Solar Witch: How to Cast SUN MAGICK in 11 Ways

All these witches be talkin’ about the moon. Moon phases, rituals and moon water. But what about the witches who prefer the sun? Do they exist? Yes, we do! I know because I’m one of them. If you feel empowered by the sun more than the moon, you might be a solar witch. And if you’d just like to incorporate more sun magick into your practice, we’ve got you covered!

A Solar Witch & The Sun’s Magick

What makes the sun magical? Is it the same type of magick as the moon? The sun fuels all life on this planet. While the moon has a huge effect on us, and pulls the tides, I’d venture to say the sun is more important. If I had to choose one. (Lunar witches don’t be mad at me!) The sun is necessary for many reasons including the growth of plants and trees, for our own physical and mental health, and to keep our planet warm and alive! Sun = LIFE.

11 Ways to Make SUN MAGICK

The way the solar witch makes sun magick is only limited by imagination and inspiration. Forge your own path, but if you need ideas:

1. Sunbathing

2. Magical Timing With the Sun

3. Sun Water

4. Sun & Fire Plants

5. Seasons & Sabbats

6. Sun Magick with Colors

7. Sun Tea

8. Solar Plexus

9. Sun Salutations

10. Sun Arts, Crafts, and Cooking

11. Solar Deities for the Solar Witch

Click here for more information about Sun Magick fom

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