and value your motives need to be virtuous. Be compassionate when you move forward. If you are arrogant you will only breed complacency or resentment in those around you.


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Definition: There’s so much motivation and momentum surrounding this single-digit number. It is a true pioneer, eager to break ground on new endeavors and pave the way for others to follow. It is a natural leader and a proactive force. The number 1 represents newness, movement, and the possibilities that await us. In spiritual symbolism, it is the number of creation and the birth of all things — the divine origin of the universe. In Numerology the number 1 is the root of opportunity in our lives. It is a symbol of confidence, power, and action. It pushes us to look at our current circumstances and realize that we have the power to turn them into anything we wish. Even if we are afraid, the 1 inspires us to take control of our future and embrace new beginnings.


Independent: Of all the numbers in Numerology, the 1 is the most self-sufficient, needing nothing but itself and its energy to thrive. It doesn’t sit around waiting for opportunities to come about, it makes its own luck by capitalizing on circumstances others may be afraid to explore. The single-digit number 1 doesn’t want to waste any time getting stuck negotiating or discussing plans. Going it alone allows for greater flexibility and quick, efficient movement.

Goal-oriented: With a positive outlook and unwavering self-determination, this number excels at setting and going after its goals. It has a hard time standing still because it sees a world packed with possibilities just waiting to be taken advantage of. It’s not that the number 1 can’t be satisfied, rather, its satisfaction comes from staying active and always progressing. In a few words: Why stand still when you could advance?

Innovative: Roadblocks don’t exist for the strong-willed 1 — not because they don’t arise, but because this number’s innovative mindset can find new ideas and creative solutions to work around them. Instead of being daunted by obstacles, the 1 looks at them as a challenge that must be (and will be) overcome. Seeing a door where others see a wall is a major asset to the 1’s success.


Forceful: While this number can come across as ambitious, its stop-at-nothing attitude can also make it seem uncaring or domineering as it pushes its way forward. More physical than spiritual, it doesn’t need anyone else’s help and is too focused on its own pursuits to even realize when it’s made an offense. Softer energies of cooperation and patience get shoved aside in the interest of movement and progress.

Risky: The number 1 would call itself fearless, but a lack of foresight can all-too-easily lead it into trouble that could have been avoided. Tunnel vision and an extreme sense of invincibility makes the 1 so focused on the path before it that it can miss the warning signs in its peripheral vision.

Doubtful: With such an extreme drive to accomplish and succeed, self-doubt is this number’s Achilles heel. Though it won’t show it on the outside, the number 1 harbors a deep fear of making mistakes or coming up short of its goal. It takes even minor criticism to heart but will ultimately use it as motivation to improve.

Life Path:

As an innovator and a pioneer, the 1 path is full of energy and motivation. These people are natural leaders and very capable of creating opportunity for themselves. Their lesson is to become genuinely confident in their abilities and practice trusting others.

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Personality traits:

  • Independent
  • Ambitious
  • Proactive
  • Pioneering
  • Innovative
  • Self-centered
  • Uninhibited
  • Reckless
  • Motivated
  • Freedom-loving

In Tarot & Astrology:

In a Tarot deck, 1 is the number of The Magician card. Similar to the Numerology meaning, this Tarot card advises you use all the resources available to you to manifest opportunities and build your own future. In the study of the zodiac, the 1 is associated with both Aries, the first sign, and Leo. Like the 1, both these Astrology signs thrive in activity, freedom, and self-expression.

Angel Number

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Animal Spirit Guide or Helper

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Bobcat symbolism and meanings include self-reliance, perception, moxie, stealth, friskiness, beauty, and affection. Because bobcats are native to North America – ranging from southern Canada all the way to Mexico – they are subjects in the cultural mythology of these regions. In addition, the bobcat spirit animal is a figure who appears in the spiritual belief systems of many Native American tribes. In this post, you’ll learn about commonly shared bobcat symbols as well as the bobcat spirit animal and totem.

Table of Contents

What does the bobcat symbolize?

Detailed Bobcat Symbols and Meanings

Bobcat Symbols and Meanings in Mythology and Folklore

Native America Bobcat Meaning

Hopi Bobcat Symbolism and Meanings

Zuni and Mohave


Bobcat Totem

Bobcat Spirit Animal

Bobcat Power Animal

Bobcat Dream Meaning

Bobcat Tattoo Meanings

How You Can Help Bobcats