Spell for Today – Manifesting Change Water Spell

From Spells8.comManifesting Change Water SpellWater is a transformative element that constantly changes form from cloud to rain, river to vapor, trickle to ice, and carries the energy of change in all its forms.
You will need:
Clean, resealable glass bottle
1. Go outside on a cold, sunny day and find some icicle (Side note: you can use ice cubes made from rain water or a natural water source in place of icicles placed in a funnel)
2.Hold the bottle underneath an icicle to catch the meltwater as it drips.
3. While holding the bottle, recite the incantation:
Water clear and bright, Changing, taking flight
Go from cold to warm, Help me to transform.”
4. Add a few pinches of glitter into the bottle. Seal the bottle and shake it to mix the water and glitter.

Whenever you need to manifest a desired change in your life, shake the bottle and watch the water and glitter swirl. Remember the energy of the icicles changing to water and focus that energy on your goal.


3 thoughts on “Spell for Today – Manifesting Change Water Spell

  1. Thoughts on how to adapt this to an environment where icicles don’t  exist?

    Jennifer Brooking

    Happiness postponed until dreams are realized is happiness that never comes.

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