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Tarot Cards

All of today’s tarot cards are from thetarotlady.com


Temperance – Major Arcana

Keywords: moderation, balance, healing, alchemy, middle ground, patience, blending, harmony, guardian angel

Attributes: Sagittarius (Fire)

General meaning:  It is time to pause on your journey and consider what you have learned thus far.  How are you going to integrate those lessons into your life?  Balance and harmony; finding the middle path.  Temperance is also a gentle reminder to remain patient – allow things to work out the way they need to.  Rather than trying to force an issue, go with the flow.  If you are making any major decisions, weigh your options carefully.

Reversed:  Everything’s zen?  I don’t think so.  Everything is out of whack and it is time for a major adjustment – even if only your attitude.  The energy is all over the place. Disruption.  This card can also indicate doing things to excess ala Liberace.  Pull yourself back to the center.  Lose the bling and seek the real thing.

Affirmation:  I create perfect harmony in my life.

Theme song: “Get The Balance Right” by Depeche Mode


The Lovers – Major Arcana

Keywords: romance, partnership, love, choices, duality, opposites, union

Attributes: Gemini (Air)

General meaning:  Who doesn’t like to see love in the forecast?  I sure do as I’m a romantic at heart.  The Lovers can often indicate a relationship coming into your life.  Although this is usually romantic in nature, it can be any sort of relationship where good communication is involved.  If you are considering getting involved with someone for love or business, this is a hell yeah!  This card can also indicate a choice.  When making a choice, follow your heart but be sure you are looking at what option is best for your highest good.

Reversed: You give love a bad name.  Divorce, breaking up, emotional chaos.  Reverse this card and things become murky and unstable.  If you are asking about love, this may be suggesting a need for counseling and/or reevaluating where the relationship is going.  If you are faced with a difficult decision, now is not the time to be impulsive.  Best to take your time and be mindful about what you want.  I have often seen this card represent a choice with regrets. It don’t have to be that way, homie.  Think before you act.

Affirmation: “I am love.”

Theme song:  “Lovesong” by The Cure


Knight of Swords- Minor Arcana

Keywords: mental aggression, bold communication, pushing forward, assertiveness, haste, truth teller, debate, mental challenge

General meaning: When this card comes up, you can be sure that someone (even you) is working overtime to make sure they are heard.  This is all about strong, bold communication.  It’s the card you want to see when you need an aggressive attorney defending your case.  The Knight of Swords always makes his point, even if he pisses people off along the way.  This card can also represent moving quickly towards the goal or vantage point.  Strong, intense fighting and aggressive strategies.  Truthseeker. A crusader.  In love, it’s a young man who enters the picture quickly, brings excitement and stirs things up.

Reversed: Mental aggression becomes cruelty.  Words that wound.  A deliberate attack.  An act of vengeance.  An out of control situation or person.  The sharpness turns dull.  A dullard or blowhard.  Intolerance.  A person who may be trying to push their truth or worldview onto others.  A total prick.  This card can sometimes indicate a mentally and/or physically abusive partner.  Violence.  Police brutality. Fighting unfairly.   Passive aggressive.  Ill-conceived plans.  Cowardice. Abuse of power.  Criminal behavior. Ruthlessness.  A bitch move. Shifty behavior.  Thug.  Sucker punch.

Affirmation: I speak my truth but still respect other people’s truths.

Theme song: “Street Fighting Man” by The Rolling Stones


Four of Swords – Minor Arcana

Keywords:  rest, recovery, meditation, planning, healing, solitude, retreat, contemplation

General meaning:  It’s time to rest.  Put all actions aside and chill out for a minute.  A necessary time out.  A period of quiet to rethink plans.  Contemplation and meditation bring clarity.  Planning the next move carefully.  Silent retreat.  The Four of Swords can indicate dealing with hospitals, rehab, or other places of recovery.  It can also indicate a funeral.  A hideout.

Reversed:  Back to work. Getting back in action or back in the game again.  Moving forward with a plan.  Back in the saddle again.  Restlessness.  An inability to sit still.  Anxiety.  If other cards support it, it can be a forced exile.  Being isolated involuntarily. Quarantine.

Affirmation:  I think before I act.

Theme song: “Relax”  by Frankie Goes To Hollywood


From white-magic-help.net


Stagnation, That Which Hinders, Ice

The winter of the spiritual life has come upon you. You may find yourself trapped in a situation whose importance you cannot recognize effectively. You are powerless to do anything other than to bend, or even pass on a long-held desire. Try to find out what it is, what you hold, the effect of this situation and let it go. Enter by and be silent, because what you see is not necessarily a consequence of your actions and habits, but the circumstances of the time, against which you cannot do anything. To yield shows courage and wisdom.

Witches Rune

From wizardforest.com


Rune Wave is also known as Spiral – on of the oldest symbols. The spiral represents water everywhere, as well as power and movement. The fallen rune means that water flow won’t let you control something. It’s no sense to plough the sand, you should let it go. Water will flow you in necessary direction. Rely on the Universe will. You shouldn’t fight. Everything will work out on it’s own.

Key words: confidence, indefinite position, let it go, drift

Moon phase: waning Moon, dark Moon

Element: Water


From thepeculiarbrunette.com

Duir or Dair

Pronunciation – Doo-r

Tree Association – oak

Meaning – Strength, security, resilience, endurance, wisdom, sacred spaces, leadership, and kindness. All your hard work and education have paid off. Like the oak, you stand tall and mighty. You are in a beneficial situation (family, work, financially, creative, relationship, etc.), and this circumstance will stay that way for quite a while. Trust yourself! Also, oak represents the intense energy and power of storms and wind. Symbolic of the endurance and stamina you possess that allows you to flourish and thrive.

If reversed – cowardly, uncertain, or frail. You have not been acting kindly or fairly in your leadership role. It’s ok to lack knowledge and facts, but do not make it a common practice.

Inscription and Magical Uses – Inscribe this ogham on an acorn for good luck in job interviews, courage, or pursuing justice. Duir is an excellent ogham inscription to keep at work. Helpful when working when storms, lightning, or the element air. It can also be used in healing or for those who need reminders of their resilience, profound strength, and tenacity.

I Ching

From psychic-revelation.com

Hexagram Thirty-Three/33

Name: Tun.

Keyphrase: Retreat.

Formed By The Trigrams: Heaven over Mountain.

General: It is not an admission of defeat to retreat from an unequal fight.

Love: Take the time to strengthen your position when considering engaging in a fight with your partner.

Business: Rethink your position and strategy before reentering negotiations. Do not compromise just because it is quicker to do so.

Personal: Don’t ignore issues but formulate an effective strategy before attempting to deal with it. Avoid destructive confrontations.

Overview: Tun is all about retreating from destructive confrontations and it tells you that to do so is not an admission of defeat – just that it is the wisest thing to do in the circumstances. It is not however, telling you to forget or ignore the situation. Instead it advises you to formulate an effective strategy before reentering the “conflict” and dealing with it. Tun signals it is time for a temporary retreat not that it is time to run away and hide.


From astrogle.com


See “The Master Numbers.” Its ultimate potential is in teaching. It is called the Christ number. It comforts others. It represents self-sacrifice and beliefs in Utopia. It is often co-dependent, and is sometimes a compulsive liar.

Angel Number

From informationseries.com


What does angel number 33 mean?

Angel number 33 is the master number in numerology. It is a special and important number and a sacred number. 33 is 3 + 3, which is 6, so the angel number for 33 is made up of the numbers 3 and 6.

[33] Things develop in the right direction

It means that things evolve in the right direction. It is a sign of good sign because it shows that what you are doing and what you are trying to do is going in the right direction.

It also means that Ascended Master support is available. Ascended Masters are greats and saints who once lived in the human world. The Ascended Master will help you when you need help.

Animal Spirit Guide or Helper

From psychiclibrary.com


Cricket totem symbolizes good fortune. Cricket will assist you in finding new vibrational energies, enhanced intuition and psychic abilities. He may appear when grounding is needed when you use your psychic abilities. Cricket’s chirp is usually a happy one and can indicate a resurgence of your inner voice. He is similar to the grasshopper in that he is a jumping creature. He teaches you to leap over and leave behind difficult or troublesome situations. He will get you where you need to go effortlessly.