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Today’s read are from the Osho Zen tarot deck on tarotx.com


Breakthrough – Major Arcana

The commentary of The Breakthrough Osho Zen

Eye-catching at first sight and the red color of the Breakthrough Osho Zen indicates its theme is energy, power, and strength. Bright light is created from the solar network – the focal point of the character’s power is extremely excited and determined. Sometimes, we all reach a level called “that’s enough”. At such times, we seem to need to do something, anything, even making mistakes, to lift off the burden and barriers that restrict us. If not so, they will be threatened to suffocate and destroy our own life energy.

If you now feel “that’s enough”, allow yourself to break the old patterns dangerously and limits that blocked your flow of energy. At that time, you will be amazed at the vitality and ability that this “Breakthrough” can bring to your life.

The meaning of The Breakthrough Osho Zen

Converting disruptions into breakthroughs is a master’s comprehensive function. Psychologists simply patch you up and that is- the function. He is not there to transform you. You need meta-psychology, the psychology of the buddhas.

The Breakthrough Osho Zen is a great adventure in life to overcome an accidental breakup. It is the greatest risk as there is no guarantee that the breakup will become a breakthrough. It does become, but these cannot be guaranteed. Your chaos has been around for a long time – in many previous lives, you were in turmoil- thick and layered. It is almost an inner universe itself. So when you step into it with your small power, it is definitely dangerous. But without facing this danger, no one will become integrated, no one becomes an individual, individually.

Meditation, or thinking, is a method that will help you overcome chaos, overcome the darkness of the soul, balance, order, and warnings. Dawn is not far away, but before you can get to dawn, the night must be over. And as dawn dawned, the night would become darker.


The Lovers – Major Arcana

The commentary of The Lovers Osho Zen

“True love” – what we call it, basically is a spectrum of correlation and connection between heaven and earth. At the lowest meaning level, love is sexual attraction. Many of us are still trapped there since our instincts have weighed down all our desires and banned them. The biggest problem of sexual love is that it does not last that long.

Only if we accept this truth, we could welcome the nature of love as it is – greeting its happenings and break up by the gratitude when it is no longer exist. Lastly, we can begin to experience due to our mature: love only exists when we can overcome the demand for sexuality and respect the true nature of others. Moreover, we will begin to understand that: lovers can compare as a mirror which can reflect the intangible aspects of our deepest ego and turn to be perfect.

The Lovers Osho Zen is built on the foundation of freedom, not hope and need. The wings of love would take us so far to where cosmic love exists and we will experience everything together.

The meaning of The Lovers Osho Zen Tarot

There are three things should be noted when The Lovers Osho Zen appears: the most inferior love is sex – it is only physical. The greatest subtlety of love is compassion. Sex will stay below love, whereas compassion is above; true love in the intermediate position.

Few people know what true love is. Unfortunately, 99% of humanity thinks that sex is love; however, it is not. Sexuality is about the concupiscence, it has the ability to develop into love, but it is not true love, it is just possible …

If you are conscious, aware, and having a calm mind, sex can transform into love. And if you have been completely pure, love can become into compassion. Sex is the seed while love is the flower and compassion is the fragrance.

Buddha defined compassion as “pure love”. When your love is not just a desire to have others or when love is not just a need. And, when love is sharing, not a beggar but an emperor; when love is about ready to give – it is the given of joy. It is time to refresh your mind and heart and the pure fragrance can spread. Therefore, it is compassion, which is significantly the highest level of love.


The commentary of The Change Osho Zen

The symbol of the Change Osho Zen is the giant wheel which representing time, destiny, and karma. The Milky Way revolves around a perpetual motion circle with 12 signs of the zodiac on the outer edge. Inside the circle are the eight trigrams of I Ching and near the center of the circle are the four directions, illuminated by the energy of lightning. The rotating triangle is now facing upwards, towards the gods. At the center of the wheel is the symbol of yin and yang, male and female, creative and receptive.

It is often said that the only constant thing in the world is change. Life is constantly changing, evolving, dying and rebirth. All opposites play a role in this vast circle. If you cling to the edge of the wheel, you may be dizzy! Then move to the center of the storm and relax because you know the storm will pass.

The meaning of The Change Osho Zen

Life repeats itself unconsciously – unless you perfect mindfulness, it will continue to spin like a wheel. That is why Buddhists call it the wheel of life and death – the wheel of time. The Change Osho Zen moves like a wheel: birth and death, death and birth; love and hate, hate and love; success and failure, failure and success. Look at that!

If you can observe for only a few days, you will see a rule. That is the law of circulation. One day, on a beautiful morning, you feel very excited and happy, and then on another day; you feel so sad, so deadly that you start to have suicidal thoughts. And one day, you feel so alive, you happily see the grace of God that gave you the mood of deep gratitude and today you see resentment and no benefit in living … The wheel keeps moving, but you will not see it anymore.

Only when you see through the law of the circulation can you escape it.


Inner Voice – Major Arcana

The commentary of The inner Voice

It is a voice from the Inner Heart, which cannot be expressed in words except the language of the heart. It was as if a prophet just told the truth. If a face were present, it would be the face in the middle of the card – awake, alert, and capable of accepting both light and darkness, represented by the hands holding the crystal ball. The ball itself represents transparency when we overcome everything that is dualistic.

The Inner Voice Osho Zen Tarot can be quite mischievous as it dives deep into the emotional world, then abruptly emerges, flying as high as the sky, like dolphins dancing on the surface of life. It is connected to the universe, through the crescent moon crown, and the Earth – which is metaphorical with green leaves on the character’s kimono.

We hear voices which are dragging us in one way many times in our lives. It is, somehow, such confusing situations are meant to remind us: to seek stillness and inner concentration. Only then can we hear the truth.

The meaning of the Inner Voice Osho Zen

You can find the truth in yourself, there is no need to find anything in reality anymore. The truth is flowing in you and when you widen your eyes, it is the truth that will open your eyes. As if you close your eyes, it is also the time when truth closes your eyes.

The Inner Voice Osho Zen is extraordinary meditation; however, if you can handle it, you will not need to do anything; whatever you are doing is enlightened by the truth. You are walking and it is the truth; no matter what you are sleeping or saying, the truth will be the same as your action. Then, you are silent, it is the silent truth. It will always follow you due to the name of the inner voice

Moreover, it is one of the simplest meditation techniques, which depicts slowly, gradually. Everything will return to a simple formula, and the next will be: no need for any more techniques. As you are healed, you do not need meditation, you do not need medicine. Then you live freely – alive, radiant, contented, delighted with a song of your own. Your life becomes a wordless prayer, or it can be said to be a prayer, a blessing, a good thing that does not belong to the mortal realm, a ray of light from far away shining into our dark world.


From TheRuneSite.com


Sound: “k”
Stands for: Torch
Color: Yellow
Casting meaning: Kenaz is a rune of knowledge, understanding, learning and teaching. It allows us to view situations with more clarity than we normally would.

Witches Rune

From otherworldlyoracle.com


womb and vagina, creativity, birthing, motherhood, femininity, yoni

I read this rune as the Divine Feminine in us and all around us. One’s womb is full, with a baby physically, OR with a creative idea or project. This rune is also linked to Mother Earth, because she is our mother and from her womb we are born, to it we return.


From druidogham.wordpress.com


Protection, strength

Tree: Rowan (Sorbus spp.)

Letter: L

Luis symbolizes a connection with one’s higher spirit or Guardian Angel. Whether you believe in such things or not, we can all agree that without protectors, especially when we are young and defenseless, we human beings make easy prey. Luis indicates you are loved and valued by someone and that they love and value you enough to feel protective of you.

We are surrounded by beings who are willing to teach us and help us grow towards our potential as human beings, but if we reject their good advice with materialist denials or because we are lazy or treat them as spiritual vending machines, they are more than happy to stand aside and leave the doors open for the legions of beings who do not wish us well.

When we grow up, we all become parents of sorts as we end up taking upon the role of self-parent. For example: you get yourself up in the morning, not mom. You obtain food for yourself, you bathe yourself, you are responsible for your own behavior and regulating your own communications and emotions. Luis means you are willing to take the necessary precautions that a good parent would insist upon if you were the child. You are acting as a good parent to yourself, providing protection and sanctuary, allowing yourself room to grow without overreacting in extreme directions.

Questions when you draw Luis:

-At what age did you essentially become your own parent? Was it an appropriate age, or were you too young or too old?
-Have you ever felt the presence of a divine guardian? Have you tried talking to them?
-Who has been a protector or mentor to you in this life, for better or for worse? How do you feel about them?

Ill-dignified excess: Overprotection
Molly-coddling. Overprotective extremes. Being hovered over or hovering over another person only creates lasting weakness, resentment, and damage. The American suburbs are considered the best places to raise young children. They are full of safe, crime-free streets and highways dominated by giant cars and trucks where you take your life in your hands if you try and walk across them. Your kids are placed in a safe, prison-like building called school where the antidepressant-addled products of other safety-concerned parents may randomly mow them down at any time with submachine guns. Your safe job in a safe office building can be erased forever at any moment due to a change of corporate leadership, a companywide bankruptcy, or the minor chance you might not kiss the right person’s butt with enough skill. Safety is a false construct. Overprotection is no protection — sealing oneself off in a bubble, whether it is an elite suburb or countryside doomstead, depletes immunity and makes you an easy target. Aim for resiliency, not complete control.

Ill-dignified dearth: Vulnerability
Abandonment. Unfairness. Overcommitment. Depletion. Too much responsibility on your shoulders. Atlas forced to carry the weight of the world and nobody willing or able to help. Not feeling up to the job of caring for oneself, let alone others. Being over-depended upon. Needing to be nurtured by a loving parent figure. Feeling unable to provide.

I Ching

From ichingonline.net

Hexagram Thirty-Nine/39

Chien / Obstacle

Ominous roiling in the Crater Lake atop the Volcano:
When meeting an impasse, the Superior Person turns his gaze within, and views the obstacle from a new perspective.

Offer your opponent nothing to resist.
Let a sage guide you in this.
Good fortune lies along this course.


The Obstacle lies in obstinance.
An insistence on only one way of proceeding has brought things to an impasse.
You may either continue banging your head with irresistible force against this immovable object, or you might step back and survey this situation from a fresh perspective.
Which is immobile here — the obstruction or your attitude?

for Hexagram 39,
by Richard Wilhelm.


From astrogle.com


It likes functional art. It is often in acting and dancing. It has difficulty with rejection and separation.

Angel Number

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Animal Spirit Guide or Helper