Regular Daily Posts for March 9th through March 17th

I go to court on Monday, March 13th to hopefully finalize my divorce from the man I married 25 years ago and haven’t any contact with him in person since February 2001. I will probably be a bundle of nerves and do not want to bring chaotic energy into my posts.

I will be leaving on Tuesday, March 14th to go see my grandson graduate from Army Basic Combat Training and not returning home until late on Thursday, March 16th. The objective of this trip is to spend as much time as possible with my oldest daughter, her two sons, and to relax a bit while doing things I really enjoy. For example my older grandson and I plan to upset, my daughter/his mom by having a water pistol fight in our hotel rooms. It is so much fun being a grandma to adult grandchildren as well as younger ones to get to do somethings I did not do with my children although we did have water fights in the house in cool weather and while watching American style football. I can just say I won’t adult today and senior citizen get to have fun any time and anyway they want as long as it isn’t harming anyone with all have to bring out our inner child sometimes.

I will be baking something special for my two grandsons on Friday, March 10th and Saturday, March 11th. Oatmeal cookies with oat flour and dark chocolate chips for the solider taking his food allergies into consideration and banana pudding with vanilla wafer crust for his older brother who is a junior in college on his way to becoming a doctor!

On Sunday, March 12th I finally have time for a long visit with my newest grandson, who is now just over two months old, and his big brother.

So, with the busy next 10 days that I have there will be a lot fewer regular posts on the above dates. There will be no history for today, flowers, witchcraft symbol or word definition, gems or crystals, daily horoscope (if I feel like getting on my cellphone and can post this from there you might see this post), goddess of the day, extra articles, divination journal, no thought or laugh for today. The reason for limited posts is I am reaching burn out stage again. It is either take a small break or close down WOTC which I definitely do not want to do. My last sort of day off was on September 22, 2022 when I was at the funeral of my middle son’s father. I made sure all posts were scheduled a head of time so as not to seem selfish with my time. Same as when I try to work during bad fibromyalgia flares, colds, covid, etc. I have not missed a day of posting something since June 26, 2021 or roughly 639 days in a row. As this is a real job but not a real paying job even though I work an average of 6 hours a day not counting the research I do through the internet or books for things I hope you will enjoy reading or doing. I make less than $2.00 USD per day or roughly $0.34 USD per hour. So, it is definitely a labor of love to honor the Goddesses and Gods as I carry on Lady of the Abyss’ calling from the Goddess. I will try to answer emails and get the Life in The Craft magazine out this week but starting Saturday, March 11th no emails will be answered unless I feel up to going on my cellphone to do so.  What will be posted are the northern and southern hemisphere’s planetary positions, current Moon phase, Birthday horoscope, one spell and correspondences for each day. Also, I will not be moving posts from the day before to the day of with the exception of the birthday horoscope. I am not really complaining I just felt the need to share with you what this website, witchcraft school, and answering various emails everyday fits in, in my daily life.

I will be back to doing all the regular daily posts and the northern hemisphere tomorrow posts on Saturday, March 18th. I am taking Friday, March 17th to relax, spend time with my fur children and Big Dawg after my court date, adding to that 6-hour car ride there and back along with a lot of standing and walking. I will definitely need a down do-nothing day. shhh…don’t tell Big Dawg but I am not cooking on the 17th either he can make the corn beef, carrots, potatoes and cabbage LOL.

Please bear with while I take a very much needed break from all the daily posts I do. Thank you for your understanding and support. If you would like to make a donation to help me pay for WOTC’s website and email account you can do so by clicking on the orange DONATE button locate on the left-side of the Homepage if on a computer or scroll to the bottom of the Homepage if on a cell phone.


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