March 3rd Divination Journal – Part 2

I Ching


Hexagram Twenty – Two/22

Adoring Bi

Make an offering and you will suceed. Work through the Small. Advantageous to have places to go.



2222 represents efficiency, prosperity, and relationships.

The energy the number 2222 represents also resonates with diplomacy and business. It’s an energy that attracts material abundance.

The energy also considers realism to be essential. It conceives no advantage to viewing distortions.

A person with 2222 in their chart or prominent in their life is likely to consider balanced coexistence to be necessary for personal satisfaction.

The 2222 energy is attracted to building great works with the potential to benefit society — roads, systems, civic centers, and so forth, that are likely to be useful for a very long time.

The 2222 energy is balanced.

It thinks things through, considering how various individuals and organizations can contribute to the idea. Then it presents the idea as a goal. 2222 generally is able to negotiate agreements to everybody’s full satisfaction, even when there was earlier objection.

To determine the energy the number 2222 represents, the multi-digit number 2222 is reduced to a single digit. The result is the number 8, a number of business, building, and balance. However, the digits in the multi-digit number also have influence, especially when repeated. This is where the energies represented by the number 2 come from — relationships, teamwork, and diplomacy, as examples.

The graph further below illustrates the amount of the various influences related to 2222.

Angel Number


About Angel Number 2222

Have you ever seen “2222” on your watch or shopping receipt? That is the angel number.

I often see “2222” a lot, and when I suddenly come to my mind, it’s an anxious figure. It may be a message sent by an angel.

The meaning of angel number 2222

The angel number [2222] has a meaning, such as maintaining a belief, affection, service, and the timing of the results.

The positive factor is a large number, and it will be a positive number for those who are working hard on something. Let’s take a closer look.

[2222] Keeping the belief

[2222] means that everything is going well, so you can keep believing. Thinking affirmatively and acting positively should work. If you believe, that feeling will take shape and come true.

It takes courage to hold on to believing. This angel number is a figure that you can brave and trust in yourself.

[2] Affectionate heart of service

The angel number [2222] can be divided into 2 and 222, where 2 means loving and service mind. The affection and the spirit of service will foster a heart of good will and turn into a strong belief.

Loving and loving service leads to trust from others. Always remember about affection.

[222] Timing of results

The [222] of the angel number indicates the timing of the result. Angels are giving you various strengths to make you feel happy. Angels act with affection and will bring in results in response to the heart of loving service.

When you’re looking for something, and you’re almost there, it’s not far from the future.

[8] Richness

The angel number [2222] is 2 x 4 and becomes 8, which means complete and …

Animal Spirit Guide or Animal Spirit Helper



Grasshoppers are very good hoppers. When the grasshopper spirit animal comes into your life, it’s asking you to put your skills and talents to good use.

This entails that you challenge yourself to do better than you have ever done before. The grasshopper spirit animal calls on you to take a leap of faith.

If you have some ideas and plans about your growth and progress, this spirit guide asks you to go ahead and implement them.

Granted, it will not be easy at first. You’ll face doubts and uncertainties as you start. But, go ahead and do it anyway. You don’t have to be sure of the outcome.

With the grasshopper spirit animal in your life, things cannot go wrong.

The grasshopper spirit animal will come into your life when you need to make a drastic change of direction.

This spirit guide wants to draw attention to the state of your career, family, health, or love life. There’s something you can do to tremendously improve the quality of your life.

With this spirit guide comes hopping into your life, you are bound to achieve positive outcomes.

What’s the Symbolic Meaning of Grasshopper Animal Totem?

Symbol of Harmony and Balance

We have already seen that the grasshopper is an awesome jumper. This style of movement gives this spirit guide a high level of independence and freedom.

All the same, it can’t keep hopping all the time. At times it has to come to the ground to find its footing.

This tells you that you can’t keep running up and …


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