Before We Get Into The Spells, We Are Going To Talk About Getting Rid of the Magickal Leftover from our Workings c. 2018

The First Way to Rid Your Home of Magickal Residue



There are lots of unwanted and random energies and entities floating around one’s environment. The following techniques which we are getting ready to discuss are required understandings for any Witch. You will need to keep you own environment clear of these unwanted wraiths, and you may also, over time, be called on by others to clear these things from their houses or their lives.


Nothing ever goes away, you must understand. Things that are made of matter are not made only of matter, and can just as easily be energetic. Matter does not imply intelligence, soul does (and that’s a rather ineffable concept). So why is it considered that intelligence inhabits only things of a material nature ( like biological species)?


Entities can be either material or non-material. They can be left over from extreme emotional discharges. They can be other and therefore, not of a recognizable origin.


Reaving – Clearing a Place

To psychically clear unwanted entities is also called Reaving. Banishing often accompanies Reaving, but Reaving can also be performed to tranquilize a house or an environment that has been cluttered by a previous occupants.

You will require a container of consecrated water, your athame, incense, and censer, a candle for each room, and a vacuum cleaner. It’s often preferable to work with another person, but not strictly necessary. You are better to get rid of any occupants of the property. You are to work privately whenever possible. The energies of Cowans can be unpredictable.

Every psychic knows that accumulated psychic grunge is heavier than air and will fall to the floor (and sometimes stick to windows). So the first thing that you should do is vacuum the floors with intent. A vacuum cleaner is one’s contemporary besom (broom stick), and much quicker than the manual tool; There’s no point having the house occupants do it, it just never feels as clean. Then you should set up a candle in each room, light it, and close off whatever doors there are. Then get the charcoal burning, and then take a shower with intent of purificaton.

Each room, from one end of the house to the other, is to be lightly encircled with your dagger ( these encirclements are meant to be embracing rather than encapsulating), encircled with the smoke of the incense, and encircled with the consecrated water. With each action you perform, you will raise aloft each implement to the four directions, calling on their powers of protection and harmony. As you exit each room, you will extinguish the candle with your fingers ( don’t blow it out, pinch it or snuff it out with a candle snuffer), and leave the door open.

When you are done, you are to pack up all your things and leave without entering into conversation with anyone.

Part 2 – Banishng (Getting Rid Of A Thing)


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