Divination Journal

Tarot Card

Today’s Tarot card reading comes from The Celtic Dragon Tarot by D. J. Conway. With art done by Lisa Hunt. This deck is unique as the cards are never read in reverse. Copyright 2001


Three of Cups – Minor Arcana

Prosperity; success.

Pages 118 and 119

A Water dragon lies in a cave on a vast pile of treasure. Prominent in front among the treasure are three chalices. Symbolic of the riches of spirit deep within the sacred center of each human, the dragon waits patiently to share this treasure with anyone who seeks his realm. The treasure itself represents the hidden knowledge found within the subconscious and collective unconscious minds of all humans. The lapping water (the constant giving and receiving of emotional wealth) can be seen in the front of the card. Shimmering water reflections shown on cave walls, symbolic of the love and contentment that shine forth from the lives of all who are balanced and at peace.

Divinatory Meaning: A time of prosperity, success, good luck, and happiness is coming. A celebration may brighten your life. This can be a successful creative period.


Knight of Cups – Minor Arcana Court Card

Unexpected pleasant times

Pages 136 and 137

The Knight of CUps, a teenage boy, is riding on a Water dragon across ocean waves. The Knight has not yet come into the fullness of his magickal and spiritual knowledge or experience. He is testing himself by pushing his ride on the Water dragon to the limit. He is wearing a breastplate with a seashell designs on it, symbolic of the ever present life force that allows humans to expose the body and mind to new and sometimes dangerous adventures, but protects the soul which is eternal. The water is full of other Water dragons, mermaids, and sea creatures. These creatures all symbolize the active seed-forms of manifestation that dwell within the sea-womb of the cauldron of creation. The girl’s face, seen behind him, represents his hidden feminine side. All humans possess both masculine and feminine energies within them, energies they must learn to balance for a successful life.

Divinatory Meaning: Be prepared for an unexpected visit from someone you admire. Remember, a dreamer who is balanced between the dreams and reality accomplishes the most. You may have a pleasant outing with someone you care for deeply.


Nine of Pentacles – Minor Arcana

Comfortable aloneness

Pages 158 and 159

A dragon and a man sit along the edge of a forest. It is a sunny day, and many small animals and birds are around the dragon and man. The man is at one with Nature and his astral teacher, the dragon. The birds are messengers from spirit, sent to help him make decisions and find his path in life. The wolves in the background represent the strength,, cunning, and wisdom he is learning, while the squirrel of resourcefulness, the rabbit of fertility, and the little mice of self-preservation help him to create a balanced attitude toward life.

Divinatory Meaning: You feel comfortable. safe, and at ease with yourself. There will soon be a pleasant period of being alone. A journey into Nature can renew your outlook on life and recharge your energies.


Knight of Pentacles – Minor Arcana Court Card

Gains and losses

Pages 164 and 165

A teenage girl, clad in a golden breastplate and helmet, stands beside a large dragon on a rocky hill. They are watching men build a stone house below. The girl has a Celtic sword slung at her belt; beside the sword is a bag with a pentacle on the side. From her vantage point at the gates to the spiritual realm, the girl can clearly see the labor that goes into each life; this labor creates a personal space for the individual, a necessity for the maintenance of the individuality and personal identity. The stones of the hillside symbolize primordial power; this symbolism is repeated in the stones used to build the house. There is an unlimited supply of creative, primordial energy upon which any person may draw to manifest what is needed in life, if they are willing to put forth the effort. The sword and the bag with the pentacle represent the spiritual strength for defense.

Divinatory Meaning: There could be a gain or loss finances. Salary increase is possible. The chance to purchase real estate may come about. A loan is repaid.


From TheRuneSite.com


Sound: “o” as in “old”
Stands for: Home (or Odla – sacred ancestral land)
Color: Copper (Brown)
Casting meaning: Much like Fehu this is a rune of wealth. But unlike Fehu, Othala represents a wealth that cannot be sold. This is wealth like family, friendships or our culture and heritage that is passed down to us. It represents an enclosure and maintains the existing state of things as they presently are.

Witches’ Rune

From summergoddess.wordpress.com

The Eye

This rune means to watch, to be spellbound, to probe deeper and discover that which is hidden from view.

It indicates becoming conscious and aware. This can sometimes mean you will be shocked into some awareness.

The Eye Rune implies the inner eye, to bring something into focus, to awaken or startle.

It suggests the all-knowing or all-seeing consciousness.

This rune has everything to do with examination, inspection, exposure and understanding on the deepest level


From learnreligions.com


E is Eadhadh, or Eadha, which is the Aspen, a symbol of endurance and courage. The Aspen is a durable, hardy tree that grows all over North America and Scotland, so when Eadhadh appears, take it as a sign of strong will and success. Challenges may come your way, but you will eventually conquer your adversaries and obstacles.

In folklore and literature, the Aspen is associated with heroes, and many “crowns of Aspen” have been found in ancient burial sites. The sturdy wood was popular for making shields, and were often imbued with magical protective properties. In the Highlands of Scotland, the Aspen was often rumored to be connected to the realm of the Fae.

Eadhadh Correspondences

Mundane Aspects: Like the Aspen, you can be flexible without snapping. No matter what obstacles come, allow yourself to know that these too will be gone eventually. You will be left stronger for the experience, if you can get over your fears and reservations.

Magical Aspects: Don’t give in to the pressures of the material world. Focus instead on your spiritual journey, even if it seems like it would be a lot easier to give up and let things fall by the wayside. Even in the Tarot, the Fool knows he has a long way to go, but the first step is the hardest. When Eadhadh appears, put aside your distractions, and take that first all-important step on your journey.

I Ching

From psychic-revelation.com

Hexagram Ten/10

Name: Lu.

Keyphrase: Correct conduct.

Formed By The Trigrams: Heaven over Lake.

Imagery: The sky over a lake.

General: A successful journey can be assured if one careful step at a time is taken.

Love: Goodwill is the key to solving any relationship issues.

Business: Achieving success within business is best accomplished treating others with courtesy and respect.

Personal: Focus on ridding yourself of any feelings of envy or jealousy.

Overview: Lu relates to the need to develop your social skills and to make sure that they are sincere and not insincere. It indicates a need to make sure that jealousy or envy are not present within your life and if they are, to take steps to resolve them. Lu is all about inequality and the need to avoid it.



It is involved with business on an international scale, and it is a discordance between idealism and selfishness. There is a lack of conscious spiritual effort. If the 18 is prominent in your chart, reading and travel will be very beneficial.

Angel Number

From numerologynation.com

Every angel number has its own significance, and your guardian angels hand-pick a number for you. Your angels will show it to you everywhere until you stop and pay attention to the symbolic meaning of these number sequences.

These numbers are often shown in situations where you may need to bring about some changes. If you keep seeing angel number 747 often and in odd places, it means your guardian angels are conveying a particular message to you.

Angel number 747 is a message about your divine soul’s mission. It reveals your path to a physical and spiritual life filled with inner wisdom, truth, spirituality, love, and a strong connection to the Universe.

To understand the deeper meaning of angel number 747 and what it means for your life purpose, read on!

Angel Number 747 Meaning and Significance

Angel number 747 unites the high vibrations and energies of the number 7 and the number 4. Since the number 7 appears twice, the influence of 7’s energies is doubled in this angel number.

According to numerology, the number 7 signifies wisdom, knowledge, spirituality, determination, and education.

The spiritual significance of number 7 ranges from spiritual knowledge and involvement to spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

The number 7 can be considered a highly spiritual number with a lot to offer for your spiritual development. It relates to the presence of spiritual teachers, and the true potential one person can reach when they become an enlightened spirit.

What Does Angel Number 747 Mean Spiritually?

The spiritual meaning of 747 resonates with all things divine: spiritual knowledge, involvement, awakening, and enlightenment.

You are born into this life with the true purpose of healing this world through your strong spiritual sense, and you are capable of helping people in need.

However, first, you need to believe in your divine mission and start to view success in a different light.

Success is not about riches, and how much you have earned doesn’t determine how successful you are.

It’s your spiritual growth that defines success and what the future holds for you.

Cosmic secrets are waiting to be unlocked, and several meanings of your existence are waiting to be found.

By surrounding yourself with positive energy and looking into your inner self with the eyes of the spirit, you will be able to stay on your spiritual journey and begin building a new life.

You should know that there is no “right time” to implement these changes – the right time is right now!

You must get started immediately to understand how life can work for you and not against you.

The 747 angel number reminds us how little we know of life and how much infinite wisdom is out there waiting for us.

Building a spiritually-inclined life is not that difficult with a bit of determination, hard work, and perseverance.

You just need to start paying attention to the secret messages your guardian angel is sending you. It’s time to take your first steps and follow wherever angel number 747 takes you in the future!

Why Do I Keep Seeing Number 747?

There could be several reasons your guardian angels show you the same numbers everywhere. Depending on when, where, and how this number is shown, you should be able to understand the secret meaning behind angel number 747.

Here are some reasons why you could be seeing this angel number everywhere.

Unintentional Hurting

Maybe you’ve been acting too emotional for the past few days and unintentionally hurting people around you.

You can change this by stopping yourself from prematurely reacting and instead, start responding to situations or conversations with a clear head.

Mistaken Dishonesty

In an effort to protect yourself or someone from uncomfortable truths, you may have been dishonest for a while now, and your angels have noticed it.

Being dishonest may allow you a moment’s relief, but it will always catch up with you and disrupt your quality of life. It’s important to stop lying to yourself and the people around you if you want to build an honest future.

Your angels want you to adopt integrity and honesty as a lifestyle and stick with your values; they will enrich you as a person.

Learning Opportunities

If you plan to pursue further education, your angels wish you good luck.

They are assuring you that now is the time to put maximum effort into learning and acquiring new knowledge – your hard work will definitely reap rewards!

Call for Help

If you are wondering if you are on the right path and are hoping for guidance from the Universe – your angel has revealed the 747 angel number as an answer to your prayers.


With the information provided in this article, it must be clear that angel number 747 is an example of those highly spiritual numbers that encourage you to be honest.

The meaning of angel number 747 represents one’s abilities to connect with the divine by reaching the higher dimensions of life through honesty, love, and spirituality.

Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you don’t know what to do, seek the help of your angels with an open heart. Trust in the Universe to give you guidance and support when you least expect it.

Though they may not be from our physical realm, angels are a boon to humanity and come bearing gifts and knowledge that we never knew we needed!

Animal Spirit Guide or Helper

Today’s Animal Spirt Guide card comes from Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer Copyright 2008


“Let go of your fear and know that you are safe and protected at all times”

Pages 135 to 137

Whenever you venture into unfamiliar territory it’s quite natural to feel some trepidation. Your mind can create all sorts of scenarios as to what can go wrong. Doubts and uncertainties may arise, and the can seem fraught with challenges and sometimes even danger. You may find yourself stuck at times, fearful about moving ahead. Yet much of what we label as fear isn’t actually fear, True fear is a vital, instinctual response to any life-threatening situation and is triggered not only by circumstances or events, but even more so by what you think about those circumstances or events. Stay relaxed yet vigilant, trusting that nothing can truly harm you and that your body will provide sensory information if there is any actual danger. If there truly is a threat, then your instincts will tell you what to do.

Whenever you feel an exaggerated sense of fear triggered mainly by your thoughts, one that has little or no basis in reality, take a few slow, deep breaths. Call upon spirit helpers who have provided their guidance and protection before. Reach out to close friends or family members for reassurance and to help you feel grounded and centered. Recall those times in the past when you did not feel frightened or were endangered and not only survived, but came through intact. You can also re-label fear and instead call it excitement, as the two emotions are very similar in the way they manifest in the body. Most of all, trust your spirit guides, your instincts, and your friends to watch out for you.

Associations: Protection; Guardianship; Alertness; Kindheartedness; Compassion; Individuality; Compromise; Challenge; Analysis; Illusion; Magic; Sure-footedness; Confidence; Changes; Agility