Hooray! Family and Graduation Days Here Finally Here

After weeks of waiting I am delighted and honored to be part of my grandson’s family day! Tomorrow I will be standing next to my daughter for one of the proudest moments in her younger son’s life. He will be a full member of the USA’s Army. Watching him growing up has been an undiscribalbe joy. But I can no longer think of him as a boy I need to physically protect but as a man I can put spiritual and metaphysical protection around to help keep him safe if he is sent into harms way.

I ask that if you had a candle burning for Chris during basic training that put it out tomorrow about 1:00 PM CDT. As the young man you had it burning for has finished this phase of his training. I will let you all know when the next part starts so once again we can light candles for his protection and to let him know people do care about and are proud of him.



7 thoughts on “Hooray! Family and Graduation Days Here Finally Here

  1. Congratulations to your grandson”s Big Day!!! It’s really special and proud moment for all your family! Many blessings to your grandson in his new chapter of his life!! 💥🫶🏻🫶🏻💜✨

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