Spell for Today – First Quarter Moon

Moon Phases And Simple Rituals

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Through the ages, the Moon has always identified as a celestial body that links to our emotions. There are many different religions that place an importance on the Moon. These religions range from pagan to organized religion. The moon’s lunar cycle is often used as a way to mark calendars and specific rituals are associated with each moon phase.

Like its natural counterpart, the Sun, the Moon also has a myriad of gods and goddesses linked to it. Not to mention the hundreds of myths and legends centering around the Moon. Have you ever used the phrase, ‘once in a blue moon’ or ‘there must be a full moon tonight’? Well those are a few examples of how the Moon was referred to calculate time and also tied to specific emotions.

So how does any of this relate to Wicca? (Witchcraft most traditions)

The Moon is often associated with the element Water and femininity. One of the most distinct symbols in Wicca that features the Moon is the Triple Moon Goddess. It contains three different phases; the waxing, full and waning moon phases.

A brief run down behind the meaning of this symbol is that it represents the three forms of the Goddess: The Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. When these three are together, it creates the complete experience of Feminine Power. It is a great symbol to use to form a connection with one’s feminine side. Let it be a reminder that everything in life is the way it’s meant to be.

Of course this isn’t a new symbol by any means. Archaeologists discovered a stone sculpture of the Goddess Hecate (Goddess of Magic) depicted as three goddesses in a single entity has been dated back to 5 B.C.E. The Goddess Demeter was also depicted as a tri-goddess throughout various stages of history.

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But why are different moon phases important?

There are energies associated with different moon phases. Each one is great for utilizing in specific rituals and spells.

First Quarter Moon

The first quarter moon and third quarter moon phase are similar. They are both illuminated halfway through. This happens because the Sun is side by side with the Moon. The Moon has reached half its power during these two phases. The first quarter phase illuminates on the right side while the third quarter is on the left side.

The first quarter phase is great for inner reflection and taking stock of what is around you. Take the time to celebrate your own achievements. It’s also an excellent time to start planning rituals for the full moon phase. The laws of attracting material objects are strongest during this period too. Manifest these objects by journaling.

Questions to ask include:

What did I do in the past month that I would like to improve on?

What are some decisions that I made that I’ve regretted in the last month?

What can I manifest in the next month that can push myself forward? Either as a person or from the current situation I am in now.