Spell – Candle Magick for Rocky Times

You will need:

Pink Candle

The Spell:

A love candle with oils and herbs hidden in a secret place instills confidence in our power to be good lovers. It is a secret source of inspiration when times are hard and you need to work through problems that arise in your relationship.

Hold a pink candle and charge it for future spells, by visualizing you and your lover in a happy loving embrace. Put the energy from this vision into the candle. The say out loud:

“We will always love each other.
May the Goddess and God grant this.
for the good of all.”

When problems arise in your relationship or you need self-confidence, take out the candle on a Friday during a waxing moon and anoint it with love oil using this procedure: Put some oil on your index finger, and beginning in the middle of the candle, run your finger to the wick end. Then repeat, rubbing the oil down to the bottom of the candle. Light the candle and let it burn down completely and go out.


3 thoughts on “Spell – Candle Magick for Rocky Times

  1. Thank you for posting this! I feel as though this was perfectly timed. Another job opportunity fell through for my partner and it’s been tough being the only one earning. It has been difficult for me to balance being supportive and encouraging and not allowing my disappointment and resentment guide my actions. I feel as though I have been doing well, but it will be nice to be reinforced by some candle magic.


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