March 24 Divination Journal – Part 1

Tarot Cards

Today’s tarot card is a multiple reading from


The Hermit – Major Arcana

The Hermit is number nine in the Major Arcana and it represents a man standing on top of a mountain with a lantern in his hand.

He symbolizes the man who achieved his spiritual peak and is now ready to share that wisdom.

The Hermit Tarot Card is all about introspection. You have come to a time in your life where you have to just quiet yourself and look for answers within.

The Upright Hermit Tarot Card

When The Hermit appears in a Tarot reading, he often suggests a time for being alone.

You might be seeking greater understanding of the values, motivations and personal principles of your life.

The Hermit indicates that retreat or withdrawal is advised for now because the truth you are looking for is not found in the outside world, but in yourself.

This is the time for soul-searching and challenging the status quo and the best way to do that is by meditation and contemplation.

As a result, you might want to do some changes in your life, modify some priorities or even your lifestyle.

The Hermit and Work

When The Hermit is present in your reading, it can indicate that you might need some time off work and a time to focus on yourself.

If in the past you have done your job right and everything is, as it should you can expect some recognition and success.

Some time for yourself might clear your head about your priorities in the work department.

Love and The Hermit Card

The presence of The Hermit in a Tarot spread might indicate that you need some time to reflect about the future of your current relationship.

Is this person really suited for you? Are you happy in this relationship?

If you are alone, the appearance of The Hermit in your reading might indicate that for now it is better to be alone and really focus on yourself.

The Hermit and Finances

The appearance of The Hermit in a spread means that you are not focusing on the material details right now, but more on the matters of the soul.

Be careful not to make any haste decisions when it comes to investments for the time being.

Concentrate on the inner self, find your true values and look for your answers within.

The Hermit and Health

This might be a great time to invest some time on your health. Meditation, stress relief rituals or plain old pampering will do wonders for you.

If you are having some problems, try to investigate their root cause. If your back hurts, maybe you are “carrying too much”…

The Hermit tells you to take care of yourself.

The Hermit Reversed

The Hermit in reversed position can indicate that you are either taking too much time for personal reflection, or none at all.

If the time spent with soul searching and introspection is making you a literal hermit, you should try to reconsider. Being alone and isolated might have a terrible effect on you and your family and friends.

The Hermit’s reversal may also suggest you are intentionally avoiding focusing inward for fear of what you might discover or the changes you might have to make.

When The Hermit appears reversed in a relationship reading, it might suggest that one of you has a need for isolation. Be careful at that degree of isolation for it might ruin everything.

If you are single, the Hermit reversed can indicate that you are tired of being alone and are now beginning to search for a partner.

The Hermit Card Combinations …





Keywords: Conflict, defence, challenge, danger, competition, quarrel

The third rune, Thurisaz, shows either Thor’s hammer, or a giant. In Norse mythology, Thor, Odin’s son and the good of war and thunder, is constantly defending the divine realm from the malicious giants. In other words, there is a sense of two powerful, opposing forces clashing, and the meaning is clear: Conflict is brewing and you are going to have to stand your ground, stand up for yourself, and defend that which you cherish and believe in.

While Thurisaz can be a call to arms, it can also simply be a sign of friendly competition, an indication of competitive spirit.

When Thurisaz appears reversed in a reading, its connotations are also turned on their head. Hear, instead of indicating a defensive stance and hinting at your great ability when it comes to stand up for yourself, there is a sense of helplessness, of failing to set boundaries and getting trampled on as a result.

Witches Rune



This is a very positive rune. It tells that it is time to move ahead to achieve the objectives. It can be called the green light which gives assurance that you are going the right way. The star also represents money, jewelries, bonuses, personal glory and even love affair. It means spiritual gifts. If you are in a tight situation at the moment or in difficult times – this rune means that all your trials are off. You will be out of the wood pretty soon! Key words: joy, fulfillment of desires, achievement of objectives, right way, blessing beyond, material benefits, glory, success, freedom, encouraging.

Moon phase: full Moon

Saturday: Ostara

Element: Air