March 8th Divination Journal – Part 2

I Ching


Hexagram Eight/8

Name: Pi.

Keyphrase: Union.

Formed By The Trigrams: Water over Earth.

General: A community bound by goodwill is the most potent force for powerful positive change there is.

Love: Use goodwill and trust to achieve unity within your relationship.

Business: Strengthen networks within your business and ties with networks your business is a part of.

Personal: Form or strengthen ties with family and friends.

Overview: Pi relates to the need for unity to accomplish positive change. Relationships built on trust and goodwill should be formed and maintained for the benefit of all – not just for personal gain. This applies to not only family and friends but the community around you in general and your business community too




Positive qualities

The positive qualities of the Eight are perseverance, courage and a great business instinct. People of your type control everything that happens in our world. No task is impossible for you, no obstacle invincible. You clearly see every next step both on your path and on the path of progress. Therefore, you know exactly what and when you should do.

You are reliable and impartial. You act tough, but always fair. If you take someone under your wing, this lucky person can consider their life to be well-off, and protection from any problems is guaranteed.

Negative qualities

The most obvious negative qualities of the Eight are arrogance, haughtiness and their habit of putting a slight upon the people who are in a dependent position. Well, there is also a couple of canonical vices like wrath and pride.

All these are the indispensable features of your business life, so they do not cause misunderstanding among colleagues and subordinates. In everyday life, however, such manifestations spoil your image adding some rough and unpleasant features to it. Learning to control yourself, so as not to abuse the family’s angelic patience, would be useful.

Name Numerology

Eight in the name numerology – Minor Expression Number, Heart’s Desire Number and Personality Number – implies, first of all, the ability to handle money skillfully and secure a stable financial position. However, failures sometimes happen: if you try to profit from several unreliable enterprises, there may be problems with finances.

This is where your undoubted professionalism comes to the rescue. You are able to quickly find a solution on your own and do whatever is necessary to solve the problem.

Birthday Numerology

Eight in the date of birth – Life Path Number and Birth Day Number – detects the presence of a very special type of opportunities. These are the opportunities based on methodical actions and adjustments made to every next step.

You don’t turn away from the gifts of fortune, neither do you count on them. If you were lucky it’s all right, if you weren’t, it doesn’t really matter. You’ll manage on your own, as your resources were pre-selected for a particular case, without any reference to possible luck.

As a result, you don’t depend on your Destiny too much. You are used to managing it.

Numerology Core

The best options for professional realization of the Eight are their own business, managing position or politics. You have excellent talents for learning, so any of these opportunities is feasible in terms of getting the necessary training.

Moreover, you have the undeniable leadership skills, the iron will and firm understanding of life which are the essential “tools” for successful promotion in the same fields.

The final choice often depends on the presuppositions. For example, it may depend on who your father is – a senator or a fashion-house owner.

Love & Relationships

The influence of Eight on personal life is manifested in the fact that living together or marrying means business for you, like any other commercial enterprise. In this case it is not a “marriage of convenience” in the conventional sense of the word.

You are capable of strong and deep feeling like any normal person. However, unlike others, you are not prone to obey this feeling blindly. The question of relative value of proposals is sure to arise.

If you decide that you get not less than you give away, you will do anything you can for the partner’s happiness. If not, you will reject the opportunity, clearly realizing that this discrepancy will poison your life as a couple.

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Angel Number


Eight Hundred Eighty-Eight

What does angel number 888 means in your life? It relates to your thoughts. It’s in the emotions you are going through.

This angelic sign is in the things you are taking part in.

When you keep encountering angel number 888, your angels are calling on you look into your inner being. This number bears much significance in your life.

The divine realm is asking you to pay rapt attention to this sign so that you can access the blessings meant for you.

So, no matter what you are going through, be sure not to ignore the message of this sign. Listen attentively to the vibrations it brings into your life.

You’ll receive the energies associated with this message.

Angel number 888 has one unique feature. It’s perfectly balanced. Regardless of how you look at this number, you’ll see that it has perfect alignment.

It is not by chance that your angels have decided to send you this particular number. They are asking you to create balance in your life.

Take good care of all the aspects of your life. Your angels want you to unleash your full potential. In this way, you will discover that you have much that you can share with the world.

The Universe is happy with those who share their blessings. By sharing what you have with the world, you attract divine rewards from your angels.

And, when the Universe decides to reward you, it goes full throttle. There are no half measures. You will receive abundance, wealth, and prosperity.

Angel number 888 is an assurance that you’ll achieve all the desires of your heart. Your angels are asking you to follow your …




Pronunciation – Wriss

Tree Association – Elder

Meaning – Shame, jealousy, obsession, remorse, vengeance, and karma. Often refers to the color red, symbolizing anger, blushing from embarrassment, or passion. Look inside yourself and do some serious self-reflection or shadow work. You may need to redirect the path you’ve been on to one that better aligns with your goals. Now is a time for growth, development, and maturity. Find a way to gain some self-control and release your anger. Let go of vengeful thoughts.

If reversed – This is a sign that you’ve not been doing self-reflection work. You may be justifying your actions instead of reflecting on them or just in complete denial. Do not dwell on the actions or lives of others. You do not know their whole story. The grass always seems to be greener on the other side, but take the time to tend to your garden.

Animal Spirit Guide or Helper


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