February 28 Divination Journal – Part 1

Tarot Cards

Today’s Tarot card reading comes from The Green Witch Tarot Deck and The Green Witch Tarot Companion by Ann Moura. With the art done by Kiri Ostergaard Leonard.

As I was pulling and am typing the meanings for each card, I noticed they all point to finances, work, learning new skills, and being more independent where any kind of work is concerned. Instead of having 4 different tarot cards for 4 different topics I am going to combined all of today’s tarot cards plus add 1 more to do an Influence of Elements spread for all the cards. They all belong under the heading of finances. I suggest you read all the card meanings and then see how they fit together in your own life today.



Card 1 – Spirit/Center (the spiritual health of your life.)

Ace of Chalices – Minor Arcana

This is a card of love, joy, happiness, and abundance. One’s cup overflows with emotional satisfaction, and the light of the Sun emphasizes the positive energy being transmitted. The power of elation is so great as to offer nourishment to others. This is also a card of productivity and fulfillment, possibly indicating fertility or pregnancy. One can act with determination, knowing the results will be satisfying. As a symbol of elemental water, this card incorporates the lunar forces of the subconscious mind, enhancing psychic ability and moving the emotional ties within one. This is a power card incorporates of beneficial aspect offering happiness in relationships and unity with the Divine through love. As it is related to the influence of the Moon, trust in the power of intuition is also indicated. The warning here is not to let one’s emotions turn into affectation with exaggerated or dramatized feelings to the point where they are perceived as insincere or pretentious. AS the elemental power of water, the Ace of Chalices represents the autumn months of September, October, and November for the purpose of timing in relation to other cards a reading.

Meaning: Abundance, joy, love, fulfillment, inspiration, fount of life, productive, psychic ability, overflowing happiness, important relationship, positive change, contentment, fertility, possible pregnancy, perfection, satisfaction.

Prompt Words: Abundance, joy.

Card 2 – Air/East (the mental part of your life.)

Two of Pentacles – Minor Arcana

This card shows a farmer balancing two pentacles, indicating his ability to balance finances as well as learn new skills, as progress in his area of expertise creates changes in methods. As a card of practicing dexterity, this card indicates energy being directed with determination to accomplish something for a job, financial, or personal security. New approaches at work or a promotion could require specialized training, but the person has the ability to pick up these new skills with ease. While others may struggle or resist change, this person moves with confidence, adapting easily to new situations and requirements. The farmer depicted is unconcerned about the coming storm, for he knows his job and has secured his barn, so he is prepared for anything.

In some cases this card indicates balancing two jobs for financial security, but with the resolve necessary to carry on until finances improve. It could also be a card of apprenticeship, learning from a master or other professional, or it could simply show the need to live within a budget, depending on surrounding cards.

Patchouli an herb of growth, knowledge, and balancing finances, grows by the barn. A fox, for adaptability, cleverness, determination, and agility, walks nearby.

Meaning:  Balancing finances, learning new skills, agile with finances, energy for attaining goals, next phase in work begins, employment opportunity, learning stage passes quickly, weighing work choices or options for a business decision.

Prompt Words: Balancing finances, learning new skills.

Card 3 Fire/South (your energy or movements of events)

Page of Athames – Minor Arcana Court Card

This is a card of apprentice who is eager to test the skills learned. There is an adroit use of language talents and desire to be more self-assertive. Here the young girl practices calling the quarters for ritual, using the instructions in her Book of Shadows and gaining self-confidence with her actions. This is the beginning of independent thinking, but one must take care no to let this self-assurance slip into the cockiness of ambition and certitude. The time is right to showcase one’s talents for evaluation, endorsement, recognition, or advancement. Proving oneself can be a personal matter or one related to work, with the implied caution of possible competition with others reaching for the same goal. Vigilance is needed, plus a keen awareness of learning what is required to pursue one’s goals. Competitors may be engaging in spying and gossip, so one must be discreet with words and apply the necessary wisdom to avoid spitefulness. Be wary of taking inappropriate shortcuts, for there is abundant energy to get past obstructions to learning and, through the testing, to prove one’s abilities in pursuit of one’s goals.

Borage, representing an increase of psychic power, protection, and courage, grows in the clearing. An owl, a symbol of Moon magic and intuition, watches from a nearby tree branch.

Meaning: Assertiveness, showcasing talents, demonstrating abilities for advancement, testing skills, pursuing goals, vigilance, language skills, proving abilities, scrupulous preparations, practicing a skill, beginnings of independent thinking, preparing for action.

Prompt Words: Showcasing talents, vigilance.

Card 4 Water/West (your emotional state.)

The Holly King – Major Arcana

This card symbolizes the wisdom that comes from time and experience, and the need to discovers one’s own path. Here the God is seen in his Holly King aspect, the Sage who at Yule turns over his hourglass of wisdom to the new born Oak King. The sack over his shoulder contains gifts of knowledge and experience to be passed along to others. This is the wise mentor teaching others, the accomplished elder craftsman training the young, imparting to them the foundation that will support them as the gain hands-on experience. The lantern of the Holly King hangs from his stang, the two-pronged staff that is also an altar, and it continues to light the way for others. This new path offers change for others through example and by opening new vistas, yet each individual learns on personal terms. In the passage of time, it is the trek itself that leads to wisdom.

Adaptation to the new is also indicated by this card, showing growth, evolution of thought, and understanding. A person may feel a need for introspection to contemplate their path or consider what it is that truly draws them. Spiritual questing may be involved, or disconnecting from the expectation of others. In finding a new path, one could be a beacon of encouragement to others, opening the way into a new life patterns and progressing with inner development.

The figure of the Holly King is also that of Father Time, the old year giving way to the new year’s infant in the renewing cycle of the seasons. The wise old God departs with a smile to his younger self, the Oak King, nursing in the arms of the Mother Goddess. Just as the old solar year ends and the new begins at the winter solstice, the cycle of life and lessons learned will be repeated through human generations as it is yearly for the God.

At the top of his bundle can be seen the tip of a small fir tree, representing life, spiritual development, light, and peace. The Holly King is accompanied by a reindeer, symbolizing knowledge and guidance.

Meaning: Seeker, introspection for enlightenment,, forging a new path, personal growth, self-exploration, finding or being a mentor, wisdom comes in due course, prudence, discretion in sharing wisdom, progress, contemplation, guidance by example.

Prompt Words: New path, wisdom, discretion.

Card 5 Earth/North (your physical self.)

King of Wands – Minor Arcana Court Card

This is the card of wise counselor or advisor, a respected leader or professional in a scientific, academic, or medical field. This is someone who has good intentions and is willing to share knowledge with others for their benefit. This person may be giving honest advice and direction with one’s best interests at heart. This could be a business consultant, a project collaborator, an instructor, or a professional in a career or a creative field. A paternal, sympathetic outlook may be implied, with a desire to be of help to others. The card can indicate a career in an academic area, or a school counselor who advises on requirements that need to be met, helps one gather necessary documents for further education or career advancement, or assigns courses that will lead one to fulfill an education or training goal. This show that professional cooperation helps one to achieve the best results in a venture or career. Being assertive, but with sincerity, one may present new ideas to be initiated and find acceptance by others. This card may also indicate a liaison, a discreet go between of good character and reputation. There are good relationships and a conscientious effort at maintaining them, although actions are sometimes taken arising from impulse.

Lemon balm, an herb of comfort, career, success, and sympathy, is in the flowerpot. A ferret, a symbol of gentleness, ingenuity, and security, plays with the edge of the robe.

Meaning: Assertive, professional, counselor, advisor, mentor, honest, conscientious, learned, able to bring ideas to fruition, good counsel, good relations, spiritual attainment, educated, refined, respected teacher, self-assured, living the ideal of truth and enlightenment, cooperation.

Prompt Words: Counselor, knowledgeable


From TheRuneSite.com


Sound: “zz” as in “buzz”
Stands for: Elk (or Protection)
Color: Black (Purple)
Casting meaning: This is a rune of great restraint power, defense and protection. Use this rune in charms and talismans to protect yourself as well as your property.

Witch’s Rune

From The SummerGoddess.wordpress.com


The Waves Rune stands for intuition and artistic imagination as well as cloudy perception. In this way, this run stands for self-sacrifice or self-sabotage.

When this rune turns up in a reading, it indicates that the answer is still not clear. Often, the matter of your concern will soon dissipate or phase out with no resolution or closure.

On the positive side, the Waves Rune represents a wellspring of creativity where you are nourished by the power of your own imagination.

Sometimes this rune means that the matter you have asked about depends upon your timing. So what you can imagine can become a reality, as long as you are willing to clarify and follow through.


From thepeculiarbrunette.com


Pronunciation – M-win, Moon

Tree Association – Vine

Meaning – Goals are coming to fruition, persuasion, celebration, relaxing, harvesting, and play. Muin wonderfully symbolizes the metaphor of reaping what we’ve sown. Now is a time for pleasure, to rest, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Vine produces grapes which creates wine that allows us to let go of self-conscience thoughts, allowing for creative inspiration, a relaxed altered consciousness, and revealing truths. It also represents deceit, fallacies, or denial of facts. Remember to continuously pursue the origin or source of any information you receive. Proceed with caution before acting on any facts or advice you’ve been given.